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383-00                                                        383

383-001        Lordship        }     Dorchester County ?? . Be it remembered that at County Court
383-002             v               }     of the right honourable the Lord proprietary that now is held for
383-003      Mary Grayley   }     Dorchester County at Cambridge in the said County the second Tuesday ~
383-004      in June Anno Dom| one thousand and seven hundred thirty and four by Oath of ~
383-005      twelve Jurors good and lawfull men of the County aforesaid who being sworn and ~
383-006      charged to inquire for the said Lord proprietary and the Body of the County afsd it is
383-007      presented that Mary Grayley late of Saint Mary's White Chappel Parish
383-008      in the County aforesaid spinster the fourth day of June Anno Dom| seventeen hundred ~
383-009      thirty and three at the parish afsd in the County afsd within the Jurisdiction of this ~
383-010      Court did commit fornication with a certain Person to the Jurors afsd unknown ~~~
383-011      and did permit the said unknown person then and there to have carnal Know:
383-012      ledge of her Body and to beget then and there a bastard Child on the Body of her ~
383-013      the same Mary to the high displeasure of Almighty God to the evil Example
383-014      of all others in such case offending contrary to the peace of the said Lord ~~
383-015      Proprietary his good rule and government and against the form of the Act of
383-016      Assembly in that case made and provided ~                               Francis
383-017      And now here cometh the afsd Mary in her proper person and immediately being
383-018      asked how she of the fornication afsd in the indictment afsd specified above ~
383-019      upon her imposed would be acquited the said Mary saith that she cannot ~
383-020      deny but that she is guilty of the fornication afsd in the Indictment afsd specified
383-021      in manner and form as by the same Indictment above against her it is sup:
383-022      posed and the fornication afsd in the indictment afsd specified expressly acknow:
383-023      legdgeth. And immediately by the Court afsd it is asked of the same Mary if
383-024      anything for herself she hath or to say knoweth wherefore the Court here
383-025      to Judgment and Execution of her up on her Conviction afsd by her proper
383-026      Acknowledgment of the fornication afsd in the Indictment afsd specified be
383-027      proved ought not who nothing further saith only as before she had Said ~
383-028                                                                                                      Therefore ~

384-01      ---------------------- New Page
384-00                                                              384

384-01      Therefor it is considered by the Court now here that th. afo. Mary
384-02      by whipped at the bublick whiping post of Corchester County afo. with Ten
384-03      Lashes on her bare backxx it is of --- -- Sheriff of xxxx
384-04      County afo. that he --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- this and
384-05      Parri-- --- Who --- the afo. May propro0000 court and her
384-06      proper person is --- ---- --- for her ----
384-07              ---- ---- --- --- --- ---- in in proper person Joseph
384-08      Eunalls of Dorchester County Court and acknowledges hiself to sw--
384-09      --- and justly enbevted to thie several offices of this court the son of one
384-10      thousand pounds of Tobacco of his goods and chattles xxxx and ons-
384-11      ------ to be 000 and the the use of xxxxxxx xxxxx xxx
384-12      of this Court to be levied upon condition that had --- not prega?nt??
384-13      xxxx unto --- ---- and ---- --- afo. --- --- ---
384-14      thou from the afo. Mary Grayless by --- ---- ---

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Page 383:

Page 384

384-15       Lordship    } A Mary Gralyless os amd? that Joseph Pearson is ??
384-16           v         } Father and Begott of her bastard Child for which
384-17       Jo: Pearson   }     xxx Indicted. Where upon it is order that he is
384-18      Lordship Attorney ---- it and information against him for it

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Caroline County, Maryland Wills, Lib. JR#B fol. 15 & 16
Mary Bishop, of Caroline County
to son, William Bishop,...all that I now have except (for the following legacies)
son, Jesse Grayless,
grand-daughter, Margaret Grayless, all my clothes
son, Robert Bishop, my stealards and pea(???)
Signed Mary "X" Bishop
Wit: Edward Willoughby, Aaron Mobray, Jonathan "I" Wilson
On the 5th of April 1785, then came William Bishop, one of the people called Nicolites or New Quakers...

Mary Grayless Bishop's Will 1785 Court Record Images:

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