McCain Family Genealogy Notes
Clinton Co Indiana

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Searching for: [This is all undocumented so if you don't see a document it is based on the
research of others and is what we are searching for documentation on.]

Probable Line of Descent
John McCain

  John McCain & Elizabeth Young
    Ellen McCain & George Miller
      Minerva Miller & James P. Rardin
        Daisy Rardin & Charley Wrigley
          Hazel Rardin Wrigley & Lester Mort
              Donna Maxine Mort & Harmon Graadeless
              Donna Maxine Mort & Dewayne Jackson
                Donald E. Gradeless
                Steven W. Gradeless
                Rex L. Gradeless
                Sherry L. Jackson 
Much of the family groups and data from Clinton Co came from 
Harl & Mary Ryder: of Providence Rhode Island. Email:

Several Groups show this family
John and Elizabeth (Young) McCain married 14-Oct-1830 Clinton Co. Indiana
Elizabeth Young was the daughter of Mathias Young.
	Ellen McCain b 1827 married George Miller
	Mary Jane McCain married Henry Hefflefiner
	Deborah Ann McCain married Solomon Burgess
	Joseph McCain b 1835 married Melissa -----
	Clarissa McCain b 8-Jan-1841 married James Snodgrass

[Problem is from Census Records Ellen McCain appears to have 
been born 1826/7.
[Ellen married in 1844 in Frankfort so the age [17] is about correct]
[Either John is not her father or he was previous married?]

Was she the daughter of the other John McCain of Clinton Co 
or possibly the sister of this John McCain

Ellen McCain Miller Coupland born 1827 Ohio in Clinton Co. Indiana.
	died 1899 Boone Co Indiana buried Kirlin Indiana  
	Married 7-4-1844 to 
	George Miller (Born Ohio) 
		lived Clinton & Boone Co Indiana 1840's-1880
		Moved to Boone Co In about 1860.  
		Died 12 Feb 1880 Boone Co. buried Kirlin Indiana
	Married (2) 14-Mar-1893 Clinton Co Indiana to
	Joseph Coupland b 1828 England d Boone Co Indiana
	1893 marriage license shows Ellen's parents 
	as John & Elizabeth (Young) McCain
	11 Children:
	Malonie Miller McKenzie b 26-Jan-1843
	Henry Edward Miller     b  3-Mar-1847
	Mary Miller Kingsolver  b  8-Sep-1848
	John Miller             b        1850
	Nancy Miller Ferguson   b  9-Jun-1851
	Minerva Miller Rardin   b 16-Jan-1855
	Charles Miller

1850 Census Kirlin Twp Clinton Co Indiana 93
George Miller   29 M Farmer   OH
Eleanor  "      23 F          IN
Mahlon   "       5 M          IN
Henry E. "       3 M          IN
Mary     "       2 F          IN
Deborah McCain  12 F          IN

1860 Census Kirlin Twp Clinton Co INdiana p 331
George Miller   39 M  Farmer  OH
Ellen    "      33 F          OH
Malone   "      13 F          IN
Henry    "      11 M          IN
Mary     "       9 F          IN
Nancy    "       7 F          IN
Eva      "       5 F          IN
Sanford  "    6/12 M	      IN
John     "      10 M          IN

1880 Census:
Kirklin, Clinton, Indiana National Archives Film T9-0270 Page 199B
Elen MILLER       Self  F W W 53 OH  Keeping House  OH   OH
Truman MILLER     Son   M S W 16 IN  At Home        OH   OH
Charles MILLER    Son   M S W  9 IN  At Home        OH   OH
Mary ANDERSON     Other F S W 23 IN  Servant        IN   IN
John RICHARDS     Other M S W 15 IN  Farm Laborer   IN   IN

Kirklin, Clinton, Indiana National Archives Film T9-0270 Page 200C 
John MC KINZIE    Self  M M W 37 IN  Farmer         NC   IN
Malona MC KINZIE  Wife  F M W 34 IN  Keeping House  OH   OH
Bamma MC KINZIE   Dau   F S W 13 IN                 IN   IN
Anna MC KINZIE    Dau   F S W 12 IN                 IN   IN
Darius MC KINZIE  Son   M S W 10 IN  At Home        IN   IN

Perry, Boone, Indiana National Archives Film T9-0267 Page 200B     
Charles MILLER    Self  M M W 37 IN  Farmer         IN   IN
Sarah C. MILLER   Wife  F M W 32 IN  Keeping House  IN   IN
Ella MILLER       Dau   F S W 11 IN  At Home        IN   IN
Emma MILLER       Dau   F S W  8 IN                 IN   IN

Clinton, Boone, Indiana National Archives Film T9-0266  Page 38D     
Henry MILLER      Self  M M W 33 IN  Farmer         OH   IN
Sylvena MILLER    Wife  F M W 31 IN  Keeping House  KY   KY
Mettie MILLER     Dau   F S W 11 IN  House Keeper   IN   IN
Birtie MILLER     Dau   F S W  7 IN                 IN   IN
Oliver MILLER     Son   M S W  5 IN                 IN   IN
Rose VOGAN        Other F S W 20 KY  Housekeeper    KY   KY 
 --- Or (This from another source):
Clinton, Boone, Indiana ED 112  Page 38D Line 44-49    
Henry MILLER      Self  M M W 33 IN  Farmer         OH   IN
Sephrena MILLER   Wife  F M W 31 IN  Keeping House  KY   KY
Nettie MILLER     Dau   F S W 11 IN  House Keeper   IN   IN
Birtie MILLER     Dau   F S W  7 IN                 IN   IN
Oliver MILLER     Son   M S W  5 IN                 IN   IN
Vogan Rose Miller Other F S W 20 KY  Housekeeper    KY   KY   


Malonie Miller 
	born 26-Jan-1845 Kirklin Twp Clinton Co. IN 
		died 21-Jan-1919
	married 9-Nov-1865 in Clinton Co IN to 
	John W. McKenzie b 1843 d after 1910.
	4 children:
	1.  Bammie McKenzie born 3-Sept-1866 Kirklin Twp Clinton Co IN.
	2.  Annie McKenzie born 1868 Kirlin Twp Clinton Co IN.
 	3.  Ralp McKenzie born 1869 Kirlin Twp Clinton Co IN.
	4.  Darius Homer McKenzie b 1870 Kirlin Twp Clinton Co IN.

Henry Edward Miller
	born 3-Mar-1847 Kirlin Twp Clinton Co Indiana 
	died 12-May-1909 Boone Co IN.
	married 7-Nov-1867 Clinton Co. Indiana to
	Sovenia Ann McIntyre dau of Richard & Jane (Nealis) McIntyre
	born 15-May 1848 Indiana 
	died 20-Jan-1916 Clinton Co. Indiana.  
	both buried in McIntyre Cem., Kirlin Twp Clinton Co IN
	3 children:
	1.  Nettie Miller b 1-Dec-1868 Boone Co., Indiana
	2.  Birtie Miller b 1873 Boone Co., Indiana
	3.  Oliver Miller b 1875 Boone Co., Indiana

Mary Miller
	born 8-Sep-1848 Kirlin Twp Clinton Co IN 
	died 26-Sep-1933 Climax, Greenwood Co KS
	maried 23-April-1871 Kirlin Twp Clinton Co IN to
	James Alexander Kingsolver son of James & Mary (Minnick) Kingsolver
	born 10-Sept-1845 Washington Co VA 
	died 23-Aug-1926 Climax Greenwood Co Kansas. 
	Mary & James buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Climax, Kansas
	2 children:
	1.  Lillie Kingsolver b 8-Sep-1872
	2.  Bertha Kingsolver b 14-Aug-1880

John W. Miller
	born 1850 Kirlin Twp Clinton Co Indiana
	married 13-Jan-1875 Boone Co IN to
	Melissa Rardin.   Remarried to Lizzie Lannum.

Nancy Miller
	born 9-June-1851 Kirlin Twp Clinton Co Indiana 
	died 28-Jul-1922
	married 2-Dec-1868 in Frankfort Clinton Co Indiana to
	James Cornelius Ferguson son of John & Winnie Ferguson
	died 15-June-1847 
	died 31-Oct-1925 
	6 Children:
	1.  Effa Ferguson b 14-Sep-1869 d 7-Aug-1872
	2.  Mary Elizabeth Ferguson b 20-Jun-1872
	3.  Ellen Ferguson b 18-Nov-1874
	4.  Myrtle Alice Ferguson b 2-Mar-1878
	5.  Frederick Walter Ferguson b 13-Apr-1880
	6.  Dortha Ferguson b 3-Jan-1883

Minerva Miller
	born  16-Jan-1855 Clinton Co Indiana 
	died 26-Aug-1927 Washington Twp Kosciusko Co IN
	married 15-Apr-1875 Clinton Co Indiana to
	James P. Rariden son of Harrison & Margaret Ann (Hart) Rardin.  
	born 8-Jan-1847 Rush Co Indiana 
	died 8-Aug-1935 Washington Twp Kosciusko Co IN
	Buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Pierceton, IN
	6 children:
	1.  Gay Rardin Johnson b 1876
	2.  George Herbert Rardin b 1878
	3.  Orville Rariden b 1880
	4.  Blanche Rardin b 1882
	5.  Daisy Rardin Wrigley Leiter b 1887
	6.  Otto Rardin b 1889
	1880 Census Marion, Boone, Indiana Census Film T9-0266 Page 14C

	James P. RAERDEN  Self  M   M W 30  IN Farmer          --  VA
	Minerva RAERDEN   Wife  F   M W 24  IN Keeping House   OH  IN
	Gabrilla RAERDEN  Dau   F   S W  4  IN                 IN  IN
	Gazelle RAERDEN   Son   M   S W  2  IN                 IN  IN
	Orpha RAERDEN     Son   M   S W 8M  IN                 IN  IN
	Flora ROUSH       Other F   S W 17  IN Does House Work IN  IN


Bammie McKenzie 
	born 3-Sept-1866 Kirklin Twp Clinton Co IN 
	died 13-Dec-1967 Eureka KS
	married 1886 to
	Alvin Holmes son of Sam & Elizabeth Holmes
	born April-1861 Illinois 
	3 children:
	1.  Ora E. Holmes b March 1889 Kansas 
	    married 1910 in Greenwood Co Kansas to Pearl -----
	2.  Olive R. Holmes b March-1894 Kansas
	3.  Iva B. Holmes b Sept-1899 Greenwood Co Kansas

Lillie Kingsolver 
	born 8-Sep-1872 Boone Co Indiana 
	died 8-March-1976 Eureka Greenwood Co Kansas
	married 8-Feb-1892 in Greenwood Co Kansas to
	Nathan Curtis Smith

Bertha Kingsolver 
	born 14-Aug-1880 Kansas 
	died 15-Feb-1921 in Colorado
	married 14-Apr-1915 in Canon City Fremont Co Colorado to
	Robert Potter West

Mary Elizabeth Ferguson b 20-Jun-1872 dued 12-Apr-1940
	married 21-Dec-1892 to
	James Daniel Fraser

Ellen Ferguson b 18-Nov-1874 died 16-Sep-1950
	married 15-Jun-1904
	Frank Juelsen Rice

Myrtle Alice Ferguson b 2-Mar-1878 died 1-Feb-1929
	married 29-June-1898 to
	Fred Percy McCormack

Frederick Walter Ferguson b 13-Apr-1880 Kansas died 3-Nov-1931
	1) married to Ollie Robinson
	2) married 10-Mar-1901 to Alice VanDeMark
	3) married 1909 to Frnacis M. Barnes

Dortha Ferguson b 3-Jan-1883 died 7-May-1986
	married 30-)ct-1901 to
	Charles Clayton Rush


From Harl Ryder —
Here is the census record of John McCain and 
Elizabeth Young/McCain/Newberry/McCain.
1830 Census, Clinton Co, Indiana p51, line 5 Jun 1830
Matthias Young      M 50-60 [1770-1780]
[Anna Barbara]      F 50-60 [1770-1780]
[?Elizabeth]        F 20-30 [1800-1810]
[unidentified]      M  5-10 [1820-1825]
[?Ellen?]           F  0-5  [1825-1830]
1840 Census, Clinton Co IN p736(377B) line 23
John McCain         M 40-50 [1790-1800]
[Elizabeth]         F 30-40 [1800-1810]
[Ellen]             F 10-15 [1825-1830]
[Mary J]            F  5-10 [1830-1835]
[Joseph]            M  0-5  [1835-1840]
[Deborah]           F  0-5  [1835-1840]
1850 Census, Washington Twp, Clinton Co, Indiana, h110
Samuel Newberry     48 [1802] M Farmer   b. NY
Elizabeth Newberry  37 [1813] F          b. OH
Jane McCain         16 [1834] F          b. IN
Joseph McCain       14 [1836] M          b. IN
Debora A McCain     11 [1839] F          b. IN
Clarrissa McCain    10 [1840] F          b. IN

