DAVIS Family Notes

Chester County Pennsylvania,
Randolph County North Carolina &
Fairmount Township Grant County Indiana

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Family Research Notes

Carter Family -- Bare Family -- Farlow Family

McPherson Family -- Ricks Family -- Worthington Family

Family sheets based on information received from Nancy Reeves

WARNING — This is not documented.  Nancy has recently discovered 
documents and is currently extracting names and dates and not all
of these are being proven correct.
Please contact  Nancy Reeves if you are working on this family line.

I also have Ancestry Data on further ancestors.  
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1. John or Jessie Davis b Abt. 1660 in Birmingham, Chester, PA or England?
   died March 1719/20 in Thornbury Twp, Chester, PA
2. Abraham Davis son of John Davis 
   b 1702 in Chester Co. PA  d 1742 
   m Susanna Bishop b Abt. 1735 in 
   d January 4, 1782 in Birmingham, Chester, PA
3. James Davis son of Abraham Davis 
   born 1736 in Bradford, Chester Co. Pennsylvania
   d March 15, 1805 in Randolph Co. North Carolina
   m 1760 d June 06, 1813 in Randolph Co. NC to
   Patience Miller Bishop 
   b March 20, 1730/31 in West Chester, Chester Co., PA

   4 Jessie Davis b 1762 Center,Guilford Co., North Carolina
     died July 26, 1829 in Randolph Co. North Carolina
     m January 11, 1781 Centre Meeting House, Randolph Co. NC 
     + Elizabeth Reynolds 
     b November 13, 1759 Center, Guilford Co., NC 
     d October 12, 1815 Center, Guilford Co., NC
     5 Adam Davis  
       b June 10, 1781 Centre Meeting House, Randolph Co. NC 
     5 Edith Davis 
       b May 22, 1782 Centre Meeting House, Randolph Co. NC 
       d April 11, 1849
       m March 05, 1801 in Guilford, Co., NC 
       + Robert Halladay/Holiday
     5 Joel Davis  b August 13, 1783 
       + Penniah Newby m 1807 
     5 James Davis 
       b January 06, 1785 Centre Meeting House, Randolph Co. NC  
       +Caroline Windslow m December 09, 1807 
     5 Mary Davis  
       b May 28, 1786 Centre Meeting House, Randolph Co. NC 
       + William Coltrane 
       m August 06, 1817 Centre Meeting House, Randolph Co. NC
     5 Warner Davis 
       b Dec 28, 1787 Centre Meeting House, Randolph Co. NC 
       + Millie Hobson b June 17, 1792 
       m March 03, 1814 Center MM, Randolph Co., N.C.  
       6 Alice Davis  b December 15, 1814 in Randolph Co., N.C. 
       6 Elizabeth Davis  b February 22, 1816  
       6 Jane Davis  b October 17, 1817 
       6 Joel Davis  b July 24, 1819 
       6 Caroline Davis  b January 06, 1821 
       6 Irene Davis  b June 14, 1822 
       6 Ruhamy Davis  b April 14, 1824  
       6 Rumina Davis  b April 14, 1824  
       6 John Davis  b April 24, 1826  
       6 Jesse Davis  b October 01, 1828 
       6 Mary Davis  b February 17, 1830  
       6 David Davis  b February 11, 1833  
       6 Reuben Davis  b February 11, 1833  
     5 Miller Davis b December 01, 1789 in Randolph Co. NC 
       d November 09, 1865 in Iowa Co., IA
       +Rachael Hoover b September 01, 1793 in Randolph Co. NC 
       m March 20, 1811 Centre Meeting House,
       Randolph Co. NC d March 20, 1871
       6 Elizabeth (Betsy) Davis  b 1812 in Randolph Co. NC 
         +George (Walley) Huffman b Abt. 1812 in Parke Co, IN 
         m February 15, 1835 in Parke Co, IN 
       6 Polly Mary Davis  b 1813 in Randolph Co. NC 
         +John Phillips b 1810 in NC  m March 15, 1835 in Parke Co, IN 
       6 [1] Hannah (Anna) Davis b 1815 in Randolph Co. NC 
         d April 25, 1895 in New Lancaster Cemetery, Miami Co., KS
         +Amos Grant  b 1807 in ME d June 06, 1884 in New Lancaster 
         Cemetery, Miami, Co., KS 
         *2nd Husband of [1] Hannah (Anna) Davis  
         +James Stanton b Oct 14 1808 in NC 
         m June 04 1832 in Randolph Co NC 
         d 1872 in New Lancaster Cemetery, Miami Co., KS
       6 Alice May Davis b March 05, 1816 in Randolph Co. NC 
         d June 28, 1860 in New Lancaster Cemetery, Miami, Co., KS
         +Rev. William Huffman b July 01, 1815 in OH 
         m June 08, 1837 in Parke Co, IN 
         d September 16, 1900 in New Lancaster Cemetery, Miami, Co., KS
       6 Edmund Davis b March  15, 1816 in Randolph Co. NC
         d February 24, 1903 in Parke. IN
         +Harriet Huffman b in abt 1820 
         m November 25, 1837 in Parke Co, IN 
       6 Andrew Davis b 1820 in Randolph Co. NC 
         +Catherine Tietsworth b 1823 in IN 
         m February 17, 1841 in Parke Co, IN 
       6 Diana Davis b May 21, 1822 in Randolph Co. NC 
         d April 08, 1901
         +Charles P. Leonard b 1823 in PA 
         m September 12, 1844 in Parke Co., IN 
       6 Lucinda (Mary?) Davis b 1824 in Randolph Co. NC 
         +William Justiice b 1817 in OH 
         m October 14, 1841 in Parke Co, IN 
       6 Caroline Davis 
         b January 28, 1826 in Randolph Co, NC 
         d November 09, 1911 in Long Beach CA
         +George Sutherland Downing 
         b October 19, 1823 in Washington Co, IN 
         m June 21, 1846 in Tiscawa, Fulton Co, IL 
         d February 09, 1901 in Salida, CO
       6 Rebecca Davis b 1828 in Randolph Co. NC 
         +Peter Heller b 1825 in OH m in Parke Co., IN 
       6 Susie Davis b December 1830 in Randolph Co. NC 
         d in New Lancaster, Miami Co, KS
         +David Smith b 1830 in OH 
         m Abt. 1850 in Possibly Johnson Co., IA 
       6 Jonas Davis b February 01, 1833 in Randolph Co. NC 
         d August 17, 1910 in Waukomis OK
         +Permillie Ellen Cloud 
         b May 13, 1833 in Highland CO m April 20, 1854 
         d October 21, 1881 in Minneapolis KS
       6 Rachel Davis b 1836 d 1918
         +David Brown b January 15, 1833 in Crawford Co., PA 
         m Abt. 1855 
         d March 23, 1905 in Minneapolis KS
       6 Martha Davis b April 16, 1839 in IN 
         d October 30, 1904 in Paola Cemetery, Paola, Miami Co., KS
         +Gabriel Patten b February 03, 1834 in IN 
         d October 09, 1915 in Paola Cemetery, Paola, Miami Co., KS
       6 William Davis b 1841 
     5 Joseph Davis b September 21, 1793 Centre Meeting House, 
       Randolph Co. NC d November 1793
     5 Jesse Davis 
       b February 25, 1792 Centre Meeting House, Randolph Co. NC 
     5 Reuben Davis 
       b October 15, 1794 Centre Meeting House, Randolph Co. NC 
     5 David Davis 
       b May 03, 1798 d November 26, 1884
       +Caroline Windslow b Oct 03 1805 
       m Apr 07 1824 in Back Creek Meeting House, 
       Randolph Co NC, d December 16, 1892
       6 Eleasar Davis 
       6 Jessie Davis 
       6 James M. Davis 
       6 Reuban Davis 
       6 Nathan M. Davis 
       6 David S. Davis 
       6 Elizabeth Davis 
     5 Hannah Davis b March 09, 1800 
       +William Hockett 
     5 Alice Davis b December 31, 1802 
   4 Eve Davis b 1770 d Bef. 1830
     +Thomas Stalker m July 12, 1792 
     5 John Stalker 
     5 Rebecca Stalker 
     5 Rachel Stalker 
     5 Alice Stalker 
   4 Rachel Davis b January 24, 1772 d May 21, 1794
     +Francis Reynolds 
     m April 04, 1793 Centre Meeting House, Randolph Co. NC 
   4 Rebecca Davis b 1773 
     +William Hiatt 
     m April 04, 1793 Centre Meeting House, Randolph Co. NC 
   4 James Davis 
   4 Job Davis son of James Davis 
     d Abt. August 1825 Randolph Co. NC 
     5 Job Davis 
     5 Ruth Davis 
     5 Elizabeth Davis 
     5 Ann Davis 
     5 Warwick Davis son of Job Davis born May 13, 1792, NC 
          died in spring 1868, Grant Co., IN
          married Sarah Worthington 
          b. Dec 20, 1794, Randolph Co. NC 
          died Mar 1866, Grant Co IN dau of Jacob Worthington
	See the Worthington Family Records Information from
	the book The Descendants of Warwick Davis and Sarah Worthington
	by Edith (Clock) Crow, August 1984.  
	Copy was furnished by Pat Dyson — PDyson66@yahoo.com
	6 Kelly W. Davis born January 14, 1825 
	  died April 27, 1890 married to
	  Jane Davis born 1829 died December 12, 1880.
	  Graves located at Little Ridge Church Cemetery in 
	  Grant Co. Indiana [from DeWayne Creamer]
	  7.  William Alexander Smith Davis b Aug 15 1853 
	     died Sep 21 1904 m Sep 17 1876 to 
		Mary Ellen Wood born Sept 4, 1858 
		died Oct 25, 1892 daughter of Anthony Ward Wood 
		(his parents were Laban Wood 1805-1858 
		and Sophia Ward 1804-1849)
		born Aug 6 1826 married Nov 23, 1851 and 
