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Waugh family descendants based on Waugh Family Reunion Records, records compiled by Mark Waugh Rhoads and Margaret McLallen.   This was the start of the data that lead to the creation of this page.

Arlan & Barbara Kious of Topeka, Kansas have contibuted most of the material that has allowed this website to be expanded to the entire Kious Family. This site will only cover the first three generations of the Kious family but I am hoping to provide links and connectons to other sites and other researchers for those looking for more Kious Family data.

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Nicholas Kious  ? Nicholas Kowes
born c 1755 West Rittemburg, Germany?
died c 1832
married 1774 Augusta County Virginia
Francis Valentine
born c 1755
     John Kious
     Adam Kious 
     Henry Kious
     Jacob Valentine Kious 
     Nicholas Kious
     Elizabeth Kious


John Kious son of Nicholas & Frances Kious
born abt 1775 Nicholas County, Virginia
married 1796 to
Mary Calpinger 
Born: 1778
Died: 1817
     Adam Kious  M
     Nicholas Kious
     Morgan Kious
     Catherine Kious born 28 May 1797 in Nicholas, Virginia
     Solomon Kious born 1801    
     John Henry Kious born 1801    
     Zeniah Kious born 1817 

Adam Kious son of Nicholas & Frances Kious
born 1777 in Rockbridge County Virginia 
died 1 November 1849 in Fayette County, Ohio 
Letter about this death 
married to 
Margaret Hide/Hidy daughter of John & Christina Ann (Trexler) Hidy
born 1785 in Chester Co., Pennsylvania
died 24 Nov 1844 in Mt. Sterling, Madison County, Ohio
14 Children: 
    Solomon 'Saul' Kious
    Adam Kious
    John Kious b 1803
    Joseph Kious
    Absalom Kious
    Nathan Kious
    Mary Kious
    Elizabeth Kious 
    Margaret Kious b. 1812 in Fayette, Ohio
    Rachel Kious
    Cynthia Ann Kious b 1813
    George Kious b. 12 Apr 1814

Henry Kious  son of Nicholas & Frances Kious
born c 1780 Virginia
died Died:  11 Oct 1821, Wilson Co Tennessee
married to
Margaret Polly Bryan 
died: 1838 in Wilson County Tennessee
	Jacob L Kious b 1818 Wilson TN d 28 Dec 1870 Georgialatia, Illinois

Jacob Valentine Kious son of Nicholas & Frances Kious
born Feb 1781  Maryland
died 9 Aug 1864
married (1)
Mary Hoover
     Nicholas Kious
married (2) on 23 Dec 1811 to
Susan Miller
    Peter M. Kious
    Ann Kious
    Mary "Polly" Kious
    Susannah Kious
    Elizabeth Kious
    Valentine Jacob Kious born 14 Sep 1824

Nicholas Kious son of Nicholas & Frances Kious
born 5 Apr 1784  Maryland
died 26 Dec 1870
Christina Calpinger

 Elizabeth Kious daughter of Nicholas & Frances Kious
born 1786
died 1803 
married Joseph Hidy/Hyde son of  of John & Christina Ann (Trexler) Hidy


Solomon 'Saul' Kious son of Adam Kious and Margaret Hidy.
lived at La Bette City, La Bette Co., Kansas
Read Solomon's 1883 letter

Adam Kious son of Adam Kious and Margaret Hidy.

John Hyde Kious son of Adam Kious and Margaret Hidy.
born 18 Feb 1803 Ross County Ohio
Died 1887
married 20 Feb 1824 Fayette County Ohio to
Rebecca Ann Bowers
b c 1806
    Caroline Kious b: 1832
    Joseph H. Kious b: 12 DEC 1846
    Harriett V. Kious b: 1848
    Milan Kious

Joseph Kious son of Adam Kious and Margaret Hidy.