1850 Census, Kirklin Twp, Clinton Co, Indiana, f93
George Miller       29 [1821] M Farmer   b. OH
Eleanor Miller      23 [1827] F          b. IN
Mahlon Miller        5 [1845] M          b. IN
Henry E Miller       3 [1847] M          b. IN
Mary Miller          2 [1848] F          b. IN
Deborah McCain      12 [1838] F          b. IN

1860 Census, Frankfort, Clinton Co, Indiana, p82 f595
Elizabeth McCain    47 [1813] F          b. OH
Clara McCain        19 [1841] F          b. IN

1860 Census, Kirklin Twp, Clinton Co, Indiana, p331, f847
George Miller       39 [1821] M Farmer   b. OH
Ellen Miller        33 [1827] F          b. OH
Malone Miller       13 [1847] F          b. IN
Henry Miller        11 [1849] M          b. IN
Mary Miller          9 [1851] F          b. IN
Nancy Miller         7 [1853] F          b. IN
Eva Miller           5 [1855] F          b. IN
Sanford Miller    6/12 [1860] M          b. IN
John Miller         10 [1850] M          b. IN

1860 Census, Kingston City [West Cedar Rapids], 
             Linn Co, Iowa p486, f1004
Henry Heffelfinger  35 [1825] M Jom Carriage Maker  b. PA
Mary Heffelfinger   26 [1834] F          b. IN

1860 Census, Frankfort, Clinton Co IN, p82, f594:
Solomon S Burgess   26 [1834] M Printer  b. IN
Deborah A Burgess   23 [1837] F          b. IN
James B C Burgess    2 [1858] M          b. IN
Fenny Burgess     3/12 [1860] F          b. IN

1870 Census, Clinton Co, Indiana (fam 126)
Elizabeth McCain    60 [1810] F Keeping house  b. OH
John McCain         33 [1837] M          b. IN

1870 Census, Jackson Twp, Clinton Co IN, p5, f33
S S Burgess         37 [1833] M Grocer   b. IN
Deborah A Burgess   31 [1839] F          b. IN
James Burgess       12 [1858] M Clerk in Grocery    b. IN
Jacob Burgess        6 [1864] M At School b. IN
Fannie L Burgess     7 [1863] F          b. IN
William Merce       23 [1847] M Clerk
George W Cast       36 [1834] M Dentist
George Earhart      17 [1853] M At School B. IN
1870 Census, Jackson Twp, Clinton Co, Indiana 650 [p88 #605]
James Snodgrass     35 [1835] M Farmer   b. IN
Claricy Snodgrass   29 [1841] F          b. IN
William Snodgrass    4 [1866] M          b. IN
Ida Snodgrass        2 [1868] F          b. IN

1880 Census, Kirklin Twp, Clinton Co, Indiana, p199B ED15 p34
[Ancestry 34 of 36] line 30-34 hf316
Elen Miller         53 [1827] F Widow Keep house  b OH, F OH, M OH
Truman Miller       16 [1864] M Son   Home        b IN, F OH, M OH
Charles Miller       9 [1871] M Son               b IN, F OH, M OH
Mary Anderson       23 [1857] F Servant           b IN, F IN, M IN
John Richards       15 [1865] M Boarder Farm lab  b IN, F IN, M IN

1880 Census, Busseron Twp, Knox Co, Indiana hf13
Alexander Pike        52 [1828] M Farming         b. OH FbNC MbNC
Mary Jane Pike wife   44 [1836] F Keeping house   b. IN FbOH Mb OH
Joseph McCain bro/law 42 [1838] M Engeer          b. IN FbOH Mb OH

1880 Census, Frankfort, Clinton Co IN,
Deborah Burgess       39 [1841] F
Jacob Burgess         16 [1864] M
Elizabeth McCain      70 [1810] F
1880 Census, Jackson Twp, Clinton Co, Indiana p159c, h99
James Snodgrass       45 [1835] M Farmer         b IN, F KY, M KY
Clarissa Snodgrass    39 [1841] F Wife Keep hse  b IN,       M PA
William Snodgrass     14 [1866] M Son  Home      b IN, F IN, M IN
Ida May Snodgrass     12 [1868] F Dau  Sch       b IN, F IN, M IN
Mary Jane Snodgrass    9 [1871] F Dau  Sch       b IN, F IN, M IN

I have a string of census records for John’s 
brother-in-law/second-cousin Joseph McCain.

1830 Census, Carroll Co, Indiana, p230 line 1
[Ancestry 11 of 19]      June 1830
Joseph McCain  M: 0 0 0 0  0 1; F: 1 0 0 0  1
Joseph             M 30-40 [1790-1800]
[Maria]            F 20-30 [1800-1810]
                   F  0-5  [1825-1830]

1840 Census, Carroll Co, Indiana, p831(426A) line 17
[Ancestry 46 of 89]
Joseph McCain  M: 1 1 0 0 0 1; F: 2 1 0 0 0 1. Total: 7  Agr 3
  Joseph       M 30-40 [1800-1810]
  [Maria]      F 30-40 [1800-1810]
  [John]       M  5-10 [1835-1840]
  [Eliza]      F  5-10 [1835-1840]
  [male]       M  0-5  [1830-1835]
  [Magdalena]  F  0-5  [1830-1835]
  [Mary Ann]   F  0-5  [1830-1835]

1850 Census, Jackson Twp, Carroll Co, Indiana, 
p368B(736) line 11-17
[Ancestry 238 of 270]    h734 f745   9/11/1850
Joseph McCain            M 51 [1799] OH Farmer
Maria McCain             F 45 [1805] OH
John McCain              M 19 [1831] IN Farm
Eliza McCain             F 16 [1834] IN
Magdalina McCain         F 14 [1836] IN
Mary A McCain            F 10 [1840] IN
Sarah M McCain           F  6 [1844] IN

1860 Census, Jackson Twp, Carroll Co, IN, 
p105(451A) line 40 - p106(451B) line 1-7
[Ancestry 287 of 376]    hf759    7/5/1860
Joseph McCain            M 63 [1797] OH
Maria McCain             F 55 [1805] OH
John McCain              M 27 [1833] IN Farm Laborer
Eliza McCain             F 25 [1835] IN Serving
M McCain                 M 23 [1837] IN School Teaching
Anna McCain              F 20 [1840] IN Serving
Margaret McCain          F 16 [1844] IN Serving
Joseph McCain            M 24 [1836] IN Farm Laborer

1870 Census, Jackson Twp, Carroll Co, Indiana, 
             p27(534A) line 31-35
[Ancestry 27 of 33]      hf208    8/2/1870
Joseph McCain            M 72 [1798] OH Farmer
Eliza McCain             F 30 [1840] IN Keeping house
Magdalene McCain         F 29 [1841] IN
Mary McCain              F 27 [1843] IN
Margaret McCain          F 23 [1847] IN

Note that the infant girl of 1830 is no longer with 
Joseph’s family in 1840. 

 I have not located John McCain in 1830.
     There is a girl who could be Ellen with Matthias Young 
in 1830 and with John McCain in 1840; after that I can trace 
Ellen married to George Miller in 1850, 1860, and 1880.  
     In 1850 the younger children of John McCain
are all minors living with Elizabeth in her ill-fated marriage 
to Lemuel Newberry.  In 1860 daughter Clarissa is single at home
with Elizabeth, the other girls are married, and son Joseph is 
living with his legal guardian and uncle by marriage, 
Joseph in Carroll Co IN.

In 1870 Clarissa is married, and Joseph (disguised as “John”) 
has moved back with his mother Elizabeth.

In 1880 Elizabeth has moved in with her daughter Deborah in Frankfort,
while Joseph has joined his sister Mary Jane and her second husband.
John McCain was only 46 when he died.  There was no will. 

Record of Marriage
in County Of Clinton
Application Book Number H-2 page Number 22

 1. FULL NAME OF GROOM Joseph Coupland
 4. COLORWhite
 7. FATHER'S NAMEnot given
 8. MOTHER'S MAIDEN NAME not given
10. FULL HREF OF BRIDEEllen McCain Miller
11. PLACE OF RESIDENCEClinton County, Indiana
13. COLOR White
15. FATHER'S NAMEJohn McCain
16. MOTHER'S MAIDEN NAMEElizabeth Young
19. BY WHOM MARRIEDRev. Jesse Hill
20. DATE OF MARRIAGE14 March 1893

Clarissa Snodgrass, 96, was
Born on South Side of
Public Square Here

    Mrs. Clarissa, Snodgrass, 96, a Native of Frankfort, died Sunday forenoon at 11:30 o'clock at the home in Sheridan, where for many years she had lived with ther son, William Snodgress.
      Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 O'clock at the Sheridan Christian Church with Rev. Mr. Gray officiating. burial will be in Crown View Ceme- tery, near Kempton
     For much of her life Mrs. Snod- grass resided near the village of Cyclone, southeast of Frankfort and she was a regular attendant a tthe Clyclone home coming until 1936. without doubt she was the oldest persons in the City of Frank- for. in a small hosue which was situated about in the middle of the south side of the square she had was born to Mr. and Mrs. John and Elizabeth (Young) McCain. She was born on January 8, 1841. Sev- eral years ago a program was pre- pared for the Cyclone home coming and many interesting facts of her life were printed at that time. Much of this story of her remarkable life comes from that information compiled by members of the hom- coming committees.

Subject:        RE: MCCAIN history
  Date:         Mon, 3 Nov 1997 13:42:29 -0500 (EST)

Donald E. Gradeless,

My son forwarded your query about an Ellen MCCAIN.
There is some remote possibility that a connection does exist between our
family lines.

1.  Names are often repeated in the McCain/McKain family.  My grandfather's
oldest sister was Lydia ELLEN McCain.  It is possible that her middle name
was handed down from one of her great aunts.  I have no other Ellens in my
files; but I also have no siblings identified for one of my earliest known
ancestors, Peter MCKAIN 1804-94] who was born in Jefferson County, Ohio, and
died in Jackson County, Ohio.

2.  Within the past week I have received communication from two persons who
may be of some help.

     A.  Donald L. Brock, 102 Woodward Avenue, Celina, Ohio, 45822, 
has published a 206 page group sheet history of the McCains which 
includes the above mentioned Peter MCKAIN.  I have not seen his material 
so I do not know if Peter's siblings are included.  
Mr. Brock did not include an email address but his material is available
for $10.00 to cover copy and postage costs.

     B.  An email from Maggie McCain Davis [] indicates 
that her early ancestor was William MCKAIN [1800-71] whose parents settled
in Jefferson County, OH, during the late 1700s.  Her William may have been a
brother of Peter.  Your Ellen may have been a descendant of William or one of
his brothers.

It may be a long reach but either Mr. Brock or Ms. Davis might be able to
shed some light on your research.  I will keep your material in my file and
will pass along any information I uncover which may relate to Ellen

Good Hunting,
A. Earl McCain


Grandfather   James McCain died in Ohio
Uncle                 Joseph MCain died in Butler Co Ohio
father                        John McCain died by 1844 in Clinton Co IN
                              Joseph McCain b 1836/7 Indiana
Possibly John McCain aged 40-50 so born 1780's.
Another John McCain was son of John McCain. 
John married Elizabeth Young b 1820 marr 1830 Clinton Co IN

Clinton Co Indiana marriages.
14 Oct 1830  McCain John              Young, Elizabeth

21 Feb 1837  McCain Hugh B.           Douglas, Manerva
13 Jun 1837  McCan Catherine          Crill, John

 5 Sep 1839  McCain, Hannah           Rogers, Elisha

20 Sep 1840  McCain Sarah             Boyl, Joshua
 5 Mar 1840  McClain Elizabeth        Boulden, Richard N.

20 Jan 1841  McCain, Betsy            Perrine, James

24 Feb 1844  McCain Betsey            Newberry, Lemuel
 4 Jul 1844  McCain Ellen             Miller, George

Page 96:      FB 228A - Guardianship file 2 Joseph McCain Gdn of 
              John McCain Heir:  final report filed 27 Jan 1862 
              (CR C:270, cr B:200).  The guardian charged himself
              with amount received from the estate of James McCain
              (grandfather of said ward who died in OH.)
              RECEIPTS of the WARDS:
              1.  Mary Jane Heffelfinger, d/o John McCain, dec'd
                  Henry Heffelfinger (filed 1 Oct 1856)
              2.  Tain? McCain, heir filed 24 Mar 1856
              3.  M. J. McCain, d/o dec'd filed 2 Oct 1852.
              4.  Joseph McCain, heir filed 8 Aug 1857
              5.  Solomon S. Burgess, heir filed 10 Nov 1856
              6.  Deborah A. Burgess, heir filed 13 Apr 1857
              7.  Claris McKan portion of her uncle Joseph McKan
                  Estate in Butler Co OH filed 7 Sep 1858
              8.  Claris McCain - received money (by the hands
                  of my mother)
              9,  Clarisa McCain Rec'd money being a note on 
                  David Young filed 25 Jan 1862

On the settlement of the estate of John G. McCain
Page 141:     File 11:  B. C. McCoy Gdn of Louisa McCain & B.
              Franklin McCain minor heirs of John G. McCain, Dec'd;
              final report filed 13 Apr 1866 (CR F;42).  The  
              children owned land in Vernon Co., WI.