		Elizabeth Brewer (Nov 28, 1822-Sep 23 1909).
		8. John Franklin Davis b Oct 24, 1877 Grant Co IN 
		   died July 1 1955 Colorado
		   married Mary Bridget Finnigan 
		   born may 10 1888 in Colorado 
		   died Feb 4 1965 Colorado
		   9. Olive Marguerite Davis 
		      b Apr 13 1907 at Leonard Colorado
		   9. Harry Edgar Davis 
		      b Mar 25 1909 at Leonard Colorado
		   9. Katheryn Nelda Davis 
		      b June 13 1912 Leonard Colorado
		   9. Leonard Owe Davis 
		      b Aug 15 1915 Placerville, Colorado
		8. Daisy Belle Davis b March 5 1879 d June 12 1972 
		   m Mar 24 1900 to
		   Charles Francis Dyson b Sept 26 1874 d Nov 29 1954
		   for Dyson contact Pat Dyson — PDyson66@Yahoo.com
		   9.  Floyd Lorrine Dyson b March 18 1901
		   9.  Florence Ellen Dyson b July 27 1902
		   9.  Lester Dyson b Feb 15, 1905
		   9.  Velma Dayon b Nov 8 1906
		   9.  Ruth Alice Dyson b Aug 2, 1913
		8. Jasper Davis b Sep 6 1881 d Dec 20 1953 
		   m Ella May Eaton b Mar 1883 d Sep 4 1952
		   9.  Leslie Arthur Davis b July 7 1905
		   9.  Irene Davis b Jan 3 1907 d Feb 3 1907
		   9.  Wilam Davis b May 5 1912 d July 1912
		   9.  Estel Lee (Enoch) Davis b Sep 4 1915
		   9.  Three Still born babies.
		8. Elizabeth Jane Davis b May 7, 1884 Grant Co IN 
		   d May 24, 1981 Madison Co IN
		   married  Feb 26 1903 to Everett Estel Clock 
		   b Apr 8 1882 Madison Co IN d 
		   June 29 1960 Delware Co IN.  
		   Buried in the family plot in Fairmount Cemetery 
		   Fairmount, Grant Co. Indiana
		   9.  Edna Marie Clock b Mar 17 1905 
		       m Clyde W. Davis son of Cyrus Davis (see below)
		   9.  Orpha Ellen Clock b Sep 21 1906
		   9.  Jasper Russell Clock b Apr 3 1908
		   9.  Lova Edith Clock b Feb 8 1912
		   9.  Barton Estel Clock b Aug 20 1916
		   9.  Willie Leonard Clcok b Nov 26 1920
		8. Joseph Worth Davis b Feb 18 1886 
		   d June 8 1976 married July 23, 1904 to
		   Mary Elizabeth Cranfill b Oct 17 1885 d Jun 27 1979
		   9.  Herbert Leon Davis b Sep 10 1905
		   9.  Zula Irene Davis b July 30 1907
		   9.  Helen Lorene Davis b Jan 14 1912
		   9.  Laurence Merle Davis b Feb 15, 1915
		   9.  Dora Maire Davis b Feb 6 1918
		8. Blanchard A. Davis b Oct 26 1887 d 1964 married to 
		   Mary Ellen Kimes b July 3 1888 d July 8 1984
		   9.  Francis Medolla Davis b Aug 13 1908 
		       m Laurance E. Peterson
		   9.  Elexis E. Davis b Oct 19 1910 
		       m Eugene L. Kierstead
		8. Mary Lucy Davis b Sep 19 1889 
		   d Jun 9 1983 married Dec 22, 1906 to
		   Leslie Stansbery son of John T. Stansbery 
		   b Aug 7 1883 Madison County Indiana (1941 Draft Record)
		   lived Lagro Wabash County Indiana 1920 & 1930 Census
		   died Apr 24 1969.
		   [information supplied by DeWayne Creamer]
		   9.  Geneive Stansbery b Mar 9 1909 m Earl Dyson
		   9.  Uvah Lorrine Stansbery  b 13 Sep 1911 Grant Co IN 
		       died 27 Oct 2005, Warsaw, Kosciusko Co Indiana
		       1930 Census Washington Township Delaware Co. IN 
		       Married 1930 to
		       Floyd A. Creamer born 12 July 1908 
		       (1930 Delaware Co IN Census)
		       died 10 April 1997 Warsaw, Kosciusko Co. Indiana
		       10.  Herbert Eugene Creamer, 
		            lived Warsaw, Indiana
		       10.  Wilma Creamer 
		            born 4 Jun 1932 
		            died 21 Jul 2003
		       10.  Mary Esther Creamer 
		            married Charles Carpenter
		       10.  Floyd Dewayne 'Dewayne' Creamer 
		            married Susan -----, 
		            800 East Arthur Street, Warsaw, IN
		       10.  Marvin Creamer 
		            married Fran -----, 
		            Eureka Springs, Arkansas
		   9.  Lillian Stansbery 
		       b Jan 27 1913 (1930 Census) married to
		       Wallace D. Eberhart
		   9.  Delbert Eugene Stansbery 
		       b Nov 12 1922 (1930 Census) 
		       married to Berniece Brown
		8. Charles Loren Davis b Sep 15 1891 
		   d Feb 2 1983 married April 1, 1911 to
		   Blanche Agnes Putnam b Mar 11 1895 d July 25, 1969
		   9.  Ellen Eldora Davis b Apr 6 1912 
		       m. Raymond Harvey Gobel
		   9.  Roland Wilfred Davis b Nov 11 1913 
		       m. Bessie Calvin
		   9.  Herman Davis b Nov 12, 1922 
		       m. Dorothy Esther Hollopeter
	  7.  Ruth Davis Ellingwood
	  7.  Many Davis Siddle
	  7.  James Davis
	  7.  Rufus Davis
	  7.  Ruff Davis
	  7.  Nellie Davis Cevil
	  7.  Ica Davis Shoemaker
	6 Abagail Davis McFarland 
	  died of typhoid fever soon after her marriage
	6 Warwick Linden Davis married Mary Ann Davis
	  7.  Nancy Jane Davis b Nov 10 1850
	  7.  Martha Ellen Davis b Sep 11 1852
	  7.  William Milton Davis b May 27 1855
	  7.  Sarah Ann Daivs b Sept 27 1857
	  7.  Robert Linzy Davis b Mar 20 1861
	  7.  Manda Davis
	  7.  Julius Davis
	6 Ruth Davis Swaim 
	6 Nathan Farlow Davis son of Warwick Davis 
       b May 19 1833, North Carolina d May 19, 1907 Grant Co Indiana
	  +Christena Ricks/RIX b March 31 1836, NC 
	  d Nov 28, 1876 Grant Co IN 6 children
	  7 Jacob W. Davis (never married) Born:  March 21, 1858 
	  7 Sarah Jane Davis daughter of Nathan Farlow Davis 
	     b  Nov 1 1859 Grant Co IN d Aug 12 1942 Andrews IN 
		married 13 Nov 1879 Grant Co to 
		Joseph A. Ricks b 3 Oct 1857 High Point NC 
		d 14 Jul 1938 Andrews Huntington Co IN 
		(son of Milton & Aletha (Leonard)Ricks).
		Buried Monument City Cemtery, Huntington Co IN.
		   See the Ricks Family Records 
		8. Daisy G. Ricks daughter of Sarah Jane Davis 
		   b Sep 25 1881 Huntington Co IN 
		   d 11 Jun 1961 Kosciusko Co IN
		   married Apr 23 1904 Huntington Co IN to 
		   Henry Elonza Bare b Dec 23 1963 Huntington Co IN 
		   d 3 June 1944 Huntington Co IN 
		   (son of Isaac A. Bare 1818-1881 and 
		   Lydia Thrift 1829-1917)
		       See the Bare Family Records.  
		   9.  Lela Mae Bare daughter of Daisy G. Ricks 
		     b 26 Mar 1902/04 Huntington Co IN d Nov 1 1947 
			Wabash Co IN married 17 Sep 1919 Grant Co IN to 
			Walter Irvin Gradeless 
			b 17 Nov 1901 Whitley Co IN 
			d Aug 3 1976 Pierceton Kosciusko Co IN.
			10 Ila Louise Gradeless
				11 Martha Jean Miller
				11 Nancy Jo Miller
				11 Dean Edwin Miller
				11 Nora Eileen Stensel
			10 Charles Edwin Gradeless
				11 Alan Willard Gradeless
				11 David Edwin Gradeless
				11 Christne Renee Gradeless Duhamell
				11 Carlene Rae Gradeless Staller
				11 Charles Steven Gradeless
			10 Elizabeth Gradeless m Harold Leach
				11 Alice Leach
				11 Walter Leach
			10 Harmon Willard Gradeless 
			     son of Lela Mae Bare b 1928 d 2002
			     m Donna M. Mort
				11 Donald E. Gradeless b 17-Apr-1949
				11 Steven W. Gradeless b 7-Apr-1951 
				   m Linda J. Nohr 1952
				   12 Jason John Gradeless 
				      b 18-Jul-1970 
				      m Denice Worzalla
				      13 Jordon John Gradeless 
				         b 12-May-1991
				      13 Jared Spencer Gradeless 
				         b 2-Jul-1995
				      13 Caleb Michael Gradeless 
				         b 5-Apr-1997
				   12 Wade Allen Gradeless 
				      b 1-Sep-1974
				11 Rex Lavern Gradeless 
				   m Sally J. Ransbottom
				   12 Wendy Leah Gradeless 
				   m Clark Ross Leininger
				      13 Ella Leah Leininger
				   12 Rex Lavern Gradeless II
				   12 Kyle Rayn Gradeless
			10 Daisy Rebecca Gradeless b 12-June-1942 
			   d 12-June-1942.
		    9.  Carl Chester Bare 1907-1992
		    9.  Eda Bare 1908-1908
		    9.  Agnes Leota Bare 1909-
		    9.  Maude Daisy Bare 1912-1947
		    9.  Wardner Abraham Bare 1915-
		    9.  David Oliver Bare 1918-
		    9.  Walter Henry Bare 1920-
		 8. Luther Ricks 1891
		 8. Virgil M. Ricks 
		 8. Ruth Ricks 1890-
		 8. Ora B. Ricks 1893-
		 8. Ethel C. Ricks 1898-
	  7 Martha E. Davis, b:  February 2, 1862
	  7 Ruth C. Davis, b:  June 16, 1865
	  7 Cyrus P. Davis, b January 21, 1868
		 8. Cyrus Davis 
		   9. Clyde W. Davis b Nov 21 1900 
		      d Nov 13 1945 married to 
		      Edna Marie Clock (see above)
		      10.  Dale Davis 1929 (1930 Census 
		           Washington Twp. Delaware Co. IN)
	  7 Susan M. Davis, Nov 9, 1871 
          +2nd marriage to Mary J. Cook 4 children:
	6 Sarah Davis married John Ware
	  7.  Adda Ware married -- Nelson
	6 Martin Davis went to Fairmount Township with his father.
	6 Morton Davis m Ellen Iler. 
	  died of Typhoid fever in the Civil War.
	  7. Kelley Davis born after his father died. 
	     (Wells Co., Indiana)
     5 Nathan Davis 
     5 Rebecca Davis 
     5 Fredrica? Davis 
   4 Amor Davis 
     5 George Davis 
     5 Jonathan Davis 
     5 Sarah Davis 
     5 Juli Davis 
     5 Miriam Davis 
   4 Hannah Davis 