Absalom Kious son of Adam Kious and Margaret Hidy.
born February 13, 1808 in Fayette Co. Ohio
died January 11, 1867 in Montgomery Co. IN.
Married 04-Feb-1828 in Ross County Ohio to Mary Waugh
Married 11-Feb-1830 in Ross County Ohio to Mary Waugh
lived in Tippecanoe County, Indiana.
Mary Waugh daughter of Joseph Waugh & Mary Hopkins. 
born 4-June-1808 Ross Co Ohio 
died 12-February-1901 Montgomery County Indiana.  
Letter on Mary's Death,  Mary Kious's Obituary.
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+    Adam Kious
+    Joseph Kious
+    John Kious
+    James Monroe Kious
+    Absalom Kious
+    Mary Kious
+    Milo Kious
+    Wesley R. Kious
+    George Kious
+    William Cain Kious
+    Jasper D. Kious
     unnamed Kious died an unnamed infant (twin of Jaasper Kious)

Nathan Kious son of Adam Kious and Margaret Hidy.
Born 1804 Ross County Ohio
died Montgomery County Indiana
married (1)
Martha WILSON 
    Wilson D. KIOUS 
    Adam KIOUS born 1833 in Montgomery Co., Indiana
    Meilo KIOUS born 1835 in Montgomery Co., Indiana
married (2)
born 1808 in Pennsylvania
    Nathan D. KIOUS b: 31 MAY 1840
    Martha M. KIOUS b: 1841 in Montgomery Co., Indiana
    Mary KIOUS b: 1845 in Montgomery Co., Indiana
    Susanna KIOUS b: 23 AUG 1847 in Montgomery Co., Indiana
    Sarah KIOUS b: FEB 1850 in Montgomery Co., Indiana
    James Harvey KIOUS b: 1852 in Montgomery Co., Indiana
    Joseph Milton KIOUS b: 9 JUL 1854 in Montgomery Co., Indiana

Mary Kious the daughter of Adam Kious and Margaret Hidy.

Elizabeth Kious the daughter of Adam Kious and Margaret Hidy.
born 14-Feb-1811 Fayette County Ohio
died 18-May-1864 Sugar Creek Township, Montgomery County, Indiana
buried in Pendry Cemetary 1 mile west of Colfax Indiana.
Rode horseback from Ross County Ohio to Sugar Creek Township,
Mongomery Co. Indiana on what is known as Potato Creek Prairie.
Married on 24-Jan-1829 at Fayette or Ross Co. Ohio to
Milo Waugh, son of Joseph Waugh & Mary Hopkins.
born 23-Jan-1804 Ross County Ohio 
died 27-May-1859 Sugar Creek Township Montgomery Co Ohio
Land Patent #13207 for 80 acres issued 3/3/1831.
All children were born and raised there.
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+    Martha Waugh b 20-Aug-1829
+    Joseph Waugh b. 29-Jan-1832
+    Harvey Waugh b 10-Apr-1834
+    Milton B. Waugh b. 11-Feb-1837
+    John Wesley Waugh b 13-Dec-1840
+    Miletus Asbury Waughb. 13-Mar-1845
+    William Wilson 'Willie' Waugh b. 13-Jan-1853
+    Esther Waugh died at childbirth.
+    Margaret Elizabeth Waugh b 17-Feb-1842
+    Mary Jane Waugh b. 14-Apr-1848
+    Melissa Ann Waugh b. 16-Apr-1850
+    Sarah Alice Waugh b. 14- Sep-1856
+    Emma Waugh
+    Viola Waugh
+    Katherine Waugh

Margaret Kious daughter of Adam Kious and Margaret Hidy.
Birth: 1812 in Fayette, Ohio
Jerome Drais
b. 1809 in Pendleton, Virginia
    Joseph Drais b. 1835
+   Elijah B. Drais b. 1837
    Mary Jane Drais b. 1838
    James H. Drais b. 1839
    Lawson Drais b. 1841
    Cynthia Drais b. 1844
    Zachariah Drais b. 1845
    Elizabeth Drais b. 1833
+   Felix M. Drais b. 1843 in Fayette, Ohio 

Rachel Kious the daughter of Adam Kious and Margaret Hidy.