If anything here looks familiar I am in need of all the help I can get.
I ran out of time to search census records but John had will recorded. 
Don't know if it was John or John Jr.

 James Snodgrass b 24-Jan-1835 Hancock Co IN marr. 
 27-April-1865 to Clarissa McCain.  Clarissa McCain
 born in Frankfort IN 8-Jan-1841 daughter of John &
 Elizabeth (Young) McCain of Ohio came to Frankfort
 & operated 1st General Store in Frankfort.  James
 Snodgrass extensive Civil War record.  6 Children:
      1.  William Snodgrass born 28-April-1866
      2.  Ida May Snodgrass born 24-Aoril-1868 marr to
          Thomas Sims of Indianapolis.  3 children:
              1.  J. Verne Sims
              2.  Max Sims
              3.  James T. Sims
      3.  Mary J. Snodgrass born 16-July-1870 wife of
          Elijah M. Walker, Marion Twp. 5 children:
              1.  Ruth A. Walker born 128-Aug-1896
              2.  Rena E. Walker born 4-Aug-1899
              3.  Clara C. Walker 25-Aug-1902
              4.  James W. Walker born 1-May-1904
              5.  Ida Beatrice Walker born 8-Feb-1906
      4.  Frederick Snodgrass b 21-Mar-1873 died age 3
      5.  John McCain Snodgrass b 2-July-1876 d infant
      6.  Fannie Snodgrass born 4-Nov-1880 married
          Anderson Jones, Delaware Co IN.  2 children:
              1.  Dorothy May Jones born 21-April-1907
              2.  Alma L. Jones born 7-Feb-1910


      William C. Hill born VA to Bartholomew Co. IN with father,
      1850 moved to Morristown, Shelby Co. IN died 1855. Marr in 
----> Shelby Co. IN to Emeline McCain (daughter of Absalom and
---->   Mary (Winterowd) McCain). Emeline died 18-Oct-1854.  
      4 children.
      1.  Peter C. Hill, Frankfort, IN
      2.  Emeline Hill, deceased
      3.  David T. Hill parents died when he was an infant and was 
---->     raised by grandmother Mary McCain.  Remained in Shelby
          County until Feb-1877 moved to Washington Twp. Clinton
          Co. IN.  Married (1) 16-Oct-1875 Mary Phillipp.
          Mary died 15-Apr-1878.
          1.  William C. Hill died 16-Feb-1879.
          Married (2) 20-Oct-1881 Mary's sister: Alloda Phillipp.
      4.  child died unnamed.


1830 Census Clinton County Indiana
      McCAIN John             40-50           736


Apparently 2 different John McCain's.  
	1841 John Sr. dead.  
	Appears John Jr. was dead by 1844.


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        Date:  Mon, 3 Nov 1997 11:28:28 EST
        From:  McCain5762
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Ms Davis,

My son, Matt, forwarded your email to me.

You may be the link I have been searching for the past two decades!

My research has been stymied at a 1792 marriage date for Peter MCKAIN
and Ann HALL in Allegheny County, MD.  They began their family in MD 
and appeared there on the 1800 MD census.  Within a few years they 
moved to Jefferson County, OH, where their son Peter was born in 1804.
About ten years later they relocated to Jackson County, OH.

I have not been able to make any connections for the elder Peter but 
it appears that there may be a relationship with your ancestor, William.  
Is it possible that Peter and your William were brothers?  

I have no records to indicate the names of other children born to the 
marriage of Peter MCKAIN/Ann HALL.  I do have bits and pieces of other
MCKAINS who lived in Jefferson County, OH, during the late 1790s and 
early 1800s, but have no idea how they fit with my line.

William was a common name which has appeared in nearly every generation 
of my family up to the present time.

Last week I received a letter from Donald Brock in Celina, OH, who has 
a 206 page group sheet history of the family in Ohio.  Hopefully, there
may be some clues it it which will aid our search.

I would be happy to share any information which I have in my files.  
I look forward to corresponding with you.

Good Hunting,
A. Earl McCain
Subject: Re: Vertical Files at the Frankfurt Library
   Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 16:55:22 -0500
   From: "David C. Crail"
     To: "Donald E. Gradeless" <>

Dear Donald,
        I copied six pages of the McCain file today. The rest of the file
is a petition for divorce by Elizabeth Newberry vs. Samuel Newberry in
1842. Didn't know if this pertained to your search, so I didn't copy it. It
is 5 pages.
        If you determine that Solomon Miller is related to your George, I
am pretty sure there is a bio of him (Solomon) in one of our books.
        I don't know any researchers in Boone Co. If you send me what you
want looked up, I can keep it with my stuff and look for it next time I go
to Lebanon. However, I can't guarantee how quickly that would be.  
        My address is 5830 W. County Rd. 550N, Mulberry, IN  46058-9779.
Marcia Crail
Clinton Co, IN
Researching Hays, Stephenson, McCoy, Graham, Cole, Foote, 
Agnew, Jordan, Kirby, Conkright, Crail, Bennett, Schultz, Blair 

Subject:         Re: Help on McCain of Ohio
  Date:         Thu, 6 Nov 1997 18:57:07 -0500 (EST)
  From:         McCain5762@aolcom

Years ago I gleaned some information about the McCain family who settled in
and around Cincinnati.  Among them was a James MCCAIN, born abt. 1775 in the
Basking Ridge, NJ, area.  The following was extracted from that document:

1.  Immigrants [1689 to Perth Amboy, NJ]:  
                Donald MacCain  and his brother, O'Brian

2.  Immigrant [1738 to Perth Amboy, NJ]:
                a. James MacCain [1695-1754], 
                                  will Somerset Co. NJ, 00176, PB 1754

3.  Descendants of James MacCain [1695-1754]:
                b. James m. Nancy Ann ______.  Their children:
                        c. James (living in Butler Co. OH, 1802)
                        c. William
                        c. Daniel
                        c. Jane m. _____ MCEOWEN
                        c. Nellie/Eleanor
                b. Charles
                b. John [d. 1815] m. Elizabeth LOGAN 
                        (lived near Lebanon, OH, 1797)
                        Their children:
                        c. Richard (Butler Co., OH, 1815)
                        c. John (Cincinnati, 1801, Warren Co. 1815)
                                d. Soloman
                        c. Daniel m. Margaret (remained in NJ)
                        c. Robert (moved to Ohio)
                        c. William m. Jane (moved to Ohio)
                                d. Joseph (b. 2 Feb 1798, Cincinnati, OH)
                                d. Harvey.  His son:
                                        e. William.  His daughters:
                                                f. Rae
                                                f. Margaret
                        c. James (moved to Ohio)
                        c. Mary m. _____CUMMINS (Warren Co. OH, 1815)
                        c. Elizabeth
                b. Bryan
                b. Richard
                b. Hugh
                b. Daniel
                b. William
                b. Catherine
                b. Nellie
                b. Susannah m. _____MCCONNELL

These notes are rather sketchy but may provide some clues for you.  There
seem to be a large number of same/similar names and locations for your post
of Tuesday, Nov 4.  I will continue to search for more details in my file.