Quaker Meetings in Randolph Co were held at:

	Back Creek Meeting
	Holly Springs Meeting
	Marlborough Meeting

Guilford Co Quaker Meetings attended by Randolph Co people were held 
     Center Meeting (North East Randolph Co people attended here)
     Springfield Meeting (North west Randolph Co. attended meeting here.?

1815 Tax List of Randolph County, NC 
by Winford Calvin Hinshaw, 1957.

	  1	Persons Name
	  2	Land
	  3	Local Situation
	  4	Valuation of each tract
	  5	Whole amount
	  6	White Polls
	  7	Black Polls
	  8.	Town Lots
	  9	Stores
	10	Retailer of Spiritous Liquors
	11	Stud Horses and Price of Season
Page 2; Capt. Burn's District:
1                 2   3            4    5      6    11
Joel Davis        183 Back Ceek                500    1
William Davis      50 B. Creek                  50    1
James Davis       480 B Creek                 1000    1
Thomas Davis                                          1

Page 5: Capt. Laurence's District:
Peter Davis for the Heirs of Hardy 
Davis Dec'd        96 Fork Creek               480

Page 7: Capt. Smith's District
Job Davis         206 Muddy Creek 850                 1
                  100 near Ashboro  25         875    1
Miller Davis      205 Uharie                   300    1
Daffron Davis     159 Muddy Creek              800    1
Jesse Davis       600 Muddy Creek  1900
                  180 Center Mtg House 270 2170  1  25/
George Davis      163 Muddy Creek               500    1
Amor Davis        322 Muddy Creek               800
                  200 Uharie            75      875    1

Page 11; Capt. Smith's District::
Jacob Worthington 100 Muddy Creek               300    1

Page 15; Moffitt's District:
William Davis      52 John Lambert              52

Page 27; Nalor's District
Matthew Davis     210 Big Creek                 250    1

Page 29: Swaim's District:
Matthew Lowder    200 Eph Worthington           400    1

Page 32; Capt. Rush's District:
Jacob Davis                                            1

