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From: "Granville W. Wehland"

Thank you for your message. There are two Aletha Leonards, both with parents named Joseph and Nancy Leonard. I am descended from Joseph Leonard and Nancy Kennaday (Cannaday)Leonard. It is my belief that my Aletha (born circa 1832) did not marry as there is a conveyance in the Land Records of Randolph County in 1890 from Leatha and Sarah Leonard. Althea Leonard born circa 1837, who married Milton Ricks 1/13/1853 in Guilford County is the daughter of Joseph Leonard and Nancy Lowder Leonard.
The Guilford County Land Records show Estate of Joseph Leonard Division in Book 38, Page 608, as follows: Henry L. Leonard - 24 acres, J. B. Leonard - 27 acres, Frederick Leonard -24 acres, Joab Leonard - 24 acres, James Leonard - 24 acres, John Leonard - 26 acres, Eli Leonard - 24 acres, Lethe Reiks (?) - 20 acres, William Leonard - 24 acres and Arnith (?) Suits 27 acres.
Nancy Lowder Leonard was the daughter of John Lowder, whose 557 acres were divided in Guilford County in the November Term 1839, in Liber No. 26, folio 29, as follows: 96 acres to Solomon Lowder, 69 acres to Nathan Lowder, 63 acres to Joel Lowder, 69 acres to Elizabeth (?), 75 acres to John Lowder, 67 1/2 acres to William Lowder, 69 acres to Joseph Leonard and 69 acres and 5 acres to William Anderson. The Gold Mine was held in common by all heirs.
Nancy Leonard conveys her 8/10ths interest in gold mine to Calvin Saferight by deed in Liber No. 37, folio 472, dated 8/17/1858, which states Nancy is of Guilford County. These notes were made in Guiford County some years ago, and I hope are correctly translated.
Mr. W. N. Hurley, Jr., 9423 Eagleton Lane, Gaithersburg, MD. 20879, is descended from the Lowders and has written several books. Also this Joseph and Nancy Leonard are well documented on World Family Tree. Guilford County Bond Records indicate marriages of several of Joseph and Nancy Lowder Leonard's children. I believe these people were cousins of my Joseph and Nancy Kennady Leonard, but have no proof. Know when Nancy was born and died, but nothing on Joseph. Need their marriage place and date and any other pertinent information. When we first began this research we confused the two couples, thus the information on the Guilford County Leonards. If you have anything at all on my family, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.

John LOUDER born 1732, Guilford County 
died 1819, Virginia 
Married  Hannah ------ -----
1. Catharine LOWDER 
2. Caleb LOWDER 
3.+John LOWDER  born 29 Jun 1762, N.C. 
	Died 1 May 1839, Guilford County, N.C. 
	Married Sarah ----- ----- ABT. 1790 
	A.+Nancy LOWDER born c1803, Guilford County 
		Died  1864, Guilford County 
		Married Joseph LEONARD 29 Jul 1820 
		born c 1797, Guilford County, N.C. 
		died: 1858, Guilford County
		1.+Joab LEONARD born 11 Feb 1824, Guilford County, N.C. 
			died: 19 Mar 1909, Guilford County, N.C.
			buried Springfield Friends Church - High Point 
			Married Susanah HAINEY on 20 Aug 1846, Guilford County, N.C. 
			A. Charles A. LEONARD 
			B. James O. LEONARD 
			C. John LEONARD born 1852, Guilford County, N.C. died before 1900
				Married Priscilla HARM in Aug 1870 
				1. Belle LEONARD 
				2.+John LEONARD 
				3. Charles LEONARD 
				4.+William Henry LEONARD 
				5. Cora LEONARD 
				6.+Eddie LEONARD 
				7.+Winfield F. LEONARD 
				8.+Jennie LEONARD
			D. William LEONARD 
			E. Susanah LEONARD 
			F. Joan LEONARD 
		2.+Eli LEONARD 
		3. James LEONARD 
		4. William LEONARD 
		5. Aletha LEONARD born c 1837 Guilford County
			married Milton Ricks
			A.  Anna Ricks b 1856 NC
			B.  Mattie Ricks
			C.  Joseph Ricks b 1858 m 1879 
				Sarah Jane Davis b 1-Nov-1859 Grant Co IN 
				daughter of Nathan Farlow & Sarah (Worthington) Davis.
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				    Daisy G. Ricks Married Henry Elonza Bare
				            Lela Mae Bare Married Walter Gradeless
				                    Harmon Gradeless married Donna Mort
				                            Donald Gradeless
			D. John b c 1861 NC
			E. Ellen  b c 1864 NC
			F. James b c 1868 N.C.
			G. Martha b c 1870/71 Ind.
			H. Henry b c 1873 Ind
		6. Frederick U. LEONARD 
		7. Henry L. LEONARD 
		8. Jabez B. LEONARD 
		9. Lucinda LEONARD
	B. Joel LOWDER 
	C. Solomon LOWDER married Jane LEONARD
	D. John LOWDER 
	E. Nathan LOWDER 
	F. Elizabeth LOWDER 
	G. William LOWDER 
	H. Sarah LOWDER 
 4. Mary LOWDER 
 5. Joseph LOWDER 
 6. Ralph LOWDER 
 7. Rebekah LOWDER 
 8. Samuel LOWDER 
 9. William LOWDER 
10. Hannah LOWDER 
11. Job LOWDER 
12. Joshua LOWDER 
13. Nathan LOWDER 

Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 22:41:49 -0500 From: Faye Moran Don, I think that the family you are looking for is located at Scroll down the page and then click on the "Nancy Lowder" link. I have already added the information contained in this email to the Nancy Lowder page. Look forward to hearing from you again. Best regards, Faye

BOOKS in the Genealogical Society of Utah Library: CALL NUMBER US/CAN BOOK AREA 929.273 L926b AUTHOR: Bowden, Ernestine Loudder (Velma Ernestine Loudder), 1923- . TITLE: Louder & Lowder & Loudder / by Ernestine Loudder Bowden. PUBLICATION INFORMATION: Austin, Tex. : Nortex Press, c1990. FORMAT: 295 p. : ill., geneal. tab., maps, ports. ; 29 cm. CONTENTS: A genealogy and a history of the descendants of John Lowder/Louder born before 1738 in England. He married Hannah. They were living in New Jersey in 1760. ADDITIONAL FORMATS FICHE AREA Also on microfiche. Salt Lake City : Filmed by ------------- 6100561 the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1992. 4 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm. CALL NUMBER US/CAN BOOK AREA 929.273 L951h AUTHOR: Hurley, W. N. (William Neal), 1924-. TITLE; Lowder families in America : being an account of the descendants of the Quakers John Lowder, born c.1738 in North Carolina and his wife, Hannah Lowder, born c.1735 in North Carolina / William Neal Hurley, Jr.. PUBLICATION INFORMATION: Bowie, Md. : Heritage Books, c1996. FORMAT: x, 394 p. : ill., ports. NOTES: Author taken from cover. CONTENTS: John and Hannah Lowder of Guilford County, North Carolina were the parents of thirteen children: Catherine (July 17, 1758, and died June 30, 1760), Caleb (Sept. 2, 1760), John, Jr. (June 29, 1762), Mary (Aug. 2, 1764), Joseph (June 19, 1766), Ralph (May 8, 1768), Rebecca (Mar. 15, 1770), Samuel (Jan. 17, 1772), William (June 29, 1773), Hannah (Aug. 8, 1774), Job (July 25, 1776), Joshua (June 14, 1778) and Nathan (Dec. 31, 1780). Other research suggests that John and Hannah were Quakers in England and immigrated to a Quaker community in New Jersey before settling in Guilford County. Numerous descendants can be found in Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa and Utah. Some Lowder descendants in Virginia in the later 1800's joined the Mormon faith and went west. Some descendants include: Burchett, Champ, Collingsworth, Crum, Hurley, Loudder, Shope and Watts families.
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 From: "Paul Weaver" Hi Donald, Looks like we have some common ancestors! I descend from Joseph Leonard and Nancy Lowder's son Eli, b. ca. 1827. I have done extensive work on the Leonard line, but still can't get any farther back than Joseph. Some of the Leonards in Guilford during that timeframe were Quakers, though it doesn't appear that Joseph and Nancy were. I do think that they may have come from Chester Co, PA with some of the other Leonard families in the area, with a stop in Grayson Co, VA in the 1770s timeframe. As far as the Lowders, the John Lowder that you show is the son of a John Lowder, who was b. ca. 1740, possibly in England. The family was in NJ for a while before moving to Guilford Co in the 1700s. John Lowder (Sr) died someplace in VA (can't remember the county). There is a lady who maintains a Lowder newsletter, as there are dozens of folks researching John Lowder, though nobody has had any luck identifying where he came from, or who his parents were. Paul Weaver

Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999


I was very interested to get your e-mail, as the Aletha Leonard/ Milton Ricks family has had me stumped! And I was considering writing an article for the LOWDER newsletter about the Leonard family in general, because of how "fun" they are to trace (the ones that left NC, anyway).
I should explain that I am a direct descendant of Solomon Lowder who m. Jane Leonard (brother to Nancy Lowder m. Joseph Leonard). Solomon Lowder and his descendants settled in Hendricks County, IN. During the course of researching them, I found that some of Nancy and Joseph Leonard's descendants had also found their way to Hendricks County, including sons Frederick V. Leonard and Henry L. Leonard (Henry's daughter Emily/Emma married into my GARNERs). Something about this group just interested me--I guess I like a good challenge. Plus it helped me fill out my Lowder-descendancy tree (that, and Bill Hurley's Lowders in America book).
I'm still having trouble filling in the Aletha Leonard portion, though--that 1880 census entry for Grant County was really interesting. I was looking through the 1860 Guilford Co, NC census recently and found Milton Rix, but not Aletha. I also have found an alleged child of theirs, Mary C. b. in May 1860 (her death entry says she's the child of Milton Ricks and Letha Leonard). Mary was married to James Russell in Hendricks County in 1875, but when she died in 1938 her last name was PATTERSON. Mary's first child (that I've found anyway) was named Aletha, yet I can't find Mary as an infant in the 1860 census.
In my long-winded way, what I'm trying to say is that, if you're willing, I would like to exchange info on the descendants of Joseph Leonard & Nancy Lowder! I stopped by your personal web page, by the way, and read your notes on the Lowder/Leonard families--I was interested to see that there were two Aletha/Letha Leonards in Guilford County.

Meredith Thompson
Hendricks County coordinator

From: Zelma Newell -

I have the Leonard family. Lindsay Leonard, Sylvenas Leonard who was born in North Carolina...I think.
Joseph Leonard was born in Guilford Co. N.C and was married to Phebe Macy.
Joseph's father was John Leonard He died in Clinton Co. Ohio. Hope this helps you. Zelma


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