Good Hunting,
A. Earl McCain
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         Name             Key Year  Src    Book Page    Relevant             Co
------------------------- --- ----- ------ ---- ----- ---------------------- --
Cain, ------             |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |399  |Bethel Township       |Mi
Cain, ------             |Map|1894 |Atlas |414 |006  |Staunton Twp          |Mi
Cain, Abner              |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |375  |Miami Twp             |Gr
Cain, Agnes M. Mrs.      |D  |1962 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age68   B:------      |Mi
Cain, Albert             |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |129A |Greenville Twp        |Dk
Cain, Allen              |D  |1948 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age78   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, Alonza Lloyd       |D  |1949 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age77   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, Amanda J.          |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |258A |Washington Twp.       |Sh
Cain, Amelia             |M  |1807 |Marr  |Lic#|0136 |Burns, Thomas P.      |Wr
Cain, Ann M.             |Wr |1864 |Will  |003 |073  |                      |Mi
Cain, Anna Mrs.          |D  |1967 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age84   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, Annie              |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |467D |Union Twp             |Ch
Cain, Asher              |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |342  |Springfield Township  |Ha
Cain, Benjamin           |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |093C |Franklin Twp          |Dk
Cain, Benjamin T.        |B  |     |GvSt  |Cem#|2005 |D:     GAR            |Dk
Cain, Benjamin T.        |B  |1840 |GvSt  |Cem#|2005 |D:1916 GAR            |Dk
Cain, Benjamin T.        |GI |1861 |GvSt  |Cem#|2005 |GAR                   |Dk
Cain, Bernard G.         |D  |1935 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age10   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, Bernard L.         |D  |1967 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age66   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, Bertha             |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |300D |Richland Twp          |Dk
Cain, Betsey A.          |M  |1842 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Roderick, Daniel      |Mi
Cain, Calie              |M  |1885 |Marr  |    |     |Wead, Andrew W.       |Sh
Cain, Caroline           |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |258A |Washington Twp.       |Sh
Cain, Carry              |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |087C |Franklin Twp          |Dk
Cain, Ceclia             |D  |1923 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age64   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, Charles            |M  |1849 |Marr  |    |     |Cress, Elizabeth      |Mt
Cain, Charles            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |039D |Allen Twp             |Dk
Cain, Cornelius          |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |346  |Jackson Twp           |Mt
Cain, D.                 |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |212  |Sugar Creek Township  |Gr
Cain, Daniel             |M  |1814 |Marr  |    |     |Knight, Sarah         |Gr
Cain, Daniel             |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |144  |Sugar Creek Township  |Gr
Cain, Daniel             |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |327  |SugarCreek Twp        |Gr
Cain, Daniel             |es |1870 |ProbCt|Case|04907|Estate                |Mi
Cain, Daniel             |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |188  |Bath                  |Gr
Cain, David              |M  |1848 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Bowers, Sarah         |Mi
Cain, David              |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |021a |Staunton Twp          |Mi
Cain, David              |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |267  |Washington Twp        |Sh
Cain, David              |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |271  |Washington Twp        |Sh
Cain, David              |M  |1855 |Marr  |    |     |Wilson, Catherine     |Sh
Cain, David              |Xr |1857 |Deeds |32  |291  |Staunton Twp.         |Mi
Cain, David              |M  |1867 |Marr  |    |     |Enyart, Elizabeth A.  |Sh
Cain, David              |es |1877 |ProbCt|Case|06123|Estate                |Mi
Cain, David              |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |254A |Washington Twp.       |Sh
Cain, David              |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |393C |Franklin              |Mr
Cain, Edmund R.          |D  |1923 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age59   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, Edward A.          |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |345A |Springfield Ward 5    |Ck
Cain, Edwin              |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |214  |Town of Hamilton      |Bu
Cain, Eli, Sarah Ann     |Xt |1844 |Deed  |27  |104  |Elizabeth Twp         |Mi
Cain, Eliza              |M  |1842 |Marr  |    |     |Sneavely, John        |Sh
Cain, Elizabeth          |M  |1827 |Marr  |Lic#|2657 |Welsh, Joseph D.      |Wr
Cain, Elizabeth          |M  |1827 |Marr  |Lic#|2657 |Welsh, Joseph D.      |Wr
Cain, Elizabeth          |M  |1831 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Tremain, Roswell      |Mi
Cain, Elizabeth          |M  |1835 |Marr  |Lic#|4545 |Smith, James          |Wr
Cain, Elizabeth          |M  |1836 |Marr  |    |     |Jerrome, Horatio      |Sh
Cain, Elizabeth          |M  |1839 |Marr  |    |     |Steinbarger, Gabriel  |Mr
Cain, Emaniel            |B  |1836 |GvSt  |Cem#|2005 |D:1891                |Dk
Cain, Emily              |M  |1869 |Marr  |Lic#|11522|Seapley, William      |Mi
Cain, Emma*              |M  |1891 |      |Lic#|19222|Heffner, Isaac E.     |Mi
Cain, Etta               |M  |1895 |      |Lic#|20671|Lamprecht, August     |Mi
Cain, Frances            |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |222  |Dayton ward 4         |Mt
Cain, Fred N.            |D  |1982 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age74   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, Frederick H.       |M  |1866 |Marr  |    |     |Enyart, Mary          |Sh
Cain, G.W.               |Map|1894 |Atlas |414 |006  |Bethel Twp            |Mi
Cain, George             |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |096  |Sugar Twp             |Gr
Cain, George             |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |253C |Washington Twp.       |Sh
Cain, George E.          |M  |1896 |      |Lic#|20968|Funderburg, Alma      |Mi
Cain, H.H.               |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |27   |Washington Twp        |Sh
Cain, H.J.               |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |253C |Washington Twp.       |Sh
Cain, H.M.               |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |214  |Town of Hamilton      |Bu
Cain, Hannah             |M  |1832 |Marr  |Lic#|3332 |Linton, Samuel        |Wr
Cain, Hardy              |fc |1860 |Cen   |    |     |                      |Dk
Cain, Henry              |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |088A |Franklin Twp          |Dk
Cain, Henry              |D  |1916 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age76   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, Henry          (BK)|M  |1883 |Marr  |Lic#|15914|Green, Celia          |Mi
Cain, Henry H.           |D  |1944 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age55   B:------      |Mi
Cain, Henry J.           |M  |1845 |Marr  |    |     |Stoner, Mary          |Sh
Cain, Henry K.           |M  |1853 |Marr  |Lic#|---- |Cook, Emily S.        |Wr
Cain, Hester             |M  |1819 |Marr  |Lic#|1326 |Burns, James          |Wr
Cain, Hester             |M  |1841 |Marr  |    |     |Cordell, George       |Sh
Cain, Hinburs            |M  |1832 |Marr  |    |     |Smith, Esther         |Dk
Cain, Homer C.           |D  |1949 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age57   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, Hyet               |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |343  |Jackson Twp           |Mt
Cain, Isabella           |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |055  |Cincinnati Ward 2     |Ha
Cain, J.                 |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |226  |Hamilton Township     |Wr
Cain, J.                 |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |204  |Town of Springboro    |Wr
Cain, J.A.               |Map|1894 |Atlas |414 |006  |Concord Twp           |Mi
Cain, J.C.               |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |253D |Washington Twp.       |Sh
Cain, J.H.               |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |237  |Town of Lebanon       |Wr
Cain, Jacob              |M  |1841 |Marr  |    |     |Weymer, Pheby A.      |Sh
Cain, Jacob              |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |270  |Washington Twp        |Sh
Cain, Jacob              |M  |1869 |Marr  |Lic#|11303|Russel, Margaret      |Mi
Cain, Jacob              |M  |1870 |Marr  |    |     |Staley, Lucinda Mrs.  |Sh
Cain, Jacob              |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |093A |Concord Twp.          |Mi
Cain, Jacob              |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |254A |Washington Twp.       |Sh
Cain, James              |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |094  |Madison Twp           |Ck
Cain, James              |ps |1830 |NewsL |602 |10-34|late Robt.McClure sale|Sh
Cain, James              |M  |1838 |Marr  |    |     |Snavely, Nancy        |Sh
Cain, James              |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |034  |Xenia Creek Twp       |Gr
Cain, James              |M  |1869 |Marr  |Lic#|11455|Snavely, Relie        |Mi
Cain, James              |M  |1896 |      |Lic#|20915|Wallick, Hattie       |Mi
Cain, James              |D  |1901 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age56   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, James              |D  |1967 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age60   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, James H.           |M  |1889 |Marr  |Lic#|18225|Brown, Ida C.         |Mi
Cain, James H.           |D  |1894 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age21   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, James M.           |M  |1867 |Marr  |    |     |Marshall, Cynthia E.  |Sh
Cain, James P.           |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |254B |Washington Twp.       |Sh
Cain, Jane               |B  |1838 |GvSt  |Cem#|2005 |D:1916                |Dk
Cain, Jane               |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |102  |Wayne Township        |Bu
Cain, Jane               |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |045  |Xenia Creek Twp       |Gr
Cain, Jenney             |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |206B |Springfield Twp       |Ck
Cain, Jeremiah           |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |382A |Urbana Twp            |Ch
Cain, John               |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |170  |Springfield Township  |Ha
Cain, John               |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |297  |Town of Xenia         |Gr
Cain, John               |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |261  |Town of Xenia         |Gr
Cain, John               |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |034  |Xenia Creek Twp       |Gr
Cain, John               |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |222  |Dayton ward 4         |Mt
Cain, John               |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |262  |Dayton ward 6         |Mt
Cain, John               |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |298  |Harrison Twp          |Mt
Cain, John               |M  |1855 |Marr  |    |     |Speer, Jane           |Sh
Cain, John               |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |086B |Franklin Twp          |Dk
Cain, John A.            |M  |1863 |Marr  |    |     |Marshall, Mary A.     |Sh
Cain, John B.            |M  |1831 |Marr  |Lic#|2370 |Boardman, Frances     |Wr
Cain, John B.            |M  |1845 |Marr  |Lic#|7270 |Mulford, Mary         |Wr
Cain, John B.            |M  |1860 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Bazzell, Paticens     |Mi
Cain, John C.            |Hst|     |Hist  |403 |Page:|2-597                 |Mt
Cain, John C.            |M  |1845 |Marr  |    |     |Miller, Louisa B.     |Mt
Cain, John C.            |M  |1845 |Marr  |    |     |Miller, Louisa B.     |Mt
Cain, John E.            |D  |1903 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age23   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, John H.            |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |276  |Town of Waynesville   |Wr
Cain, John H.            |B  |1839 |GvSt  |Cem#|2005 |D:1920                |Dk
Cain, John H.            |M  |1857 |Marr  |001 |492  |Loy, Susan            |Pr
Cain, John R.            |M  |1860 |Marr  |Lic#|08547|Bazzell, Patricia     |Mi
Cain, Joseph R.          |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |364C |Center                |Mr
Cain, L.                 |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |236  |Town of Lebanon       |Wr
Cain, L.                 |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |036  |Xenia Creek Twp       |Gr
Cain, Lemuel G.          |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |211  |Dayton ward 4         |Mt
Cain, Louisa             |M  |1872 |Marr  |    |     |Holida, Francis       |Sh
Cain, Lydia A.           |M  |1867 |Marr  |    |     |Dunn, John H.         |Sh
Cain, M. Maudie          |D  |1891 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age10   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, Mahala             |M  |1833 |Marr  |    |     |Reed, Joseph T.       |Mt
Cain, Margaret           |M  |1842 |Marr  |001 |017  |Owens, James B.       |Pr
Cain, Margaret           |M  |1845 |Marr  |    |     |Weaver, George        |Mt
Cain, Margaret           |M  |1846 |Marr  |    |     |Snavely, Washington   |Sh
Cain, Margaret           |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |035  |Xenia Creek Twp       |Gr
Cain, Margaret           |M  |1864 |Marr  |    |     |Barnes, James         |Ck
Cain, Margaret Mrs.      |D  |1946 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age68   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, Maria O.           |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |241  |Town of Eaton         |Pr
Cain, Martha Jane        |M  |1845 |Marr  |    |     |Hudson, Robert        |Mt
Cain, Martin             |M  |1855 |Marr  |001 |425  |Fitzgerald, Anna      |Pr
Cain, Mary               |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |144  |Sugar Creek Township  |Gr
Cain, Mary               |M  |1839 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Castle, Abraham       |Mi
Cain, Mary               |M  |1841 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Yoder, Amos           |Mi
Cain, Mary               |M  |1841 |Marr  |    |     |Sneavly, Washington   |Sh
Cain, Mary               |M  |1846 |Marr  |    |     |Bowman, Samuel        |Mt
Cain, Mary               |M  |1846 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Leffel, Jacob         |Mi
Cain, Mary               |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |155b |Union Twp             |Mi
Cain, Mary (2)           |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |432B |Jackson Twp           |Dk
Cain, Mary Ann           |Xt |1847 |Deed  |25  |239  |Piqua Lot 571         |Mi
Cain, Mattie             |M  |1882 |Marr  |    |     |Snyder, Isaac B.      |Sh
Cain, Mattie J.          |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |259D |Washington Twp.       |Sh
Cain, Melissa A.         |M  |1873 |Marr  |    |     |Marshall, Frederick S.|Sh
Cain, Michal             |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |319  |Whitewater Township   |Ha
Cain, Mildred A.         |M  |1894 |      |Lic#|20143|Brown, Jacob F.       |Mi
Cain, Minerva Jane       |M  |1848 |Marr  |    |     |Kingore, James H.     |Ck
Cain, Myrtle Mrs.        |D  |1908 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age22   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, Nancy              |M  |1848 |Marr  |    |WPA  |McCurdy, Robert       |Mi
Cain, Nancy E.           |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |258A |Washington Twp.       |Sh
Cain, Patrick            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |420A |Jackson Twp           |Dk
Cain, Phebe Jane         |M  |1853 |Marr  |Lic#|---- |Norton, Eben          |Wr
Cain, Richard            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |197B |Adams Twp             |Ch
Cain, Robert             |M  |1823 |Marr  |    |     |Baldwin, Elizabeth    |Dk
Cain, Robert             |cc |1825 |Hist  |404 |     |                      |Dk
Cain, Robert             |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |036  |Xenia Creek Twp       |Gr
Cain, Rosa B.            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |024B |Adams Twp             |Dk
Cain, Rosa Bell          |M  |1884 |Marr  |Lic#|16378|Young, Frank          |Mi
Cain, Rosettii           |D  |1898 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age21   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, S.B.               |Hst|     |Hist  |403 |Page:|2-593                 |Mt
Cain, Samuel             |M  |1812 |Marr  |    |     |Linsey, Jane          |Gr
Cain, Samuel             |M  |1820 |Marr  |Lic#|1479 |Church, Hannah        |Wr
Cain, Samuel             |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |086  |Liberty Twp           |Bu
Cain, Samuel             |M  |1847 |Marr  |    |     |Tullus, Frances Mrs.  |Mr
Cain, Samuel W.          |D  |1949 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age66   B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, Samuel, G.         |M  |1844 |Marr  |    |     |Boyer, Frances        |Mt
Cain, Sarah              |M  |1830 |Marr  |001 |196  |Davis, Moses          |Pr
Cain, Sarah              |M  |1835 |Marr  |Lic#|4470 |Compton, Samuel J.    |Wr
Cain, Sarah B.           |M  |1882 |Marr  |Lic#|15642|Gibboney, John        |Mi
Cain, Sarah Catharine    |M  |1842 |Marr  |    |     |Hunt, Levi            |Mt
Cain, Smith              |D  |1891 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age5    B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, Stacy B.           |Hst|     |Hist  |403 |Page:|2-597                 |Mt
Cain, Stacy B.           |M  |1841 |Marr  |    |     |Earp, Sarah           |Mt
Cain, Susan              |B  |     |GvSt  |Cem#|2005 |D:     w/John H.      |Dk
Cain, Susan              |M  |1850 |Marr  |    |     |Teeter, David         |Mt
Cain, Sylvia             |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |008  |Xenia Creek Twp       |Gr
Cain, Tomy               |D  |1905 |CemRec|Cem#|0104a|age Infant            |Mi
Cain, U.F.               |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |380  |Ross Twp              |Gr
Cain, W.                 |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |261  |Town of Xenia         |Gr
Cain, Wesly              |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |034  |Xenia Creek Twp       |Gr
Cain, William            |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |019  |Bethel Township       |Ck
Cain, William            |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |141  |Pike Twp              |Ck
Cain, William            |M  |1839 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Lefever, Hannah       |Mi
Cain, William            |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |246  |Centre Twp.           |Mr
Cain, William            |fc |1860 |Cen   |    |     |                      |Dk
Cain, William            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |426  |Xenia                 |Gr
Cain, William            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |039D |Allen Twp             |Dk
Cain, William            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |125C |Madison Twp           |Ck
Cain, William            |D  |1909 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age4    B:Ohio        |Mi
Cain, William H.         |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |298  |Harrison Twp          |Mt
Cain, William H.         |hc |1860 |ProbCt|Case|03416|Habeas Corpus         |Mi
Cain, William,Hannah     |Xt |1840 |Deed  |31  |019  |Staunton Twp          |Mi
Cainaan, Anna B.         |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |424  |Xenia                 |Gr
Cainaan, George          |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |426  |Xenia                 |Gr
Cainaan, Jennie          |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |424  |Xenia                 |Gr
Caine, Isabel            |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |235  |Fairfield Township    |Bu
Caine, Jacob             |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |324  |Jackson Twp           |Pr
Caine, Mary              |M  |1824 |Marr  |Lic#|2090 |Murphy, Stephen       |Wr
Caine, Mary Ann          |M  |1842 |Marr  |Lic#|5933 |Foss, Ephraim         |Wr
Caine, Peter             |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |237  |Fairfield Township    |Bu
Caine, Sarah             |M  |1812 |Marr  |Lic#|0551 |Peterson, William     |Wr
Caine, William H.        |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |234  |Fairfield Township    |Bu
Caines, Hugh             |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |015b |Elizabeth Twp         |Mi
Cains, John D.           |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |338  |Springfield Township  |Ha
Cains, Owen              |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |083  |Town of Rossville     |Bu
Cains, Samuel A.         |M  |1855 |Marr  |Lic#|07031|Deweese, Melissa      |Mi
Cains, W.C.              |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |221  |Bath Township         |Gr