Page 37: Capt. Armstrad's District:
Charles Davis     229 Deep River                 500

1820 Census North Carolina
Worthington, Jacob		000101-00110	Guilford 130

1830 Census North Carolina
Davis, Warwick		RAND 035	NC	No Twp Listed
Worthington, Jacob	RAND 030	NC	No Twp Listed.
Worthington, Jacob	DAVI 237	NC	No Twp Listed

A	Under 5
B	  5-10
C	10-15
D	15-20
E	10-30
F	30-40
G	40-50
H	50-60
I	60-70

Worthington, Jacob	000000100	000000100
Davis, Warwick		210001000	101001000

1840 Census North Carolina
Davis, Warwick		RAND 090 	Northern
Worthington, John	RAND 102	Northern
Worthington Jacob	RAND 102	Northern

A	Under 5
B	  5-10
C	10-15
D	15-20
E	10-30
F	30-40
G	40-50
H	50-60
I	60-70
			males:		Females:
Davis, Warwick		112000100	111001000
Worthington, John	111011000	111001000
Worthington, Jacob	020000001	001000001

1850 Census Randolph Co. NC. Index.  Recheck for accuracy.

Davis Alfred         RAND 200 Northern
Davis. Alson         RAND 189 Northern
Davis, Barlette Y.   RAND 134 Ashborough
Davis, Close         RAND 192 Northern
Davis, David         RAND 230 Northern
Davis, Delila        RAND 204 Northern
Davis, Enoch         RAND 094 Ashborough
Davis, James         RAND 204 Northern
Davis, John          RAND 192 Northern
Davis, Jonathon M.   RAND 230 Northern
Davis, Joseph        RAND 172 Nothern
Davis, Joshua        RAND 102 Ashborough
Davis, Kelley        RAND 213 Northern
Davis, Lemuel        RAND 189 Northern
Davis, Linden        RAND 213 Northern
Davis, Mary          RAND 119 Ashbororough
Davis, Michael       RAND 208 Northern
Davis, Mattahew      RAND 154 Ashborough
Davis, Nancy         RAND 119 Ashborough
Davis, Nathan        RAND 230 Northern
Davis, Ruth          RAND 230 Northern
Davis, R. Y.         RAND 193 Northern
Davis, R. W.         RAND 187 Northern
Davis, Thomas        RAND 184 Northern
Davis, Thomas E.     RAND 181 Northern
Davis, Werner        RAND 140 Ashborough
Davis, William       RAND 144 Ashborough
Davis, William       RAND 250 Northern
Davis, William       RAND 212 Northern
Davis, William       RAND 192 Northern
Davis, William E.    RAND 192 Northern

Davis, Alexander     GUIL 398 Northern
Davis, Franklin      GUIL 413 Northern
Davis, Henry         GUIL 273 Southern
Davis, James         GUIL 358 Southern
Davis, John H.       GUIL 413 Northern
Davis, John S. M.    GUIL 425 Northern
Davis,  Myrick       GUIL 357 Southern
Davis, Peter         GUIL 219 Southern
Davis, Samuel S.     GUIL 359 Southern
Davis, Sarah         GUIL 294 Southern
Davis, Wiley         GUIL 294 Southern
Davis, William       GUIL 313 Southern
Davis, William       GUIL 396 Northern
Davis, William       GUIL 293 Southern
Davis, Winston       GUIL 273 Southern

1850 Census Randolph Co. NC
 966  966 David Davis         52 M Farmer  2282 NC
          Caroline            44 F              NC
          Jesse               22 M              NC
          Marion (?)          18 M Laborer      NC
          Ruben               15 M              NC
          Nathan              13 M              NC
          Stantion             6 M              NC
 967  967 Ruth Davis          60 F          500 NC
          Mariam (?)          30 F              NC
 969  969 Jonathan M. Davis   37 M Farmer  1600 NC
          Rachael             36 F              NC
          Geroge              14 M              NC
          Daniel              10 M              NC
          Martha               8 F              NC
          Lucretia             6 F              NC
          Marion               3 M              NC
          Jesephine            1 F              NC
          Martha              67 F              NC
 970  970 Franklin Davis      29 M Farmer       NC
          Anna                23 F              NC
          Marian               2 M              NC
          Samuel               1 M              NC
 971  971 Nathan Davis        53 M Farmer   950 NC
          Rebecca             52 F              NC
          Elizabeth           22 F              NC
          Dineth (?)          17 F              NC
          David               23 M Farmer       NC
          Isaac               21 M Laborer      NC
          Cyrus               13 M              NC
          Ruhamy              10 F              NC
          Ann                 24 F              NC

1071 1071 Jane B. Worthington 45 F          200 NC
          Shubel              25 M Farm         NC
          Lutitia             21 F              NC
          Epharam             19 M Farm         NC
          Abigail             17 F              NC *attended school
          Rachael             15 F              NC * attended school
          Samuel              22 M              NC * attened School

Notes from "A Brief History of the Farlow Family" Edgar E. & 
Gertrude Farlow, Guilford College, North Carolina. c1949"

5 Michael & Mary White Farlow
  6.  Nathan Farlow son of Michael Farlow
      7.  Nancy Ann Farlow b 21-June-1756 married Job Davis

Back Creek Friends Cemetery Burial Records [Grant Co. Indiana]
by Ralph D. Kirkpatrick.

Page 25:

DAVIS, Christena (RIX) - born NC 21 Mar 1836; married 
	Nathan Farlow DAVIS prior to 1855; member Fairmount
	Monthly Meeting; died 28 November 1876 (1, 2, 25, 164, 187)

DAVIS, Harvey - b 7 nov 1801; brother of Henry and Phil DAVIS; m 
	Marie SEALY; mbr Wesleyan methodist Church; d 25 Dec 1886

DAVIS, Jacob W. - b 21 Mar 1858; son Nathan Farlow and
	Christena (RIX); m Arena FINLEY 11 Feb 1882; died
	 1936 (20, 48, 164, 187)

DAVIS, John - born 18 Sep 1874; son Nathan Farlow and 
	Christena (RIX); member Fairmount Montly Meeting, died 
	19 September 1874 (1)

DAVIS, Keziah (MARSHALL) - b NC ca Oct 1816; m 1st James 
	FELTON 27 Oct 1831 in Henry Co; m 2nd Job DAVIS 
	15 Apr 1869; d 25 Dec 1899 (48, 162,186)

Page 26:

DAVIS, Marie (SEALY) - b 29 Jan 1798; m Harvey DAVIS; 
	d 9 May 1865 (2, 6, 161, 187)

Davis, Mary 'Polly' (Leonard) - b 1792; m 1st ____ BULLA in NC 
	m 2nd Grant Co 1 Apr 1838 Job DAVIS; d 28 Sep 1868 
	(2, 48, 168, 187)

DAVIS, Wyllis/Wyllys - b Pasquotank Co., NC 19 Jul 1800; 
	s Thomas and Keziah; m Ann COGGESHALL 29 June 1826;
	 f mbR New Garen MM, IN; f mbr Deer Creek Anti-Slavery 
	Friends MM; f mbr Mississinewa MM; mbr Deer Creek MM;
	d 22 Jun 1883, prob bur BC Cem (1, 4, 38, 160)

DAVIS, Sarah 'Sallie' (WORTHINGTON) - born NC 20 December 
	1794; daughter of Jacob WORTHINGTON; m Warwick DAVIS
	in NC; died ca March 1866, funeral in Back Creek Meeting House,
	Nixon Rush was minister in charge (164)

DAVIS, Warwick - b NC 13 May 1792; m. Sarah WORTHINGTON 
	in NC; former member Marlborough Monthly Meeting, NC; p 
	died in Spring of 1868 (45,164)

DAVIS, William A., b NC 15 Aug 1853; son Kelly W. and Jane; 
	m 17 Sep 1876 Mary E. WOOD; founding member Deep River 
	Monthly Meeting, NC; former member Back Creek Monthly 
	Meeting  (Little Ridge Preparative Meeting); member Fairmount
	Montly Meeting (Little Ridge Preparative Metting); d 23 Sep 1904
	(1, 25, 29, 30, 35, 48, 121, 187)

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Warwick Davis
	Born:  May 13, 1792, North Carolina
	Died:  spring 1868, Grant Co., Indiana.   Married
Sarah Worthington, 
daughter of Jacob Worthington who lived to be 97 years old.
	Born December 20, 1794, North Carolina
	Died March 1866, Grant Co., Indiana
8 children
1.  Kelly W. Davis born January 14, 1825 died April 27, 1890
2.  Abagail David McFarland 
    died of typhoid fever soon after her marriage
3.  Warwick Linden Davis married Mary Ann Davis
4.  Ruth Davis Swaim
5.  Nathan Farlow Davis (continued below)
6.  Sarah Davis married John Ware
7.  Martin Davis
8.  Morton Davis died of Typhoid fever in the Civil War.