Cynthia Ann Kious the daughter of Adam Kious and Margaret Hidy.
born 1813

George Kious son of Adam Kious and Margaret Hidy.
born 12 Apr 1814 1
died 26 Nov 1888
married in 1859 to 
Melinda Hedrick
born  4 Feb 1830
died 23 Oct 1908
     Adam Kious
     Lewis Renfrew Kious
     Mary Kious 
     Linnie May Kious 
     George Hidy Kious 
     Pearl Catherine Kious 


Elijah B. Drais son of Margaret Kious & Jerome Drais
b. 1837
married to
Hannah Beard 
    Silas V. Drais
    Sarah M. Drais
    Harriet Drais
    John L. Drais
    Artie Drais
    Cornelius Drais

Felix M. Draisson of Margaret Kious & Jerome Drais
born 1843 in Fayette County, Ohio 
died Sep 1915 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
married to
Laura Virginia Will
b. 1847 in Virginia
    Harry Drais b. 1866
    Franklin Drais b. 1868
    Charles W. Drais b. 1869
    Bertram Granville Drais b. 1870
    Rufus W. Drais b. 1875
    Samuel J. Drais b. 1877 in Fayette, Ohio
    Harvey E. Drais b. 1881
    Bess Drais b. 1884 

Adam Kious son of George & Melinda (Hedrick) Kious
b. 26 Aug 1859 in Mt Sterling, Madison Co., Ohio

Lewis Renfrew Kious son of George & Melinda (Hedrick) Kious
b. 9 May 1861 in Mt Sterling, Madison Co., Ohio

Mary Kious daughter of George & Melinda (Hedrick) Kious
 b. 15 Sep 1862 in Mt Sterling, Madison Co., Ohio

Linnie May Kious daughter of George & Melinda (Hedrick) Kious
b. 19 Mar 1864 in Mt Sterling, Madison Co., Ohio

George Hidy Kious son of George & Melinda (Hedrick) Kious
b. 7 Oct 1865 in Mt Sterling, Madison Co., Ohio

Pearl Catherine Kious daughter of George & Melinda (Hedrick) Kious
b. 16 Aug 1868 in Mt Sterling, Madison Co., Ohio 



     Arlan Kious

April 30, 2001:

Arlan Kious —

        My name is Arlan Kious. I am related to the Waugh family through Mary Waugh Kious, daughter of Joseph Waugh of Ohio, near Chillicothe. I would appreciate any information you could share about the Waugh family. I have information from the book written by Pat Waugh, but would be anxious to learn more about that part of my family. The Kious' and Waugh family were neighbors in that area of Ohio, and intermarried. Kious men married Waugh women and visa-versa. Elizabeth Kious married Milo Waugh and Mary Waugh married Absolom Kious, my 2nd great grandparents. I have a picture of Mary Waugh Kious taken at 91 years of age hanging in my home. I'm just another one of the relatives interested in my past. Anything you could share I would appreciate. Sincerely, Arlan.

        You asked about the Kious name and how it is pronounced It is pronounced K, long-I, us, Kious. The original spelling of the name was Kowes, pronounced Kovez. Four brothers came to America from Wirtenburg, Germany. They may have arrived to fight in the Revolutionary War. We have a letter written by Solomon Kious in 1883. He stated that one of the brothers settled in Kentucky in 1875, one settled near Columbus, Ohio, one remained in Virginia, and one went to NY. His grandfather Nicholas was the one that changed the name to Kious according to Solomon's account in the letter. He didn't like the way the German name sounded in English. We have a great deal of information on the Kious families. I am a direct descendent to the originator of the name and to Germany. Arlan

From   Arlan Kious

Copy of a letter to:   Absalom or Nathan Kious, Clinton County, Indiana P. O.
[mailed from Washington Court House Ohio Nov 5 1849]:

Fayette County Ohio
November 3 1849 —

Dear brothers and sister.