Cane, Ann                |M  |---- |Marr  |    |WPA  |Danes, Samuel         |Mi
Cane, Anna               |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |278A |Springfield Ward 2    |Ck
Cane, B.C.               |Hst|     |Hist  |403 |Page:|2-658                 |Mt
Cane, Betsey C.          |M  |1869 |Marr  |    |     |Russell, John F.      |Sh
Cane, Caroline           |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |330C |Staunton Twp.         |Mi
Cane, Christian          |M  |1808 |Marr  |    |     |Sanders, John         |Gr
Cane, Cornelius          |M  |1858 |Marr  |    |     |Sullivan, Catharine   |Ck
Cane, David              |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |295  |Colerain Twp          |Ha
Cane, Delila             |M  |1814 |Marr  |Lic#|0699 |Burns, Robert         |Wr
Cane, Dennis             |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |139  |Washington Township   |Mt
Cane, Elizabeth          |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |338b |Washington Twp        |Mi
Cane, J.                 |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |244  |Deerfield Township    |Wr
Cane, J.                 |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |232  |Turtle Creek Township |Wr
Cane, Jacob              |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |139  |Washington Township   |Mt
Cane, James              |M  |1819 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Thompson, Sarah       |Mi
Cane, James              |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |127  |City of Dayton        |Mt
Cane, Jane               |M  |1840 |Marr  |001 |     |Purse, Charles        |Pr
Cane, John               |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |134  |Cincinnatti Ward 4    |Ha
Cane, John               |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |192  |Hamilton Twp          |Wr
Cane, Joseph             |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |146  |Xenia Township        |Gr
Cane, Lucus          (1) |M  |1823 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Moffitt, Martha       |Mi
Cane, Lucus          (2) |M  |1824 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Moffitt, Martha       |Mi
Cane, Lydia              |M  |1833 |Marr  |    |     |Barnett, James H.     |Sh
Cane, Manda Jane         |M  |1882 |Marr  |    |     |Wilson, George H.     |Sh
Cane, Margaret           |M  |1872 |Marr  |    |     |Stephens, Andrew      |Sh
Cane, Mary A.            |M  |1866 |Marr  |    |     |Farley, Philip        |Sh
Cane, Michael            |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |089  |Lanier Twp            |Pr
Cane, Michael            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |341A |Union Twp.            |Mi
Cane, Robert             |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |352  |Springfield Township  |Ha
Cane, Ronert             |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |010  |Washington Twp        |Dk
Cane, Sarah              |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |206  |Wayne Township        |Wr
Cane, Sarah              |M  |1831 |Marr  |    |     |Cecil, Shelby         |Sh
Cane, Sarah              |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |326C |Staunton Twp.         |Mi
Cane, Sophia             |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |426  |Union Township        |Mi
Cane, W.                 |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |244  |Deerfield Township    |Wr
Cane, William            |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |474  |Mill Creek Township   |Ha
Cane, William            |M  |1860 |Marr  |    |     |Julan, Lucinda        |Sh
Cane, William            |M  |1869 |Marr  |    |     |Julan, Lucinda        |Sh
Cane, William            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |058A |Cynthian Twp.         |Sh

Kain, Annie E.           |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |268A |Springfield Ward 2    |Ck
Kain, Delmer E.          |D  |1974 |CemRec|Cem#|0104a|age 66 yrs            |Mi
Kain, Edmund             |tx |1818 |Tax   |407 |53-55|                      |Ck
Kain, Elizabeth          |M  |1819 |Marr  |Lic#|1419 |Bundy, John P.        |Wr
Kain, Elizabeth          |M  |1825 |Marr  |Lic#|2325 |Penquite, Isaac F.    |Wr
Kain, Eunice             |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |449A |Urbana Twp            |Ch
Kain, George             |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |228  |Town of Palmyra       |Pr
Kain, George             |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |792A |VanBuren Twp          |Mt
Kain, Isaac              |M  |1850 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Evans, Rebecca        |Mi
Kain, J.H.               |M  |1886 |Marr  |Lic#|17175|Cox, Viola            |Mi
Kain, J.H.               |M  |1886 |Marr  |    |     |Cox, Viola            |Sh
Kain, James              |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |095  |Cincinnati Ward 4     |Ha
Kain, James              |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |136  |Liberty Township      |Bu
Kain, James              |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |233  |Town of Eaton         |Pr
Kain, James              |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |314  |Liberty Township      |Bu
Kain, James              |M  |1864 |Marr  |    |     |McCree, Ann           |Ck
Kain, James              |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |445A |Urbana Twp            |Ch
Kain, Jefferson          |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |396  |Silver Creek Twp      |Gr
Kain, Jennie             |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |257  |Cedarville            |Gr
Kain, John               |tx |1810 |Tax   |407 |051  |                      |Ch
Kain, John O.            |li |1830 |Marr  |A   |     |1st Lic MG Montg.Co   |Pr
Kain, John O.            |li |1831 |Marr  |A   |     |MG  Church Of Crist   |Pr
Kain, Patrick            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |440C |Urbana Twp            |Ch
Kain, Rachel             |M  |1835 |Marr  |    |     |Ross, Robert E.       |Mt
Kain, Robert             |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |315  |Washington Twp        |Wr
Kain, Robert             |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |069B |Dayton/Ward 1         |Mt
Kain, Samuel             |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |136  |Liberty Township      |Bu
Kain, Samuel             |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |155  |Cincinnati Ward 4     |Ha
Kain, Sarah              |M  |1856 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Hurt, John            |Mi
Kain, Temperance         |M  |1814 |Marr  |    |     |Bingaman, Lewis       |Gr
Kain, Viola              |D  |1916 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age51   B:Ohio        |Mi
Kain, William            |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |136  |Cincinnati Ward 5     |Ha
Kaine, Henry             |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |612D |National Military Home|Mt
Kaine, Margaret          |M  |1848 |Marr  |    |     |Bull, George          |Ck
Kaine, William H.        |M  |1869 |Marr  |    |     |Hicks, Hattie         |Sh

Kane, Catharine          |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |163  |Springfield Township  |Ck
Kane, Eleanor            |M  |1856 |Marr  |    |     |Madden, Patrick       |Ck
Kane, Elizabeth          |M  |1853 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Johnston, James       |Mi
Kane, Ella               |M  |1886 |Marr  |Lic#|16909|Foster, Thomas J. (MD)|Mi
Kane, Jacob              |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |105  |Bethel Township       |Ck
Kane, Jacob O.           |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |686  |Town of Waynesville   |Wr
Kane, Jesse              |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |046  |Town of Oxford        |Bu
Kane, John               |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |268  |Springfield Twp       |Ha
Kane, John               |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |109  |Bethel Township       |Ck
Kane, John               |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |115  |Bethel Township       |Ck
Kane, John               |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |595B |National Military Home|Mt
Kane, John H.            |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |128  |Cincinnati Ward 3     |Ha
Kane, John M.            |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |137  |Town of New Carlisle  |Ck
Kane, John W.            |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |074  |Cincinnati Ward 3     |Ha
Kane, Joseph             |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |138  |Cincinnati Ward 4     |Ha
Kane, Margaret           |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |115  |Bethel Township       |Ck
Kane, Mary               |M  |1858 |Marr  |    |     |Boyd, Henry           |Ck
Kane, Mary           (BK)|M  |1890 |Marr  |Lic#|18386|Wells, Henry        BK|Mi
Kane, Maurice W.         |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |593A |National Military Home|Mt
Kane, Patrick            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |064B |Green Twp             |Ck
Kane, Rober              |M  |1816 |Marr  |Lic#|0851 |Wilson, Sarah         |Wr
Kane, Robert             |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |196  |Town of Ravenna       |Pr
Kane, Sarah              |M  |1825 |Marr  |    |     |Capp, Peter           |Mt
Kane, Sarah              |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |245  |Cincinnati Ward 6     |Ha
Kane, Sarah              |M  |1856 |Marr  |Lic#|07540|Hart, John            |Mi
Kane, Sarah J.           |M  |1863 |Marr  |    |     |Landers, John B.      |Sh
Kane, Sarah J.           |M  |1863 |Marr  |    |     |Landes, John B.       |Sh
Kane, Sarah W.           |M  |1849 |Marr  |    |     |Moses, William P.     |Ck
Kane, Thomas             |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |405D |Wayne Twp             |Dk
Kane, William            |M  |1860 |Marr  |    |     |Julan, Lucinda        |Sh
Kane, William H.         |M  |1852 |Marr  |    |     |Goings, Lavina        |Sh
Kane, William H.         |M  |1856 |Marr  |    |     |Clark, Mary Ann       |Sh
Kane, William H.         |M  |1869 |Marr  |    |     |Hicks, Hattie         |Sh