5.  Nathan Farlow Davis
	Born:  May 19, 1833, North Carolina
	Died   May 19, 1907 aged 74 years, Grant Co. Indiana
	married  1
    Christena Ricks/RIX
	Born march 31, 1836, North Carolina
	Died: November 28, 1876, 
	aged 40 years, 7 months and 27 days,
	Grant County Indiana
	Nathan Farlow Davis married:  twice
Children of Nathan & Christena (Rix) Davis (6):
 1.	Jacob W. Davis (never married) Born:  March 21, 1858
 2.	Sarah Jane Davis, Born:  November 1, 1859
 3.	Martha E. Davis, Born:  February 2, 1862
 4.	Ruth C. Davis, Born:  June 16, 1865
 5.	Cyrus P. Davis, Born January 21, 1868
 6.	Susan M. Davis, November 9, 1871 
Children of Nathan & Mary J. (Cook) Davis (5):

1860 Census Fairmount Township in the county of Grant of Indiana
enumerated  on the 18th day of July, 1860.  Post Office:  Grant

918 830	Nathan F. Davis	26 M  Farm Labor -- 50  N.C.
	Cristena    "	23 F			N.C.
	Jacob W.    "	 2 M			Ind.
	Sarah J.  "   6/12 F			Ind.
	Louis Rix	24 M			N.C. 

1870 Census Fairmount Township in the county of Grant of Indiana
 enumerated on the 4th day of June, 1870.Postoffice Fairmount.

99 199 Davis Nathan  37 M W Farmer 900 -- N.C.
       --, Christina 35 F W Keeping House N. C.   (Cannot Read or write)
       --, Jacob     12 M W Works on Farm Indiana  Attended school within the year
       --, Sarah J.  11 F W At Home       Indiana  Attended school within the year
       --, Martha E.  8 F W               Indiana  Attended school within the year
       --, Ruth C.    5 F W               Indiana
       --, Cyrus P.   2 M W               Indiana

1880 Census Inhabitants in Fairmount Township in the County of Grant,
State of Indiana enumerated by me on the 21st day of June 1880.

140 143 Davis, Nathan W M 47 Head     Work on Farm  North Carolina  NC NC
         ----, Ruth   W F 18 Daughter Keeping Home  Indiana         NC NC
         ----, Cyrus  W M 12 Son      Works on Farm Indiana         NC NC
         ----, Susan  W F  8 daughter at home       Indiana         NC NC
         ----, Martha W F  5 daughter               Indiana         NC NC

1880 Census Inhabitants in Jefferson Township in the County of Grant
State of Indiana enumerated on the 14th day of June 1880.  
(very difficult to read script)

   144 Ricks, Aletha   W F ?  Head     Keepinghouse N.C. N.C. N.C.
       Anna            W F 24 Daughter              N.C. N.C. N.C.
   145 Joseph Ricks    W M 22 Son      Farmer       N.C. N.C. N.C.
       Jane            W F 20 Wife                  Ind. N.C. N.C.
       John            W M 18 Son      Farmer       N.C. N.C. N.C.
       James           W M 12 Son      At Home      N.C. N.C. N.C.
       Ellen           W F 15 Daughter At Home      N.C  N.C. N.C.
       Martha          W F  9 Daughter At Home      Ind  N.C. N.C.
       Henry           W M  7 Son                   Ind. N.C. N.C.

1880 Census Inhabitants in  (Mill ???) Township in the County of Grant,
State of Indiana enumerated on the 15th day of June 1880

193 193 Ricks,James W M 37 Head     Farmer       Ohio N.C. N.C.
        Mille       W F 32 Wife     keepinghouse Ohio N.C. N.C.
        James R.    W M 15 Son      At Home      Ind. Ohio Ohio attended school 
        Mary J.     W F 12 Daughter  "    "      Ind. Ohio Ohio attended school

1880 Census Inhabitants Center Township in the County of Grant,
State of Indiana enumerated by me on the 17th & 18th day of June 1880.

134 135 Joseph R. Rix W M 37 Head married Farm Laboerer Ohio    N.C. N.C.
        Alice         W F 26 Wife married keeping house Indiana Ohio Ohio
        May           W F  6 Daughter                   Indiana Ohio Indiana
        Joy           W F  4 Daughter                   Indiana Ohio Indiana
        Grace         W F  2 Daughter                   Indiana Ohio Indiana
        Baby   W F 3/12 Feby Daughter                   Indiana Ohio Indiana

Grant County Marriages
Davis, Nathan F.          19 May 1884     Cook, Mary J.    7-331

1900 Mill Township, Gas City, Grant County, Indiana  
418 South H - House 324 Family 329 
W. M. Winters  Head W M Aug 1861 38 M 19     Indiana Ohio Ohio Shipping clerk
Martha Winters Wife W F Feb 1862 38 M 19 5 4 Indiana S C. S C.
Herlon Winters Son  W M Sep 1882 17 S        Indiana Ind. Ind.
Cecil Winters  Son  W M Jun 1885 14 S        Indiana Ind. Ind.
Berton Winters Son  W M Oct 1890  9 S        Indiana Ind. Ind.
Dora Winters Daughter W F Oct 1894 4 S       Indiana Ind. Ind.
Cristena Winters Mother  W F Jun 1842 57 Wd  Ohio    Penn Ohio
Davis Farlow Father-in-Law W M May 1832 68 Wd S. C.  Unkown Unknown
5 children born 4 still living

The Fairmount News, Fairmount, Indiana, Friday, May 24, 1907:


	Funeral services were conducted Tuesday afternoon at
Back Creek over the remains of Nathan Farlow Davis, whose
death occurred Sunday at the home of his son-in-law, George Ice.
	Mr. Davis was the son of Warrick and Sarah Davis and
was born May 19, 1833, in Davis county, North Carolina.  He
later moved to Randolph county, N.C., near High Point.
	When very young he married Christian Rix.  in the spring
of 1857, he, with his wife, mother and father, moved to Fairmount,
Grant county.  In November, 1876, his wife died, leaving him with
six children, the oldest being eighteen years of age.  Afterwards he
married Mary Cook. Five children were born to this union.  Of late
years he has made his  home with his children.
	He peacefully passed from this earth to the beyond on his
seventy-fourth birthday.  Bedsides his children he leaves twenty-two
grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

The GENEALOGICAL JOURNAL by the Randolph County Genealogical Society
Volume SVI No. 2, Spring 1992 Pages 25-27