      I embrace this opportunity to give you the sad intelligence of the death of Father he was taken sick on the night of the 26th of last month being Friday night with a violent vomiting and misery in the bowels something like a cholic and continued on two days on Sunday he was some better and walked out in the lot and to the barn but before he got in again he got worse and could scarcely get back to the house it was supposed to be the cholic and a physician was sent for the Doctor on inquiring found that nothing had passed through his bowels for about 5 days every remedy was resorted to to procure a passage through his bowels that could be but in vain he still got worse and worse vomiting everything up that he took and in vain they resorted to injections. Finally the Doctor told him that there was no cure for him only to open the abdomen and remove the difficulty by a surgical operation to that Father would not consent on the ground that he was old and inform and would not be able to undergo the operation.
      In that condition he continued until Thursday morning about twenty minutes before ten o'clock he breathed his last the Doctors was not satisfied what was the matter they examined him after he died. An examination found that there had a strong cord formed around two members of the bowels that interely stopped the circulation they supposed that it might have been there for several years but from the situation of the difficulty it could not be reach by the most skillful Physician his case was incurable they call it Testinal Strangulation they said that there is no case of the kind on record.
      We that are here are in moderate health George is gone to Cleveland with a drove of fat cattle and know nothing of what happened to Father, Jackson and Jane was very attentive and kind to Father while he was sick it was the most frying scene that I ever witnessed being the only child that was there of all that large family that used to surround Fathers table there was but five of his relations present to follow his remains to the silent graveyard.  That is uncle Nicholus myself and John's three children we laid him by the side of Mother in the graveyard at Mt. Sterling.
      I was not sent for til the day before he died and when I got there he was so sick that he could not speak to me only by nodding his head or year or no sometimes.  I still waited for him to get better to ask him some questions about his souls welfare but he did not get to tell me anything about it.
      Jerome Drais had had a very severe spell of sickness this fall he had the measles in the first place and took cold after it which very near took him off he still keeps house with his children.
      Father Waugh is till living and as well as common. Henry Malban died of dropsy about two weeks ago.
      When this comes to hand I wish you would take it to Henry and John or remail it and send it that way.
      Write to me when you receive this is the second time that I have written to you since I got your letter your affectionate brother Solomon Kious

to Absalom and Nathan Kious and Milo Waugh
Father's age was 72 years 7 months and 26 days.

This letter is written about Adam Kious.   I have the original.   Ruth Wilch

Letter from Solomon Kious of La Bette City, La Bette Co., Kansas
to John Kious of Papinsville, Bates Co., Missouri


La Bette City
                                                                      December 30, 1883

Dear Nephew and family -

      Your kind and very welcome letter was received in due time. It brings to mind many, many pleasant recollections - also some sad reflections. It makes me sad to think how we are scattered over the country. Hardly any two of us in one state. Of my father's family of 14 children there are but two living - George and myself.
      That Henry you speak of may be one of the relatives from Franklin County, Ohio.
      My father had four brothers - one went to Kentucky about eighty years ago. One settled near Columbus, Ohio and one remained in Virginia. If you find a family that spells their name as we do, you may know they are our relations, for my grandfather was the first of that name. When he came from Europe to America, he did not like the sound of his foreign name in English so he changed it to Kious.
      One of his brothers, that came over changed his name to Koy. There is a family living in New York City who spell their name the same as my grandfather's German name, Kowes.
      One of your Uncle Absolom's sons lives in Sedgwick Kansas, the youngest - Jasper.

This is a copy of the original letter, a copy of which was sent to Orpha Kious, my great aunt, by her father when she was teaching at Kious school. My copy was given to me by Ruth Kious Wilch, a cousin, who has in her possession Orpha's copy.   Arlan Kious

from Arlan Kious:

Lafayette Indiana February 16, 1901

My dear Uncle, Knowing that you will be glad to learn of the particulars of Grandma's death, and having attended her funeral, I felt it my duty to write you.
      I presume of course that you received the telegraph message sent by Joe. He did not know Pa's address. Uncle Wesley told me she had been in her usual health all winter until Sunday when her entire right side became paralized. After that she just lay perfectly quiet with closed eyes apparently suffering no pain saying nothing recognizing no one until Tuesday night at half past nine oclock when she stopped breathing. Uncle Wesley has had a siege of the grip recently and not being able to get out Joe Kious took all charge of the funeral. With the assistance of the undertakers. She had an expensive cloth draped casket in black her shroud pure white. Her pall bearers were old men the best of the community. Her funeral was preached in the Methodist church by the Methodist minister and sweet and appropriate music was rendered by the churches choir. The subject of the minister's remarks was "The Soul's Inheritance" 1st Peter 1st Chap. 2nd and 3rd verses. In Addition to his sermon he had prepared and read a very tender tribute to the memory of Grandma, a copy of which I shall mail to you with a Brookston paper of this week's date.
      Sister Alta and I were the only grandchildren in attendance excepting Uncle Wesley's family. They thought you might possibly come and set the funeral hour at 2 oclock Thursday giving you time to get there should you have seen your way.
      I have just written to Pa. Neither of you could be here, but as I just wrote in his letter, you may have the satisfaction of knowing that Grandma has had a nice, respectable funeral well attended by her old time friends and acquaintances.
      I hope you and Aunt Josephine are enjoying good health. Remember me kindly to Abby. I did so much enjoy his short visit to our place last summer. Tell him that Kansas zephers or something equally as full of virtue surely charmed away my rheumatism completely as I have never felt a twinge of it since that first attack.
      I am getting on nicely with my school work this winter we are just a little over half done in our terms. This is my third year in the City schools. I like it much better than in the little town where I taught for so long.
      Now Uncle if I have omitted anything concerning Grandma that you would like to know write me and I shall be pleased to inform you if I can. Indeed, I shall be pleased to hear from any of you at any time. With love and good wishes I am,
                                                                      Your Niece Effa Kious
1413 Columbia St.
Lafayette, Indiana