McCain, Abner            |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |073  |Gratis Twp            |Pr
McCain, Alexander        |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |034  |Morgan Twp            |Bu
McCain, Amra             |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |059  |Somers Twp            |Pr
McCain, Ann              |M  |1822 |Marr  |    |     |Nigh, Jacob           |Sh
McCain, Ann              |M  |1827 |Marr  |    |     |Trimmings, Gerrad     |Mt
McCain, Ann              |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |242  |Turtle Creek Twp      |Wr
McCain, Ann              |M  |1839 |Marr  |001 |372  |Ballard, Absalon      |Pr
McCain, Bell P.          |M  |1857 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Thomas, Aaron F.      |Mi
McCain, Benjamin         |D  |1868 |CemRec|Cem#|0104a|                      |Mi
McCain, Catharin         |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |006  |City of Hamilton      |Bu
McCain, Catherine        |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |246D |Dayton/Ward 6         |Mt
McCain, Chas.            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |203A |Dayton/Ward 5         |Mt
McCain, Clarissa         |M  |1832 |Marr  |Lic#|4102 |Dunham, Archelaus     |Wr
McCain, Daniel           |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |034  |Morgan Twp            |Bu
McCain, Daniel           |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |165  |Morgan Twp            |Bu
McCain, Daniel           |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |043  |Town of Trenton       |Bu
McCain, Daniel           |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |268  |Fairfield Township    |Bu
McCain, David            |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |062  |Somers Twp            |Pr
McCain, David D.         |M  |1837 |Marr  |Lic#|4867 |Lefever, Mary         |Wr
Mccain, Elenor           |M  |1821 |Marr  |    |     |Ray, Philip           |Bu
McCain, Eliza            |M  |1818 |Marr  |Lic#|1337 |Tingle, Samuel A.     |Wr
McCain, Elizabeth        |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |235  |Fairfield Township    |Bu
McCain, Elizabeth        |M  |1853 |Marr  |Lic#|---- |Marsh, William        |Wr
McCain, Elizabeth        |Xt |1854 |Deeds |30  |005  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, Elizabeth Jane   |M  |1839 |Marr  |Lic#|5279 |Brown, Daniel         |Wr
McCain, Elizabeth Jane   |M  |1846 |Marr  |001 |108  |Cale, James G.        |Pr
McCain, Francis          |M  |1831 |Marr  |Lic#|2268 |Brown, Mary Ann       |Wr
McCain, Frank            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |476C |Liberty               |Mr
McCain, George           |Hst|     |Hist  |403 |Page:|2-741,743             |Mt
McCain, James            |tx |1819 |Tax   |    |     |                      |Sh
McCain, James            |M  |1823 |Marr  |    |     |Earnest, Sarah        |Bu
McCain, James            |M  |1829 |Marr  |    |     |Marshall, Lucile      |Ck
McCain, James            |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |292  |Salem Twp             |Wr
McCain, James            |Xt |1832 |Deeds |09  |321  |Troy Lot 41           |Mi
McCain, James            |Xt |1832 |Deeds |09  |332  |Troy Lot 63           |Mi
McCain, James            |Xt |1832 |Deeds |09  |507  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, James            |Xr |1832 |Deeds |09  |239  |Troy Lots 6,41        |Mi
McCain, James            |Xt |1835 |Deeds |13  |677  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, James            |sc |1835 |Cen   |    |     |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, James            |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |364  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, James            |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |343  |Springfield Township  |Ha
McCain, James            |Xr |1845 |Deeds |23  |405  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, James            |M  |1847 |Marr  |    |     |Broadwell, Elvira     |Mt
McCain, James            |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |116b |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, James            |Xr |1852 |Deeds |27  |411  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, James            |Xt |1852 |Deeds |27  |411  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, James            |Xr |1853 |Deeds |28  |429  |Piqua Lot --          |Mi
McCain, James            |Xt |1854 |Deeds |30  |006  |Concord Twp-Agreement |Mi
McCain, James            |W  |1854 |Will  |002 |268  |                      |Mi
McCain, James            |Xt |1861 |Deeds |36  |542  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, James            |Xt |1861 |Deeds |36  |542  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, James            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |362A |Dayton/Ward 8         |Mt
McCain, James            |D  |1889 |CemRec|Cem#|0104a|                      |Mi
McCain, James by Extr    |Xt |1858 |Deeds |35  |013  |Piqua Lot 453         |Mi
McCain, James D.         |M  |1840 |Marr  |Lic#|5532 |Bone, Rachel          |Wr
McCain, James M.         |M  |1856 |Marr  |Lic#|07317|Thomas, Charlotts     |Mi
McCain, James Marshall   |Wr |1867 |Will  |003 |222  |                      |Mi
McCain, James, Lucilla   |Xt |1832 |Deeds |09  |482  |Concord Twp           |Mi
Mccain, Jane             |M  |1816 |Marr  |    |     |Phillips, Samuel      |Bu
McCain, Jane             |M  |1830 |Marr  |    |     |Welch, William        |Ck
McCain, Jane             |M  |1838 |Marr  |    |     |Howard, Cameron       |Sh
McCain, Jane             |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |361  |Jackson Borough       |Bu
McCain, John             |M  |1811 |Marr  |Lic#|0468 |Goldwin, Elizabeth    |Wr
McCain, John             |M  |1824 |Marr  |    |     |Painter, Elizabeth    |Mt
McCain, John             |sc |1835 |Cen   |    |     |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, John             |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |235  |Fairfield Township    |Bu
McCain, John             |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |262  |Fairfield Township    |Bu
McCain, John             |M  |1851 |Marr  |    |     |Cross, Matilda        |Mt
McCain, John             |Wr |1854 |Will  |002 |268  |                      |Mi
McCain, John             |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |359C |Dayton/Ward 8         |Mt
Mccain, John             |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |455  |Xenia City Ward 1     |Gr
McCain, L.               |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |181B |Dayton/Ward 5         |Mt
McCain, Lucilla          |Wr |1867 |Will  |003 |222  |                      |Mi
McCain, Lucinda          |D  |1846 |CemRec|Cem#|0104a|                      |Mi
McCain, Lulia            |M  |1884 |Marr  |Lic#|16484|Royse, Wilber L.      |Mi
McCain, Malinda          |M  |1838 |Marr  |Lic#|5089 |Craver, Ezra          |Wr
McCain, Mary             |M  |1823 |Marr  |    |     |Richardson, Snow      |Sh
McCain, Mrs.Thomas       |D  |1894 |CemRec|Cem#|0104a|                      |Mi
McCain, Peter            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |539B |Washington            |Mr
McCain, Robert           |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |133  |Milford Twp           |Bu
McCain, Robert           |M  |1856 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Thomas, Charlotte     |Mi
McCain, Robert           |M  |1863 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Hickman, Mary         |Mi
McCain, Robert           |M  |1863 |Marr  |Lic#|09361|Hickman, Mary         |Mi
McCain, Robt.            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |289A |Dayton/Ward 7         |Mt
McCain, Rush E.M.        |M  |1881 |Marr  |    |     |Read, Ella L.         |Sh
McCain, Samuel           |Xr |1833 |Deed  |13  |680  |Staunton Twp          |Mi
McCain, Samuel           |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |378  |Staunton Township     |Mi
McCain, Samuel           |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |363  |Salem Twp             |Ch
McCain, Sarah E.         |M  |1892 |      |Lic#|19433|Kessler, Ardent P.    |Mi
McCain, Thomas           |M  |1828 |Marr  |    |     |Batton, Phoebe        |Mt
McCain, Thomas           |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |242  |Turtle Creek Twp      |Wr
McCain, Thomas           |D  |1900 |CemRec|Cem#|0104a|                      |Mi
McCain, Thomas O.        |Xt |1862 |Deeds |37  |411  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, Thomas O.        |Xt |1863 |Deeds |38  |078  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, Thomas O.        |Wr |1867 |Will  |003 |222  |                      |Mi
McCain, Thomas O.        |M  |1867 |Marr  |Lic#|10801|VanHorn, Julia        |Mi
McCain, Thomas O.        |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |246A |Mississinawa Twp      |Dk
McCain, W.M.             |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |233  |Turtle Creek Township |Wr
McCain, Willaim          |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |039  |Oxford Twp            |Bu
McCain, William          |M  |1820 |Marr  |Lic#|1583 |McCarty, Mary         |Wr
McCain, William          |M  |1825 |Marr  |Lic#|2263 |Little, Abigail       |Wr
McCain, William          |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |242  |Turtle Creek Twp      |Wr
McCain, William          |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |121  |Oxford Twp            |Bu
McCain, William          |M  |1834 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Barbour, Margaret A.  |Mi
McCain, William          |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |372  |Wayne Township        |Bu
McCain, William          |M  |1865 |Marr  |Lic#|09997|Uptegraft, Sarah      |Mi
McCain, William          |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |540C |Washington            |Mr
McCain, William H, Anna  |Xt |1863 |Deeds |38  |079  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, William H.       |Xr |1851 |Deeds |38  |076  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, William H.       |Xt |1860 |Deeds |37  |410  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, William H.       |M  |1861 |Marr  |    |WPA  |Coate, Anna           |Mi
McCain, William H.       |M  |1861 |Marr  |Lic#|08921|Coate, Anna           |Mi
McCain, William H.       |Xr |1862 |Deeds |37  |116  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, William H.       |Xr |1863 |Deeds |38  |078  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, William H.       |Wr |1867 |Will  |003 |222  |                      |Mi
McCain, William H.       |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |352D |Union Twp.            |Mi
McCain, William H.       |Asm|1883 |ProbCt|Case|07168|Assignment            |Mi
McCain, William H. etal  |Xr |1861 |Deeds |36  |542  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain, William, Ann     |Xt |1862 |Deeds |37  |116  |Concord Twp           |Mi
McCain,/McCane?, John    |sc |1827 |Cen   |    |     |Bethel Twp            |Mi
McCaine, James           |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |061  |Wayne Twp             |Bu
McCaine, Susan           |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |499  |Xenia City Ward 2     |Gr
McCaine, William         |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |061  |Wayne Twp             |Bu
McCains, Elizabe         |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |018  |City of Hamilton      |Bu

McCane, Elizabeth        |M  |1826 |Marr  |    |     |Wright, William       |Sh
McCane, Elizabeth        |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |177  |Reily Township        |Bu
McCane, Harvey           |M  |1838 |Marr  |Lic#|5411 |Dillintise, Margaret  |Wr
McCane, Harvey           |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |295  |TurtleCreek Twp       |Wr
McCane, J.N.             |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |259  |Town of Xenia         |Gr
McCane, James            |Xr |1828 |Deed  |07  |003  |Newberry Twp          |Mi
McCane, James            |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |240  |Loramie Twp           |Sh
McCane, James            |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |285  |TurtleCreek Twp       |Wr
McCane, James            |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |291  |TurtleCreek Twp       |Wr
McCane, John             |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |090  |Town of New Carlisle  |Ck
McCane, John             |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |015  |Morgan Township       |Bu
McCane, Mary             |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |285  |TurtleCreek Twp       |Wr
McCane, Robert          2|fc |1850 |Cen   |    |72  D|ayton ward 6         M|tM
McCane, Sarah            |M  |1828 |Marr  |    |     |Kindle, William       |Sh
McCane, Susan            |M  |1833 |Marr  |    |     |Crozier, Richard J.   |Sh
McCane, W.B.             |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |259  |Town of Xenia         |Gr
McCane, William          |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |377  |Israel Twp            |Pr

McKain, Absalom          |M  |1825 |Marr  |Lic#|2388 |Winterow, Mary        |Wr
McKain, Absalom          |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |487  |Morgan Township       |Bu
McKain, Eliza E.         |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |488  |Morgan Township       |Bu
McKain, Elizabeth        |M  |1821 |Marr  |Lic#|1786 |Camblin, David        |Wr
McKain, James            |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |14   |Concord Twn           |Mi
McKain, James            |sc |1835 |Cen   |    |     |Washington Twp        |Mi
McKain, Jane             |M  |1833 |Marr  |Lic#|4213 |Perrine, Timothy      |Wr
McKain, John             |M  |1828 |Marr  |Lic#|2831 |Bone, Eliza           |Wr
McKain, Julia Ann        |M  |1834 |Marr  |Lic#|4422 |Cook, Samuel          |Wr
McKain, Samuel           |fc |1850 |Cem   |    |486  |Morgan Township       |Bu
McKain, Sarah            |M  |1825 |Marr  |Lic#|2340 |Ramney, John          |Wr
McKain, Thomas R.        |M  |1830 |Marr  |Lic#|2147 |Watson, Lucinda       |Wr
McKain, William          |M  |1828 |Marr  |Lic#|2900 |Cummings, Jeals       |Wr
McKain, William          |sc |1835 |Cen   |    |     |Staunton Twp          |Mi

McKane, James            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |077A |Concord Twp.          |Mi
McKane, John             |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |027  |Hanover Twp           |Bu
McKane, Susanna          |M  |1828 |Marr  |    |     |Cory, Ira T.          |Ck