Indianah Territory Orange County April the 5th 1816

respected sister I take this oportunity of writing the(e) a few
lines to inform thee whare and how I am  I am living at Warner
DAVISES and am reasonable well at present  hoping that when
these few lines  __  __ they may find thee and the rest of my
brothers and sisters father friends and relations in that
country injoying the blessings of helth  the indians killed
seven men last seven day on the west side of the wabash near
fourt(Fort) harrison and is expected will be somewhat
troublesome this summer   I am midling well satisfied with the
country and should be better if I had land for I am tyerd(tired)
of being a tenant or hireling but I sea no way to keep myself at
preasant for I am not able to b(u)y land her(e) and the soldiers
are to have the new purchase   I shoul(d) beg lad to ___ you all
once more but the aistance is segreate that it is very unsurtain
for ____ ____ ____ ____ ___ tis likely I will be this fall.  I want
thee to send me some account about my corn what is done with it
and I want thee to collect what little money is coming to me
ther(e) against august   I have nothing particular to write at
preasant  I expect the barer will call on ____respectable yo(u)
man  remember my respects to father and my brothers and sisters
so nothing more at preasant but conclude and remane well wishing
brother Jesse DAVIS
to Mary DAVIS I wrote in a hurry
Addressed to: Mary DAVIS North Carolina Randolph County

Indeany Teritory the 15th of the first month 1816

respected sister I take this opertunity to right to you to let
you know that we are all well and has been ginnerly so since I
got home my Mother and all my brothers and Sisters is well  Ann
is married to Daniel DARAUGH  Warnor still remanes poorely
milley has got about againe Warnor and Jesse has rented a plase
of Adam and has moved to it  I should be glad to read a letter
from thee for I hante (haven't) seen the scrape of a pen from
eny of yuou since I left you and if you would send letters to
Jobe WORTHS  John CROW will be back by their in two or three
weaks after he leaves this thear  Our children is a
gowen(going) to school  Jesse(,)Aron(,)Jane and Eliza went to
their letters  Jesse is in three Sillabels and the rest in
foure letters   I work in the Shop and Silis DIXON is a worken a
month with me and we can't do half the work that comes
tell MILLER that horse I got of him worse(was) the triflingest
horse that ever I owned  I would be glad the(e) would remember us
to all our brothers and siter and tell them we would be glad they
would right to us to let us know how they are  So nothing more at
This from Robert and Edith HOLADAY for Mary DAVIS
it is know(now) late in the night for it is all the time I have to
right we had a very pleasant fawl(fall) but it is very Coald(cold)
know(now) and the deapest Snow on the ground that ever I seen in
this Countery

Indiana State O(ran)ge County July the 1 1817

Respected Sister Mary DAVIS  I may inform thee that I am well at
present  I have not bin lade(laid) up one hour since I saw thee
with sickness   I hope when these lines com(e)s to hand the(y) may
find thee and all of the rest of my sisters brothers and relations
well  I am living with Warner and in sight of Jesse  the(y) ware
well last week  I am now at Adams and shall start home tomorrow
with a waggon load of meal and corn  I may let thee no that I go
sum cloas(clothes) by Charles HILL and sum by thomas RUBOTTOM which
I was glad to get   I want thee to send the rest of my cloas if
thee can for i expect to reside in this country for i think it
better than Carolina  I want thee to wright every oportunity for i
think long of the time to hear from you though this is the first
time I have written(n) to any of you for I have not had an
oportunity for when we moved to whare we now live thare was not a
neighbour within fifteen miles that we new of tho thare is sevrels
settled round us now pleas(e) to remember my respects to Thomas
HODDSON and tell him that I want him to pick up courage and leav(e)
old north and come to this cuntry  though it is a long road and a
tiresome won  we was fifteen days a coming and it cos(t) about
fifteen dollars a piece  every one of the nags giv(e) out but mine
and she sto(d) it remarkably well   Jesse swopt(swapped) on the
road, the rest maid out to get her(e)   in a week after we did so
having not time nor room to w)ri)te more I conclude with much love
to you all and remain your well wishing brother   Reuben DAVIS to

To Mary DAVIS in North carolina Randolph County near Senter 
meeting house

Indiana State Orange County the 15 of August 1817

respected sister I take this opportunity to inform thee that we 
resonab(1)e well at present   Esther has a daughhter and calls it
Mary   I have not had any account from any of you since last
spring  Ralph LOWDER moved out here day before yesterday  Thomas
CLARK is coming in about three weeks  we have had a wet summer
have the best new ground corn I ever saw to the age of it   I have
fifteen sows  had pigs within six weeks and the wools(wolves) have
kil(le)d all the pigs but one   I have kil(le)d one woolf  the
bares(bears) have kild several larg(e) fat hogs for me this
summer    I am well sattisf ied that I am here when we moov(moved)
here   the next neighbor was fifteen mile   I should be glad to
see you all once mor but that is more than expect so I conclude
with much love to you all and remane thy well wishing brother

Addressed:  to Mary DAVIS North Carolina Randolph County

	The foregoing letters were brought to the library by Noel
FARLOW, Route #1, Sophia, NC 27350 where they were copied for our
files.  The above letter writers were the children of Jesse and
Elizabeth (REYNOLDS) DAVIS of Randolph County.  They were Quakers
and belonged to the Marlboro Monthly Meeting, so more information
about them can be found in W.W. HINSHAW's Encyclopedia of American
Quaker Genealogy, Vol. 1.  Jesse DAVIS left a Will in Randolph
County proved in August 1829.  He named the following children:

 1.  Adam DAVIS, b. 6, 10, 1781; d. Oct. 5, 1861
 2.  Edith DAVIS, b. 5, 22, 1782; m. 3, 5, 1801 Robert HOLLADAY
 3.  Joel DAVIS, b. 8, 13, 1783
 4.  James DAVIS, b. 1, 6, 1785
 5.  Mary DAVIS, b. 5, 28, 1786; m. William COLTRANE, Marlboro 1817
 6.  Warner DAVIS, b. 12, 28, 1787; m. Milly HODSON  NC 3, 3, 1814
 7.  Miller DAVIS, b. 12, 1, 1789
 8.  Jesse DAVIS, b. 2, 25, 1792
 9.  Joseph DAVIS, b. 9, 21, 1793, d. age 6 weeks
10.  Ruben DAVIS, b. 10, 15, 1794
11.  David DAVIS, b. 5, 3, 1798;  d. 11,26,1884; m. Caroline WINSLOW
12.  Hannah DAVIS, b. 3, 9, 1800; m. William HOCKETT
13.  Alice DAVIS, b. 12, 31, 1802
Prepared for publication by Laverne DAVIS

Check Terry Davis’ Website for the Edmund Davis Family:


Lindsay Davis

I am doing research on my husband's family. His ggggrandfather was Lindsay Davis. Lindsay was born in Randolph County, N. C. in 1807. He married Sarah (Sally) Fentress March 30, 1826 in Randolph County. Sarah was born in 1803 in Randolph County. They had nine children who were born in Randolph County. I found Lindsay in the 1830 and 1840 Censuses in Randolph County. In 1850 I found them in Van Buren County, Arkansas. The children were as follows: Thomas M. 21, Joseph C. 21, Susan 19, Rebecca 17, Abby 15, Reuben D. 12, William Perry 10 ( my gggrandfather), Selah 7, and John L. Davis 5. They next appear in Gonzales County Texas in 1860 and 1870 and in Travis County and Williamson Counties Texas in 1880-1910. Lindsay died in 1897 and Sarah in 1884. They are buried in Cedar Park, Williamson County, Texas. William Perry Davis is buried in the Andice Cemetery, Andice, Burnet County, Texas. I see that there are many Davises in Randolph County. I would very much like to know who Lindsay's parents are and also who Sarah Fentress's parents are. Any help will be appreciated. (3/31/2001). Kathy Inman bkinman@prodigy.net.