I received this letter and several others from my cousin Ruth Kious Wilch several years ago. She had collected them from family members. She typed them out so they would be easier to read I think. I wish I had the handwritten ones as they would be so much more valuable historically, but I don't know what happened to them. I believe the Weslsy mentioned in the letter may be your great-grandfather.

from Arlan Kious

      Mary Waugh was born June 4, 1808 in Ross County Ohio. The local name of the immediate place of her nativity was known as Waugh Hill. She came of a quite notable and influential family in the earlier history of the state of Ohio. Bishop BeverlyWaugh of the Methodist Episcopal Church was of this family, and a very near relative of the deceased.
      Miss Mary Waugh was united in marriage to Mr. Absalom Kious, February 4, 1828. To this union were born twelve children, eleven boys and one girl. In the order of their birth these children were named as follows: Adam, Joseph, John W., James M., Absalom, Mary, Milo, Wesley R., George W., William C., Jasper D., and an infant deceased twin of Jasper D.
      The Mother has morned the death of nine of her children. The three children who survive are John and James, both of whom reside in Kansas, and Wesley R, who resides near Brookston.
      Mrs. Kious sent four of her sons to the army to battle for the Union, John, Wesley, Adam, and Milo. Two of these loyal sons died in the service. Adam died from a wound while at the front and was buried in Southern soil. Milo lived to come home and find a grave in the land of his birth and with his kindred.
      Mr. and Mrs. Kious moved from Ohio to Indiana in 1829 and settled in Montgomery County. The family changed their residence from Montgomery to White Co in 1858, in which county they have since resided, and where they find their last resting place in the bosom of mother earth.
      Mr. Kious died Jan 11, 1867 being very nearly fifty-nine years of age at the time of his decease. He was buried in the Brookston cemetary, in which also, and beside the remains of her husband, will rest the body of the wife and mother until the resurrection of the just to the life that knows no death or sorrow.
      At the age of fifteen the deceased united with the Methodist Episcopal Church, in the communion of which she lived seventy-seven years, and in which she died. She enjoyed the intimate acquaintence with many of the founders of Ohio and Indiana Methodism, numbering among her friends Waugh, Finley, Strange and Armstrong. Her memory of Hymns, sermons and leading events in the early establishment and enjoyment of religion and religious privileges remained with her to the last as a solace and an inspiration to bear the affliction of failing sight and tottering step.
      The remarkable age of Mrs. Kious suggests interesting facts of history. When she was three years of age the battle of Tipppecanoe on the banks of the Wabash was fought. She was about eight years of age when Indiana was admitted into the Union as a soverign state. She was fourty-four years of age when the Louisville and New Albany Railway was constructed. Mrs. Kious was old enough to remember the war of 1812. At the age of fourty she might have joined the fourtyniners on the route to California to dig for gold. Doubtless there are a number of survivers in locks of white and who have passed through fourty years since the time they saw this matron of more than fifty years at the time, bid a peacful farewell to her own, and the boys other royal and loyal mothers as these silver grays of to-day went to the war beardless boys in blue.
      As such an one we join most hearlily with comrades of the embattled hosts of years ago, in paying a loving and timely tribute of respect and honor to a life so fundamental to the greatness of a nation as were the mothers of the army of the Republic. The graves of her soldier boys as well as the graves of other comrades are not more worthy of the flag and wreath on Decoration Day, than will be the mound beneath which rest in the hush and stillness of eternity the heart of Mary Kious, the mother of sons and heroes dead.
      Mary Waugh Kious departed this life February 12, 1901, aged 94 years, 8 months, and 8 days after more than 94 yers of life.