Miami Valley Ohio Genealogical Index
Abbreviations Page Abbreviations used in the Miami Valley Ohio Genealogical Index
? Record was hard to read. Best guess was made. > "Greater-than-sign" Used with the year to indicate "after" < "Lesser-than-sign" Used with the year to indicate "before" --- Dashes in place of name, year, or etc indicate it was not readable ad Administrator or administered adp Adoption af Gave his/her affidavit or deposition ag Agreement aid Aid of execution (court record) aka Also Known As. (example: Snider, aka Snyder) ap Appraiser app appropriation asm assignment at Shows that the person named was "at" the location given during the year shown b Bride ba Bastardy b/b Buried beside - also see s/s (same stone) bd Bond bs Blacksmith Bu Butler County Ohio BuCo Butler County Ohio bur Buried B Born Bk Black. Indicates the probability of African descent c Circa. Used with the year to indicate "about" ca Same as above cem Cemetery CemRec Cemetery record, such as a burial book or card file cm Church membership mentioned Ck Clark County Ohio CkCo Clark County Ohio cc County Census co County office/officer Ch Champaign County Ohio ChCo Champaign County Ohio cp cooper CPCT Common Pleas Court Record cr Criminal or Criminal Court Case cv Commercial venture/business C Came to the area shown CL Came and left the area BYE! Return to the Miami Valley Index Menu d Deed d/ Daughter of (or: d/o) D Died dc Deceased Dk Darke County Ohio DkCo Darke County Ohio e Elected, appointed, or ran for office during the year ei Early incident eo Elected official (not necessarily during the year shown) es Estate or pertaining to an estate ex Executor of an estate fc Federal Census ff Family from fm from fp Slave Freedom papers fr Farmer FW Fathers will GAR Grand Army of the Republic (Civil War US Army) GPT GreenVille Peace Treaty of 1795 g Groom gm Grist Mill gu Guardian GI Government Issue/US Armed Service. Used to identify persons who were in a war. GvSt Gravestone. The dates, places etc came from the stone. ia The person was in the area during the year mentioned ins insane, idiocy, etc hc Habeas Corpus HW Husbands will im Intinerant Minister ir Invention Recorded I Immigrant, one country to another IGI International Genealogical Index (an LDS record system) j Served on a jury during the year given JP Justice of the Peace k Killed by accident ki Killed by Indians km Murdered kw Killed in war li License issued. such as a license to run a tavern, etc L Left the area shown. Migrated to another place. LDS Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church) Lg Lodge or club membership Lw Land Warrant or Patent. Most often from the US to the grantee. m Mill men Mention made of the person named mf Manufacture mi Migrated from one place to another MW Mothers will M Married Mc Mercer County Ohio McCo Mercer County Ohio MD Medical Doctor MG Minister of the Gospel Mi Miami County Ohio MiCo Miami County Ohio MM Monthly Meeting (Quaker/Friends Meeting) Mt Montgomery County Ohio MtCo Montgomery County Ohio Mu Mulatto. Indicates the person was of black/white race mixture. My Mayor n Near na Naturalization ni Intent of naturalization nc Name change (likely a court record) np Newspaper publisher or worker nr Non-resident of area shown, a land speculator, or just passing through the area OI Ohio Infantry op Overseer of the poor or Ohio State Representative os Ohio State Senator OVI Ohio Volunteer Infantry p Profession of the person mentioned. Sometimes added to another letter such as: Cp = Doctor Smith came to this area pa Power of Attorney pe Petition pm Postmaster pn Pension. Most often for service in the war of 1776 or 1812 po Property owned at the place listed Pr Preble County Ohio PrCo Preble County Ohio ProbCt Probate Court ps Purchased goods at a sale Pt Patent R Range. Likely with a number, that is R5 (Range 5) r Resident of area shown rd Relinquished right as administrator of estate rp Revolution War Pension rr Railroad employee or incorporator S Section. Likely with a number, that is: S23 (Section 23) Sh Shelby County Ohio ShCo Shelby County Ohio s Speculation s/ Son of (or: s/o) s/o Son of (or: s/) s/s Same stone. Used when two or more names on same gravestone. sc State Census sd School Director, board member, etc se Surname Exchange (eg: Coon = Koon) sm Saw Mill st School Teacher su Surety tm Temperance movement to Township Officer trs Trustee tx Tax Record T Township. Likely with a number, that is: T12 (Township 12) Twp Township vc Victim of a crime W/ Wife of (or: w/ or: w/o) wi Witness Wr Mentioned or inherited in a will wid/ Widow of (or: wid/o) ws Whiskey Still WPA Work Project Administration{ Fedreal Program during the 1930} Wr Warren County Ohio WrCo Warren County Ohio W Last Will and Testament Xr Receiver/Purchaser/Buyer/Grantee/Inherit/Endowee/etc Xt Transmitter/Seller/Grantor/Giver/Distribute/Endower/etc Counties and Records used in the Miami Valley Genealogical Index FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF THE MIAMI VALLEY CEMETERIES FROM WHICH GRAVESTONES HAVE BEEN PARTLY INDEXED INTO THE COMPUTERIZED MIAMI VALLEY INDEX Due to a space problem in the computerized index the cemeteries are referred to by a number rather than by name. All have a four digit number. The numbers have been assigned by county as follows: More cemeteries can be added as people volunteer to type them in. 0000-1999 Miami County 2000-2999 Darke County 3000-3999 Shelby County 4000-4999 Montgomery County 5000-5999 Mercer County It should be noted that just because a cemetery is listed below does not indicate that it has been completely entered into the index. In some cases only a few graves are shown in order to identify the burial places shown in a history book, etc. Some cemeteries are known by more than one name. We have listed all by the same name under the number and added a letter. See the example below under cemetery #0102 which is known by four names. Number Name Township COUNTY 01-- Crowell Newberry Miami 0101a Whitmer Newberry Miami 0101b Arnold Newberry Miami 0102a Brumbaugh Newberry Miami 0102b Bitner Newberry Miami 0102c Old Bloomer Newberry Miami 0102d Old Stillwater Newberry Miami 0103a Cable Newberry Miami 0103b Stade Newberry Miami 0103c Staudt Newberry Miami 0104a Highland Newberry Miami 0104b Covington Newberry Miami 105a Harris Creek (NEW) Newberry Miami 0105b New Bradford Newberry Miami 0105c Rangeline Newberry Miami 0106a Friends Lutheran Church Newberry Miami 0106b Bloomer Newberry Miami 0107A Greenville Creek Church Newberry Miami 0107b Buckneck Newberry Miami 0108 Hipple Newberry Miami 0109a Hartzell Newberry Miami 0109b Samson Newberry Miami 0110 Ingle (in Highland) Newberry Miami 0111a Murray Newberry Miami 0111b Johnson Graveyard Newberry Miami 0111c Thomas Newberry Miami 0112a Wise Newberry Miami 0112b Loxley Newberry Miami 0113a Bradford Newberry Miami 0113b Old Bradford Newberry Miami 0114a Shellabarger Newberry Miami 0114b Priest Newberry Miami 0115 Rarick Newberry Miami 0116a St Pauls Lutheran Church Newberry Miami 0116b Wehneman Newberry Miami 0117 Union Church Newberry Miami 0118 Brant Newberry Miami 0119 Schilling Newberry Miami 0120 Shoe Newberry Miami 012- Falknor Newberry Miami 0121 Miami Memoral Park Newberry Miami 0201 Pleasant Hill Ohio Newton Miami 0202 Sugar Grove Newton Miami 0203 Union Joint Newton Miami 0203a Old Ludlow Newton Miami 0204 Fackler Family Newton Miami 0301 Center Friends Union Miami 0303a Honeyman Union Miami 0303b Honnaman Union Miami 0304a Laura Union Miami 0304b Old Ludlow Union Miami 0401a Johnston Washington Miami 0401b Upper Piqua Washington Miami 0402 Forest Hill (Piqua) Washington Miami 0501 Barbee Family Concord Miami 0601a Mill Creek (OLD) Monroe Miami 0601b Frederick Monroe Miami 0601c Old Mill Creek Monroe Miami 0602a Loy Monroe Miami 0602a Old Loy Monroe Miami 0602b English Lutheran Monroe Miami 0602b Lutheran (English) Monroe Miami 0603 Hyattsville Monroe Miami 0701 Cedar Hill Jewish Springcreek Miami 0801 Knoop Family Staunton Miami 0901 Anderson Brown Miami 0902 Fletcher Presbyterian Church Brown Miami 0903 Leatherwood Brown Miami 1001 Curtis #1 Lostcreek Miami 1003 Lewis Lostcreek Miami 1101 Casstown Lostcreek Miami 1102 Davey #1 Elizabeth Miami 1103 Davis Elizabeth Miami 1104 Kyle Elizabeth Miami 1201 Bethel German Reformed Bethel Miami 1202 Crawford Bethel Miami 1203 Hickory Grove Bethel Miami 1204 Pisgah Bethel Miami 1205 Saylor Bethel Miami 1208a Kepper Bethel Miami 1208b Jackson (OLD) Bethel Miami 1208b Old Jackson Union Miami 1302 Curtis #2 Adams Darke 2001 Byrd Adams Darke 2002 Christian Adams Darke 2004 Erisman Adams Darke 2005 Gettysburg Adams Darke 2005b Cromer (Gettysburg) Adams Darke 2006 Harris Creek (Old) Adams Darke 2007 Miller Adams Darke 2008 Mott Adams Darke 2009 Oakland Adams Darke 2010 Stoner Adams Darke 2060 Hall Franklin Darke 2061 Newcomer Franklin Darke 2132 Clark‹s Station Liberty Darke 2133 Clemens Liberty Darke 2200 Gordon Twin Darke 2201 Ithaca Twin Darke 2342 Frenchtown Wayne Darke 3131 Toland Dinsmore Shelby 5001 Palmer Union Mercer This page was created by: Douglas Montgomery URL of this page: ******************** AUGLAIZE COUNTY ******************** Census records 1850 ******************** BUTLER COUNTY ******************** Census records 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850 Tax records prior to 1820 Marriage records 1803 - 1840 ******************* CHAMPAIGN COUNTY ***************** Census records 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1880 Tax records 1810 ********************* CLARK COUNTY ******************** Census records 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1880 Tax records 1818, 1819 Marriage records 1818 - 1865 ********************* DARKE COUNTY ******************** Census records 1820, 1825, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1880 Tax records 1818, 1819, 1821 Marriage records 1817 - 1850 Common Pleas Court records 1817 -1849 Wills 1818 - 1850 ******************** GREENE COUNTY ******************** Census records 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1880 Tax records prior to 1820 Marriage records 1803 - 1818 ******************** HAMILTON COUNTY ****************** Census records 1820, 1830, 1840 Tax records 1798 ********************* MERCER COUNTY ******************* Census records 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850 Tax records prior to 1820 ********************* MIAMI COUNTY ******************** Census records 1820, 1827, 1830, 1835, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1880 Tax records 1810, 1816 Marriage records 1807 - 1899 Wills 1807 - 1850 County Recorder (Deed) records 1807 - 1865 **************** MONTGOMERY COUNTY ****************** Census records 1820, 1830, 1850, 1880 Tax records 1804, 1810, 1816 Marriage records 1803 - 1850 ******************** PREBLE COUNTY ********************* Census records 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1880 Tax records 1810, 1811, 1816 Marriage records 1809 - 1860 ******************** SHELBY COUNTY ******************** Census records 1850, 1880 Tax records 1819 Marriage records 1819 - 1870 ******************** WARREN COUNTY ******************* Census records 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1880 Tax records prior to 1820 Marriage records 1803 - 1854 ******************** OTHER SOURCES ******************** County Histories/Family Genealogy Abstracts/Newsletter Abstracts Return to the Miami Valley Ohio Index Menu HISTORY BOOKS (400 numbers) 401 History of Miami Co., Ohio (Beers, 1880) 402 History of Darke Co., Ohio (Beers, 1880) 403-1 History of Montgomery Co., Ohio - sec. 1 (Beers, 1882) 403-2 History of Montgomery Co., Ohio - sec. 2 (Beers, 1882) 403-3 History of Montgomery Co., Ohio - sec. 3 (Beers, 1882) 404 Wilson, Frazer, History of Darke Co., Ohio (Wilson, 1914) 405 Brethren Encyclopedia (3 vol.) (Brethren Encyc, 1983-1984) 406 Edger, John F., Pioneer life in Dayton and vicinity (U.B. Pub., 1986) 407 Powell, Esther Weygandt, Early Ohio tax records (Powell, 1985) 408 Brentlinger, Dora, Beside the Stillwater (Brentlinger, 1973) 409 Rayner, John A., First century of Piqua (Rayner, 1916) 410 Wheeler, Thomas B., Troy, the nineteenth century (Wheeler, 1975) 411 Ohio. Adjutant General, Roster of Ohio soldiers...War of 1812 (1916) 412 Biographical history of Darke Co., Ohio (Lewis, 1900) GENEALOGIES/MANUSCRIPTS (500 numbers or letters) 500 Unpublished records/research of Joseph H. Bosserman, Covington, OH 501 Brien, Lindsay M., Miami Valley, Ohio pioneers index (Mayhill, 1970) 502 Brien, Lindsay M., Miami Valley genealogies, v. 1 503 Brien, Lindsay M., Miami Valley genealogies, v. 2 504 Brien, Lindsay M., Miami Valley genealogies, v. 3 505 Brien, Lindsay M., Miami Valley genealogies, v. 4 506 Records of Mrs. Nancy Bohlander McCorkle Wall, Pleasant Hill, OH 507 Records of Gale Edwin Spitler Honeyman (b. 1938), Laura, OH B002 Brumbaugh, Gaius Marcus, Brumbaugh families (1913) D001 Honeyman, Gale E. S., Deeter family outline (1993) E001 Hamilton, Von Gail, Eicher Name in America (1976) Park City, UT F001 Wilcox, Charlene Finfrock, Finfrock/Funfrock (1986) Troy, OH F002 Furnas, Fanzey, Furnas family (1897) H001 Rasor, Arlene Wick, Hahn family group sheets (1990) H002 Houser families by Roney ; John Houser descendants by Jebel H003 Freas, Margery H., Huston, letters/research (1993) Felton, PA I001 Iddings, Joanne, Iddings family (at Troy Hist. Soc. Archives) J001 Jenkins, Rick & Geary, Connie Jo, Jenkins family (1993) K005 Kessler, John W., Kessler manuscript (1919) M001 Johnson, Patricia Givens, "Elder" Jacob Miller 1735-1815 (1977) N001 Child of David A. Netzley, Netzley family tree (1951) P001 Pearson, Geo. M., Benj. & Esther (Furnas) Pearson descendants (1941) S001 Staley, Carol Jean Marker, Staley family history (1987) Casstown, OH S002 Stutzman, John Hale, Jacob Stutzman d. 1775... (1982) S003 Simes family research & files of Mrs. Nancy Wall, Pleasant Hill, OH S004 Studebaker family in America (1976) T001 Jonathan Toms family (at Troy Hist. Soc. Archives) T002 Thompson, Glenda, Sylvester Thompson (1979) T002 Lindenberger, Elsie H., Abraham Thomas family (1965) W001 Pumphrey, Mrs. Elger G., Henry Warner family (1946) W002 Johnson, Janis, Gottlieb Wagner family (1987) Greenville, OH

Hampshire County, Virginia
Personal Property Tax List 1781-1782
	Name	 		      Tithes 	Horses Cattle
	Miller, Michael 	2 		 4 	12
	Miller, George   	1 		 7 	13
	Miller, Henry   	1 		 2 	 4
	Miller, Philip   	1 		 2 	 4
	Miller, Jacob   	1 	2 	 8 	36
	Miller, Anthony 	2 		 4 	11
	Miller, John    	1 	- 	 - 	-
	Millar, Isaac    	2 	2 	15 	34
	Miller, Abraham 	1 		 5 	13
	Miller, John, Jun. 	1 		 1 	 2
	Miller, John, Sen. 	1 		 5 	 5
	Miller, Michael, Jun 	1 		 1 	 2
	Miller, George  	1 		 2 	 5
	Miller, Thomas  	1 		 8 	 9
	Miller, Michael, Sen. 	1 		 3 	 5
	Mills, Adam     	1 		 5 	 3
	Miller, John    	2 		 5 	15
	McCarty, Thomas 	2 	1 	15 	17

Selected passages Mentioning Miller & Littick

(History of Franklin Twp.) Page 494:

Michael Miller came from Hampshire county, Virginia. All the authorities seem to fix the year 1801, as the date of his arrival. His family consisted of seven children, Barbara, Charles, Patrick, Edward, John, Isaac and McCarty. In the course of a few years a number of families from Hampshire county found their way to Miller section. Among the earliest and most prominent of these was Philip Hershman. Jasper Hill and Arnold Kane came about 1808, from the same place, and both were renters on Miller's land. Daniel Hawkins came about the same time from New Jersey. Matthew Pigman emigrated from Virginia, perhaps as early as 1803. After remaining on the Miller section a number of years as a renter, he entered a farm in section 1. Abraham Thompson, from Virginia, settled on the place Michael Lopp now owns.