Kesiah Marshall married James Felton on October 27, 1831 in Henry County Indiana. James was the son of William Felton & Margret Mansfield.
James & Kesiah Felton's Childern were:
        Harrison Felton b. about 1834 Wayne? County Indiana
        Samuel b. 1836 in Wayne County Indiana
        William b. 1838 in Grant County Indiana
        Elizabeth Jane b. 1841 in Grant County Indiana
        Benjermin b. 1844 in Grant County Indiana
        Jacob b. May 1850 in Grant County Indiana
        Eli born 1852 in Grant County Indiana
        George b. 1855 in Grant County Indiana
        Nancy b. 1858 in Grant County Indiana.
My line comes from Samuel Felton. George the son of James & Kesiah Felton married Mary E Davis on October 2, 1878 in Grant County. I can't help to think , that will connect to the Davis Family on your page. Thanks again for posting your info on your web pages. (3/31/2001). Patti - Azzreile@Hotmail.com

From The Descendants of Warwick Davis and Sarah Worthington
by Edith (Clock) Crow, August 1984.
Copy furnished by Pat Dyson — PDyson66@Yahoo.com

Fairmount, Indiana
January 29, 1924

        As I, Jacob Davis, have been requested to write a short history of my grandfather, Warwick Davis, and grandmother, Sarah (Worthington) Davis, for the Davis reunion for 1924, it doesn't seem possible that I am the oldest Davis living, but I guess I am, yet I think I have two cousins in Canada older than I am.
        They are James Davis, a brother of Ruth Ellingwood, Ellen Davis Stanfield, a cousin to Ruth Ellingwood and myself. I don't think they know anything about the dated I have been fortunate to get.
        I will give them as I have them. My grandfather, Warwick Davis, was born in North Carolina, Mary 13, 1792. My grandmother, Sarah (Worthington) Davis was born in North Carolina, December 20, 1794.
        They started from North Carolina near High Point in the fall of 1854 or 1857, I don't know the exact date.
        My grandfather and grandmother, my father Farlow Davis, my mother Christena, my Uncle John Ware, and Aunt Sarah Davis Ware, father and mother of Mrs. Adda Nelson of Marion and Uncle Martin Davis a young man in his teens were in the party and they came to Fairmount Township in a covered wagon drawn by two horses and one of them would bal.
        My father, Nathan Farlow Davis, and mother Christena, have told me several times about their trip. They said some days they would walk all day and come a short way through the Blue Ridge mountains. Grandfather, Warwick Davis and grandmother, Sarah W. Davis would drive around the hills. One particular time they said when they stopped to camp at night, they could look down and see where they had camped the night before. They had driven all day and those that walked went across a nearer way and waited for the wagon.
        I am getting ahead of my story. When they left North Carolina my great grandfather, Jacob Worthington, Grandmother's, Sarah Worthington Davis, father came the fist half day with them He was on horseback and before he left the emigrants, he gave grandmother, Sarah (Worthington) Davis, a quart jug full of whiskey, and I don't suppose it lasted until they got to Fairmount Township, Indiana.
        When I was about 6 years old, grandmother, Sarah Worthington Davis, gave me the jug and I have it yet.
        Jacob Worthington lived to be 97 years of age, but I don't think grandmother, Sarah, was 70 when she died..
        We will go back to the mountains, They told me, Jacob Davis, they crossed the Ohio river on a ferry boat, When they drove off, the old horse balked and backed the wagon in the river. Grandfather, Warwick Davis and Grandmother, Sarah, in the wagon, all hands grabbed the wagon and the boatmen helped. They unhitched and pushed the wagon to safety. I think if I had been one of then, old Brit would have got a licking. I can remember old Brit. He would balk hitched to a one-horse wagon and I have seen my father, Nathan Farlow and grandfather, Warwick Davis, get terribly out of fix with him, and I too got out of fix with him. My father, Nathan Farlow Davis, took us kids to a show once. The next day I got old Brit out of the stable and was going to show my sister Jane how I could ride a horse. I got on a stump and got on. My back was to his head and away he went--throwed me off and nearly busted me. No one saw that performance except my sister Jane, but mother, Christena had to patch me up for I was out of commission for several days. I haven't played circus since.
        I will go back to the Ohio River. It was getting late in the fall. The weather was bad and the roads awful. They came on not making many miles a day. I think they told me the last place they camped was near Lake Galatea and it took them all day to drive to Uncle Hop Richardson's, my great uncle, one-half mile east of Fairmount. Uncle Hop's wife was grandfather Warwick Davis' sister. They were over 5 weeks on the road. Just imagine what a wilderness and swamps, roads cut out through the woods on the high ground. In 1857, grandfather Warwick Davis had acted as security for some men in the south and broke up. They never owned negroes for grandmother Sarah Davis was a quaker and thought it was very wrong to own a negro. The Davises did not like a 'nigger' and my father, Nathan Farlow Davis, would not eat at a table where there was a colored man.
        Grandmother, Sarah Worthington Davis died first but I do not know for sure the year--I think it was 1866. I know it was in March for she was gone over to Fairmount to visit her daughter, Aunt Ruth Davis Swaim. One very nice day my father, Nathan Farlow Davis, and I went after her in the big wagon. She was visiting at Cager Wilson's. He lived, I think the first house north of the traction station. I was a very small boy but I think that is where he lived. When he drove up there, they were on the porch and she said, "They need not have come after me now for I don't have my visit out."
        The Wilson's and she were acquainted in the south. We went home and grandmother took sick and died that night at Aunt Ruth Swaim's. It turned cold and a big snow fell. Nixon Rush p[reacher her funeral at old Back Creek. He was a young preacher then and the burial was in the old Back Creek] cemetery, where we all went in sleds and the hauled the body on a sled.
        Grandmother was a very jovial woman. I have heard mother, Christena say she had never seen her angry or out of fix about anything. I know everybody liked Sallie Davis (Sarah Worthington Davis). I heard an old woman say one time that everyone in the south said she was one of the best women there was in the south. She was a good scholar in her day and was good at penmanship. I have some of writing which was written with a goose quill and I don't suppose there is anyone in Fairmount today that can equal it. I am sure they cannot beat this and it has been written 75 years.
        She was a fine seamstress. I saw a wedding dress she made for her oldest daughter, Abagail, and it was the finest work I have ever seen on any goods and the goods was nice. This daughter took typhoid fever and only lived a few weeks after she was married. Abagail married a man by the name of McFarland and I think she was married before my father, Nathan Farlow Davis was born. The dress I speak of was put into a quilt when I was about 16 years old and it should have been kept as it would have be worth one hundred dollars now to put in a museum. My sister, Ruth Ice, has the disk the turkey was served on at that wedding, and I have the box it was kept in.
        while I don't know the name of the family in regular order, I am going to try to give them and describe the. Grandmother, Sarah Worthington Davis was a very small women, fair complexion and very nice looking. Grandfather Warwick Davis was a very tall man, square shoulders and rather cross. He did not like this part of the country and he wanted to go back to North Carolina. I remember my father, Nathan Farlow Davis, and mother, Christena, had trouble to keep him from starting back to the south. He wanted to ride old Brit back, but he was old and I think he would have had the same success with old Brit that I had when I played circus. I know one time he got one of my mother's bed quilts and the horse out of the stable and started to North Carolina but they got him back and kept the stable door locked when they were not using old Brit. Grandfather Warwick Davis died in the spring of 1868 at Uncle Kelly Davis's near Little Ridge was buried at Quaker Back Creek.
        (Our Great Grandfather) Uncle Kelly Davis drove a pair of mules form North Carolina to Fairmount Township just before the close of the civil war and he had a hard time getting through the lines between the North and the South. He was driven back several times but finally he got through. I have heard him tell how it was but I forget. I think he was three months on the way. I know it was after dark when he got to our hosue and I remember of my father, Nathan Farlow, and mother, Christena, and grandfather, Warwick, and grandmother, Sarah Worthington Davis, sitting up most of the night and talking. Uncle Kelly seems to be grandmother's favorite child. She use to pray for Uncle Kelly, though she had another son in the south when the war was going on.
        Uncle Kelly bought an interest in a saw mill with Ed Finley and Jesse Wright near Little Ridge. After the war was over, he went back to North Carolina and brought his family here. Later he bought a farm which Marion Ellingwood now owns and lives on.
        Uncle Linden Davis, brother to Kelly Davis, moved from North Carolina after the civil war, bought land near Uncle Kelly and lived there several years, went to Kansas in 1878 and died there. I don't know where the family is except on daughter, Ellen David Stanfield, who lives in Canada. she is more than 70 years old. Uncle Morton Davis, the youngest one of grandfather Warwick Davis' family married a girl in Wells County. I think her name was Ellen Iler. He went o the civil war and soon died of typhoid fever.
        A son was born after he went to the war and they named him Kelly. He grew up in Wells County, married and raised a very respectable family. I visited him a few years ago and had a nice visit. He is dead now. I remember of Aunt Ellen Davis, Morton's wife, and Grandmother going down the road with Uncle Morton when he started to the war, and of them crying. We lived in Wells County then but soon moved back to Fairmount Township.
        At the time Uncle Kelly Davis, (our great grandfather) came to Indiana, we lived across the road east of John Compton's homestead and a few rods north. I must tell the young people how they traveled. When my mother was a young lady, if the meeting or camp meeting was only three or four miles away, they would walk. If further, they would go in a big wagon. The wagon bed was made very deep. The front end and back end slanted out more than a foot. I don't remember whether they sides did or not. I saw the one Uncle Kelly (our great grandfather) drove out here in and they had a short ladder to climb in the wagon with. They sat in chairs in the wagon. How do you suppose they drove the horses as they had never seen a pair of double lines? The call them check lines. After the horses were all hitched up, the girls and boys loaded in the wagon and ready to start, they would put a negro boy on the near horse and a strap to lead the other horse and off they went. Part of the girls would smoke clay pipes and part would use snuff. I don't know how they used snuff. I have an old snuff box at home. my mother said she never used snuff after she came to Indiana and never did smoke.
        Part of the boys would chew tobacco which they twisted into a kind of a roll. My mother said a lot of them went to the John Robinson's show at Greensboro once. The drove four horses. The negro rode the near wheel horse and had a jockey stick on the front horses and a single line on the front horse on the near side. The negro had a saddle on his horse and a strap on the horse on the off side or left hand side to the horse he rode.
        A load of this kind would be more of a novelty to use than a circus parade. People began to use check lines about the time my father, Nathan Farlow Davis, and mother, Christena were married. That country is very hilly and they had to have a brake on the wagons or a chain to fasten one wheel and make it slide down hill, and one of the trusty young men was assigned to the job.
        This is March 31st, my birthday and my sister, Ruth Ice, of Isle Minnesota is here for a visit. She brought my father's old Bible (Nathan Farlow Davis). He bought it with the first money he earned when he was a small boy. I think he said he gave 75˘ for it. this old book has a record of the ages of a part of Uncle Linden Davis' (son of Warwick Davis) children and I am sure grandmother (Sarah Worthington Davis) has written a part of these name. Uncle Linden and Aunt Pollyann's age are not here but I will give what are in the book: Nancy Jane Davis, daughter of Warwick L. Davis and Mary Ann Davis was born the 10th of November in year of our Lord 1850.
        Martha Ellen Davis was born September 11th 1852; William Milton Davis was born May 27th 1855; Sarah Ann Davis was born September 27th 1857; Robert Linzy Davis was born March 20th 1861. There were two more of Uncle Linden's children, Manda and Julius but their name are not in the book.
        I, Jacob Davis, will give the ages of my father and mother and children; Nathan F. Davis was born May 19th, 1833; died May 19th, 1907 age 74 years. Christena Davis was born march 31st 1836; died November 28th 1876. Jacob W. Davis was born March 31st, 1858; aged 66 today. Sarah Jane Davis was born November 10, 1859. Martha E. Davis was born February 2nd, 1862. Ruth C. Davis was born June 16th, 1865. Cyrus P. Davis was born January 21st, 1868. Susan M. Davis was born November 9th, 1871. My mother, Christena was 40 years, 7 months and 27 days of age when she died.