1860 Census Brookston, Prairie Township, White County, Indiana
621 623 Milan A. Kious    36 M  Farmer  4000  600 Ohio
        Nancy Kious       31 F                    Indiana
        Mary J. Kious     11 F                    Indiana attended school
        George L. Kious    9 M                    Indiana attended school
        Rebecca A. Kious   6 F                    Indiana
        Harriet L. Kious   5 F                    Indiana
        Laura B. Kious     2 F                    Indiana
        Carsee E. Kious 6/12 F                    Indiana
        Fammy Shields     19 F                    Indiana

Chancery & Common Pleas Court Records,
compiled by Maude Post Rankin and George A. Robinson Jr.
Chancery Court
County Clerk's office, Fayette Co.
Book "C"
page 435
Henry Folsom PPAGE, Admr. de bonus non with Will annexed of Henry HALLER, dec'd.
John KIOUS, Solomon KIOUS et al

Guy W. DOAN (Exec. of Henry HALLER) in Common Pleas Court in Madison Co., Ohio in 1839 got judgment against John KIOUS of Madison Co. and Adam KIOUS of Fayette Co. John owned no property but Adam had an interest in lands; Adam KIOUS owns land but no title to him has never been passed by McARTHUR and others. Adam sold to his brother Nicholas his interest. HALLER is of Pickaway Co. Adam KIOUS died Nov. 1, 1849 and left children and heirs. Solom KIOUS of Fayette Co., John KIOUS and original defendant of White Co., Indiana, Nathan KIOUS of Montgomery Co., Indiana. Absolem KIOUS of Tippecanoe Co. Indiana, George KIOUS of Madison Co., Ohio, Elizabeth WAUGH wife of Milo WAUGH of Montgomery Co», Indiana, Mary PARKER wife of Henry PARKER of White Co. Indiana, Adam KIOUS of Madison Co., Ohio, an infant son of Adam late of Madison Co. and grandson of said Adam, dec'd., and Wilson, Elizabeth, Emetine, Jason, and Edwin ROWE infant children of Cynthia ROWE late KIOUS-as wife of Wesley ROWE and grandchildren of Adam, dec'd. and Elizabeth, Joseph. Jane, James H. , Lawson, Felix, Cynthia M. , Zachariah T. and Enoch DRAIS children of Margaret DRAIS dec'd. wife of Jerome DRAIS and grandchildren of Adam, dec'd. Nicholas KIOUS (to whom Adam, Sen. sold) of Ross County. Ohio, at time of sale. Nicholas sold land to Solomon KIOUS, reputedly both sales for fraud; the ROWES were of Hamilton County, Ohio.

                    MT. PLEASANT CEMETERY
                      BUCKSKIN TOWNSHIP

         The Mt. Pleasant Cemetery is located on the west side of 
Waugh Road about one-half mile north of State Route 138 in the northern end 
of the township.  It lies directly at the edge of the road and appears to be 
well tended.  Most stones are of commercial origin, but many have no 
inscriptions left upon them.  This list was compiled on the cemetery site on 
July 4, 1977.

79.         Christina   Wife of Nicholas Kious.  
            Died June 19, 1865.
            Aged 72 ys.  11 ms.

H I D E   /   H I D Y

John Heinrich Hidy son of Johannes Hyden?
Birth:	1751 in Germany 3
Death:	19 Mar 1823
married c 1776 in Pennsylvania to
Christina Ann Trexler daughter of John Peter & Maria (Albright) Trexler
born c  1760
died 19 Feb 1836 in Highland Co.,Virginia
    Jacob Hidy b. 15 Feb 1779
    Catherine Hidy b. 1779/1785
    Joseph Hidy b. 13 Jan 1783
    Margaret Hidy b. 1785 in Chester Co., Pennsylvania
    John Hidy b. 27 Mar 1788
    Sarah Ann Hidy b. 11 Mar 1793
    William Hidy b. 12 Mar 1796
    George Hidy b. 9 Mar 1800
    Joel Hidy b. 19 Aug 1801
    Christina Hidy b. 1804 

Family Notes — Hopkins — Marlin — Waugh


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