George Littick came about 1811, and entered land in the northwest quarter of section 12. He was born in Germany, in 1759; left an orphan in early youth, he was bound as an apprentice to a baker, but cruel treatment caused him to run away and cross the ocean at eighteen years of age; arriving in this country, he was obliged to work three yearn to pay his passage way: He died in Franklin township, December 25,1847.

Page 495-6:

The Methodist Protestant church was organized in 1831 in the school-house which stood on the lot adjoining the present church building, by Rev. Israel Thrapp. The organizing members were six in number-George Littick, Abram Jones, Charles Borough, Isaac Shambaugh, William Davidson, and one other. Several years later the school-house was burned, and a church building was erected. (History of Jackson Twp.) Page 501

Henry Miller was probably here as early as Cantwell, perhaps sooner. He had been a revolutionary soldier; emigrated here from Virginia, and was a brother to Michael Duller, one of the earliest settlers of Franklin township. He had six sons, Nicholas, John, Michael, Thomas, Obed and Alfred. The eldest became one of the firs settlers of Keene township. The other boys remained with their father for many years in the northeastern part of this township, on what is now the Haight farm. Thomas subsequently moved up on the Killbuck, where he died. John, Obed and Alfred moved to Indiana. Michael died in this county. One of the earliest orchards in the county was planted by the Millers, on this farm. Asa Hart, from New Jersey, had emigrated to the township prior to the war of 1812 It was not, however, much before 1816 that the township began to be permanently settled. Beginning with that date and extending over a period of twenty years cabin after cabin slowly rose in the midst of the vast wilderness which then covered the township, and which in time melted away beneath the sturdy strokes of the hardy backwoodsmen and left behind pleasant hill-side farms, many of which are now furnished with all the conveniences and improvements of modern farming. (History of Keene Twp.) Page 524

One of the first men to settle on this section was Nicholas Miller, who, in 1804, came with his father, Henry Miller, from Hampshire county, Virginia, to this county. His father had served seven years in the revolutionary war as a sharp-shooter, under General Morgan. Nicholas lived two yearn with his uncle, Michael Miller, in Franklin township ; then, in 1806, took up a residence in Keene township, which was continued till his death. When he came into the township his entire fortune consisted of $36 in money and two axes. He first bought seventy-two acres from Mr. Underwood, paying for it in part by assisting in the survey of the section. Large additions of real estate were subsequently made to this. Several years after he settled here he married Mary Darling, who, at the age of eighteen, in 1806, drove a four-horse team through from Virginia. Her brothers, William and Jonathan, were among the. first settlers of Jefferson township.

During the winter preceding Mr. Miller's arrival in Keene township, he was engaged in deadening the trees on the little tract he had bought, and instead of returning to his home in Franklin township, every evening, he made a. cave like excavation under a jutting rock, which served frequently as a sleeping place. He had retired here, one stormy evening, when he observed a bear approaching him. The sight, at. first, frightened him, for he had no weapon at hand; but he raised a hideous yell, and the bear scampered away, Once, when bear hunting, he had shot and wounded his game, but not mortally, and he was in great personal danger. His trusty dog advanced upon the bear and attacked it. Bruin turned his attention from Miller to the dog, embracing the later in a death-like hug. Miller, in the meantime, quickly loaded his gun, with powder and ball thrown in loosely, ran up to the bear and shot it dead in its tracks. The dog arose, walked a few steps, then fell dead. Musters were held in Coshocton as soon as men enough to form a company could be collected. While Miller was attending one there, an Indian attempted to steal his horse. Miller detected him in the act, and attacking him in true pioneer style, gave him a drubbing. The Indian threatened revenge after he recovered, but Miller was never disturbed by him.

(History of LaFayette Twp.) Page 532

George Miller, a brother to Michael Miller, formerly of Franklin township, and to Henry Miller of Jackson township, both among the earliest settlers of the county, hailing from Hampshire county, Virginia, purchased a tract of about a 1,000 acres off the east side of the northwest section, and settled upon it about 1806. He had previously lived for a few years in the vicinity of Port Washington, Tuscarawas county. He reared a large family of children, consisting of Windel, Isaac, Daniel, Abraham, Francis, Thomas, George, John and several daughters. George and Isaac, two of the sons, came out first and raised a little cabin, the others following soon after. Abraham afterward settled in Clark township. Windel, John and Daniel were soldiers in the war of 1812; the latter died February 1, 1881, in Plainfield, a very aged man.

In 1804, Francis McGuire, who also was a Virginian, moved to the Tuscarawas valley, near Port Washington, and two years later, came to the northwestern corner of this township. The family was carried in a wagon, which was driven along on the bank of the river, sometimes in it, and they afterwards used the wagon-bed as their shelter and sleeping place, until a cabin could be built, which, in the want of help to any considerable extent from neighbors, took more time than in after years. Mr. McGuire purchased a tract of more than 1,000 acres off the west side of the Swan, or northwest, section, and resided at the old homestead, north of the river, until he died, May 9, 1853, aged seventy-six years. His property is still held by his descendants. His two wives were daughters of George Miller.

Elijah Nelson, who was here before 1811, married a daughter of George Miller, and afterwards moved farther west.

George Littick -- . Will written December 4, 1847 and recorded in Coshocton County, Ohio on January 15, 1848.

Will & Probate
Prob 15 January 1848

The state of Ohio, Coshocton County ss. At a Special Court of Common Pleas began and held at the court house in the Town of Coshocton in the county and state aforesaid on the 15th day of January, 1848.

Be it remembered that on the day and year last aforesaid: The last will and testament of George Littick senior, late of Coshocton county deceased was this day produced in writing and Isaac Shambaugh and Charles Barrow, credible witnesses thereunto being in open court duly sworn and severally examined and whose testimony was taken in writing and signed and duly filed and it appearing to the court from the testimony of said witnesses that the said last will and Testament was duly executed, that the Testator at the time of executing the same was of full age or sound mind and memory and not under any restraint. it is by the court ordered that said last will and testament together with the proof thereof be recorded by the clerk of this court and that letter, Testamentary with a copy of the will annexed be issued to Abraham T. Jones the executor named therein -- where upon said Abraham T. Jones appeared in open court and accepted said appointment.

Which said last Will & testament and reads as follows to wit:


In the name of the Benevolent Father of All. I, George Littick of the township of Franklin in the county of Coshocton and state of Ohio do make and publish this my last will and testament.

Item 1st: It is my will that my funeral expenses and all my Just debts be fully paid.

Item 2nd: I give, devise and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary Littick in lieu of her dower the farm on which we reside situate, lying and being in Franklin Township, Coshocton County, Ohio containing about one hundred and sixty acres during her natural life, and all the sheep on the farm, one cow, four head of hogs, one bed, bedstead and bedding, six chairs, all the cupboard ware now belong to me, one large kettle, all the kitchen furniture, one breakfast table and all the poultry, my old gray mare, one third of the grain now sowed on said farm, twenty five bushels of corn, ten bushels of wheat, and sufficient hay and fodder to winter her stock as aforesaid, she bearing at the one third of the expense of cutting the grain now in the ground which said goods and chattels to be disposed of at her death as she may think proper, and at the death of said wife the real estate aforesaid, I give and devise to my sons George Littick and Reuben Littick and to George Littick, John Littick, John Littick, Thomas Littick and Catharine Littick children and heirs at law of my son Lot Littick, deceased as follows, to wit: To my son George Littick the one third of said farm he paying to my son Reuben Littick the sum of thirty nine dollars and to my son Reuben Littick the one third of said farm, and to the said George Littick, John Littick, Thomas Littick and Catharine Littick children and heirs of my son Lot Littick, dec'd. as aforesaid the remaining third to be equally divided among them the said heirs as aforesaid they paying to the said Reuben Littick the sum of thirty nine dollars or nine dollars and seventy five cents each.

Item 3rd: I give and bequeath to George Littick son of Lot Littick, dec'd. the sum of three hundred & fifty dollars and to John Littick son as aforesaid the sum of three hundred and fifty dollars and to Thomas Littick, son of said Lot Littick as aforesaid the sum of three hundred and fifty dollars, and to Catharine Littick daughter of said Lot Littick, dec'd. as aforesaid the sum of three hundred and seventy five dollars, one bed, bedstead and bedding, all the above sums of money to be paid to them when they shall arrive of age respectively with interest from the time of my death until the same shall be paid over to them or to their Guardian or Guardians.

Item 4th: I give to Mary Littick daughter of my son Reuben Littick one bed, bedstead and bedding.

Item 5th: I give to my son Reuben Littick all the residue of my personal estate after deducting the expenses of Administration and all expenses that may accrue in Justly settling up my estate he paying to my son Noah Littick the sum of two hundred dollars which is to be discharged in whole or in part by claims due the said Reuben Littick by the said Noah Littick.

Item 6th: I do hereby nominate and appoint Abraham T. Jones Executor of this my last will and testament hereby authorizing and empowering him to compromise, adjust, release and discharge in such manner as he may deem proper the debts and claims due me. I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 4th day of December A.D. 1847. George Littick ("+", his mark)

Signed and acknowledged by said George Littick as his last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his presence.

Isaac Shambaugh Charles Barrow.

Clerk's fee for Recording Will & Copy -- $1.80

Coshocton County, Ohio Marriages
(incomplete information taken from the index of
"Marriages in Coshocton County, Ohio 1811-1930, Vol. II)

Bessie P. Littick  to   J. A. Briggs
Betsey L. Littick  to   C. M. Neff
Catharine Littick  to   H. L. Balentine
E. J. Littick      to   J. W. Stickle          March 16, 1859
Emily Littick      to   A. Bright
Margaret Littick   to   E. Miller              October 27, 1814
Nora G. Littick    to   C. F. Tumblin
Rebecca Littick    to   E. Bailey
Rebecca Littick    to   J. Browning
Sarah Littick      to   I. M. Miller           March 28, 1822
Sarah E. Littick   to   D. Zimmer

Asa Littick        to   Charity Walker         November 7, 1861
George Littick     to   Mary Smith             May 27, 1830
George Littick     to   Mary Wheeler           December 25, 1849
James Littick      to   Mary Miller            October 26, 1876
James Littick      to   Mrs  Ellen Lacey Cass  November 17, 1923
Lot Littick        to   Rebecca Elson          April 26, 1827
Noah Littick       to   Hannah Elson           August 22, 1831
Reuben Littick     to   Phebe Robinson         June 3, 1830

1820 Census Franklin Township, Coshocton Co. Ohio Page No: 33 =====|=======================|========================|====================|====|============| | Free White | | | Male | Female | | | 0 10 16 16 26 45 | 0 10 16 26 45 | | LINE | Firstname Lastname | 10 16 18 26 45 . | 10 16 26 45 . | Fo | Agri Co Ma | =====|=======================|========================|====================|====|============| Page 33: 4 | Michael, Jr Miller | . . . 1 1 . | 3 . 3 . . | . | 2 . . | 5 | George Littick | 1 2 . 1 . 1 | 1 1 1 . 1 | . | 2 . . | Page 36: 2 | Edward Miller | 2 . . . 1 . | 2 . 1 . . | . | 1 . . | Page 37: 18 | Charles Miller | 5 1 . . 1 . | 2 1 1 1 . | . | 1 . . | 24 | Michael, Sr Miller | . . . 2 1 1 | 2 1 2 1 1 | . | 3 . . |
A Biographical History of Muskingum County, Ohio - Index Littick 118, 227, 262, 391 Litticks 186

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