Land Patent Details. http://www.glorecords.blm.gov/

DAVIS, JACOB    IN Grant  2/10/1835 Fort Wayne    2899 IN1470__.363 
DAVIS, WILLIS   IN Grant  11/7/1835 Fort Wayne    3143 IN1480__.103 of Wayne County
DAVIS, JOHN     IN Grant  11/7/1835 Fort Wayne    3471 IN1480__.428 of Wayne County

DAVIS, WYLLYS   IN Grant   4/5/1836 Fort Wayne    4270 IN1500__.212 of Wayne County

DAVIS, AMOS     IN Grant  3/15/1837 Fort Wayne    5808 IN1530__.230 
DAVIS, HARVEY   IN Grant  3/30/1837 Fort Wayne    9024 IN1590__.457 

DAVIS, DAVID    IN Grant  8/20/1838 Fort Wayne   15885 IN3480__.291 
DAVIS, HARVEY   IN Grant  8/20/1838 Fort Wayne   17125 IN3510__.024 
DAVIS, JAMES S  IN Grant  8/20/1838 Fort Wayne   16811 IN3500__.211 
DAVIS, JAMES W  IN Grant  8/20/1838 Fort Wayne   20767 IN3580__.173 
DAVIS, JAMES W  IN Grant  8/20/1838 Fort Wayne   20840 IN3580__.246 

DAVIS, JOB      IN Grant  9/20/1839 Fort Wayne   21330 IN3590__.237 of Grant County
DAVIS, NATHAN   IN Grant  9/20/1839 Fort Wayne   21331 IN3590__.238 of Grant County
DAVIS, NATHAN   IN Grant  9/20/1839 Fort Wayne   21452 IN3590__.359 of Grant County

DAVIS, FRANKLIN IN Grant 11/10/1840 Fort Wayne   22786 IN3620__.203 
DAVIS, THOMAS H IN Grant   5/1/1849 Fort Wayne   26956 IN3700__.407 
DAVIS, SAMUEL   IN Grant   1/1/1850 Indianapolis 32917 IN3120__.200 
DAVIS, EZRA     IN Grant   1/1/1850 Indianapolis 33003 IN3120__.283 
DAVIS, AMOS     IN Grant   1/1/1850 Fort Wayne   27883 IN3720__.314 
DAVIS, AMOS     IN Grant  4/10/1850 Fort Wayne   28213 IN3730__.093 
DAVIS, DELILA   IN Grant  10/1/1852 Fort Wayne   28652 IN3730__.489 

Uvah L. Creamer
Sept. 13, 1911–Oct. 27, 2005

Uvah L. Creamer, 94, of 619 E. High St., Etna Green, and formerly of rural Warsaw, died unexpectedly at 5:12 p.m. Thursday at Kosciusko Community Hospital emergency room, Warsaw.
      Born in Grant County, she was the daughter of Lestie and Mary Davis Stansberry. On Dec. 25, 1929, she married Floyd A. Creamer in Alexander. He died April 10, 1997. She and her late husband also lived for several years in Texas. A homemaker and farmer’s wife, she enjoyed quilting.
      Survivors include one daughter, Mary E. and husband Charles Carpenter, Etna Green; three sons, F. Dewayne and wife Susan Creamer, Herbert Creamer, both of Warsaw, and Marvin and wife Fran Creamer, Eureka Springs, Ark.; 13 grandchildren; 24 great-grandchildren; 15 great-great-grandchildren; and one sister, Lillian Eberhart, South Whitley. In addition to her husband, she was preceded in death by one daughter, Wilma Creamer; one sister, Geneive; and one brother, Delbert.
      Her funeral service will be at 10:30 a.m. Monday at King Memorial Home, Mentone, with the Rev. Don Poyser officiating. Burial will be at Oakwood Cemetery, Warsaw.
      Visitation will be from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday at the funeral home.


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