Hayman Family Notes
England, Gloucester Co Virginia.
Somerset, Dorchester Co MD

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The Gradeless/Grayless Connection to Hayman

       +-- Joseph Pearson, d Dorchester Co MD
   +-- Captain Jesse Grayless, b Mar 1734 Dorchester Co MD, 
   :                          d by 1799 Caroline Co MD
         +-- Timothy Graylis 16xx-1743, d 1743 Dorchester Co MD
      +-- Mary Grayless b c 171x Dorchester Co MD, 
                       d 1785 Caroline Co MD
          +-- Elizabeth, d after 1743 Dorchester Co MD or NC
Ephraim Grayless         
James Grayless
Jesse Grayless
Margaret Grayless
Mary Grayless
Matthew Grayless
Nancy Grayless
Philadelpia Grayless
Sarah Grayless
Solomon Grayless
William Grayless
              +-- Cornelius Johnson, b c 1650's Sweden, d MD
          +-- Cornelius Johnson, d Dorchester Co MD
      +-- Harmon Johnson 17xx-1753, d 1753 Dorchester Co MD
                +-- Henry Hayman Sr, b circa 1632 South Devon, England,
                                   d 16 Apr 1685 Somerset Co MD
            +-- Henry Hayman Jr, b 16 Aug 1663 Gloucester Co VA,
                               d Somerset Co MD
               +-- Elinor -----, b c 1630s, d after 1685 Somerset Co MD
         +-- Mary Harman
                +-- Thomas Standridge, d Somerset Co Maryland?
             +-- Martha Standridge, b 1663 Wicomco, Somerset Co MD
                 +-- Margaret -----, d Somerset Co MD
   +-- Trephina Johnson, d circa 1802 Caroline Co MD
          +-- Edward Williams Jr 1665-1717
       +-- Philadelphia Williams, d after 1740 Dorchester Co MD
                  +-- Andrew Gray Jr.
              +-- Jacob Gray
                    +-- Start
                 +-- Philadelphia Start
                     +-- Philadephia, b England?
           +-- Philadelphia Gray, d 1745/46 Dorchester Co MD
               +-- Isabell

Ancestors of SY Napier
1.  Henry Hayman Sr 
    born 1634 England 
    died 1685 Maryland 
    married Elinor -----
2.  William Hayman 
    born 1663 Maryland
    died 1748/9) 
    married Mary Toadvine 
3.  Henry Hayman 
    born 1730 Maryland
    died 1793 Georgia
    marred Mary Stoughton
4.  Henry Hayman son of Henry & Mary Stoughton
    born 1758 Maryland
    died 1830 Lowndes Co, GA 
    Revolutionary War service in Georgia
    married Mary Goodall 

5.  Jeremiah Hayman 
    born c1790 Georgia 
    married Ann Dugger
6.  William Henry Hayman 
    born 1816 Georgia
    died 1909 Georgia 
    m 1st Mary Ann Clanton
7.  George Francis Hayman 
    born 1851 Georgia
    died 1929 Geogria 
    married Rebecca Adeline Cannon
8.  Ada Frances Hayman
    born 1879 Georgia
    died 1970 Georgia 
    married Raymond VanBrackle

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May 5, 2007