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Rousseau Family 1753-1967

by Albert W. Rousseau

Fort Wayne, Indiana


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IN THIS DOCUMENT              
We have endeavored to set forth data and stories, concerning our people and their lives, as far back as it has been possible for us to obtain accurate information. Relatives, friends, family Bibles, court records and head stones have been our sources of information' also our own recollations have en- able us to connect the past with the present.
WE DEDICATE              
this to you, our children, grandchildren and great grand- children
Author: Albert W. Rousseau Collaborators: Delilah Rousseau Blaising Elizabeth 'Libby' Rousseau Keller Edith Rousseau Cattin Nellie Rousseau Lamle Elaine Rousseau King Time: 1753 to 1967 ----- 214 years Eight Generations. Place: France 1753 - Fort Wayne, Indiana 1967

[David R. Rousseau was born in Wilkes Co. NC but is of Huguenot Ancestry with his Huguenot Ancestors well documented as the founders of the Manakin Colony in Virginia. The balance of this history appears to be correct but David was clearly born in Wilkes Co. NC - DEG]

David R, Rousseau was born in [Lyons, France] [Trap Hill, Wilkes Co. NC] in 1779. He was a Huguenot or French Protestant, a breakaway group from the Roman Catholic Church. In order to escape persecution from the State and Church, it became necessary in 1818 to take his family including his wife Mary and five sons and sail to America and safety. The boys were William, born 1808; Benjamin, 1809; James, 1912; David, 1815; and Robert, 1818. The family landed at Charleston, South Carolina in 1818 and moved to Wilkesboro, North Carolina in 1819. Great Grandfather was a successful farmer in North Carolina where he operated a large plantation and owned a considerable number of slaves. The plantation was in Wilkes County, North Carolina.

He came to Indiana in the early pioneer days and lived in turn in New Castle, Hartford City, Union City, Wells and Allen Counties, Indiana. He passed the closing years of his life in Whitley County. Both he and his wife, Mary were laid to rest in a little private cemetery plot east of Round Lake, one of the Tri-Lakes. He was a typical pioneer; being a man of great energy and sturdy integrity and took great delight in hunting and fishing, a preference, which seemed to have been inherited by not a few of his descendants.

David died. August 22, 1855 and his wife, Mary died July 13, 1861. He was 75 years, 11 months, 13 days when laid to rest.


William Rousseau, my grandfather, lived with his parents and brothers on a large plantation in Wilkes County, North Carolina. He attended school in Wilkesboro, North Carolina and ended his schooling by attending Western Reserve College, Cleveland, Ohio about 1829. The college buildings at Reserve College, at that time consisted of four log buildings. He and Ruth McBride were married in 1833 in Wilkesboro and that same year moved to New Castle, Indiana where they lived seven years. In that time four children were born; David, 1831; Reuben, 1835; Francis Y., 1836; Benjamin M., 1837. They decided to move to Hartford City in 1838. They lived in Blackford County and Sarah C. was born in 1839; Mary F., 1841; Elizabeth, 1843; and William, 1845. Their next move was to Union City, Indiana in 1846. Robert Dan was born in 1847; Nancy, 1849 when they again moved to Wells County in 1853. Amanda Amelia was born in 1853, and my dad James Harrison Rousseau arrived on July 27, 1854.

Grandpa William devoted his attention principally to farming and cattle raising. He also was a carpenter and contractor. His name is mentioned in the April-June, 1963 issue of The Old Fort News, published by the Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society, page 2. This article deals with the history of the years 1827 to 1877. It states on June 6, 1855 that William Rousseau marks his stock with a crop off the right ea e and a swallow fork in the left ear and Shows a drawing of same.

He continued his residence in Allen County until 1855 and died on Sept. 6, 1855. He and his wife Ruth are buried in the old Bullard Cemetery Allen County, Indiana.

Grandpa and his wife, Ruth were folks of sterling character and were numbered among those who aided in the founding of the industrial and civic structure of Allen County.

Grandpa William youngest brother Robert was born in 1818. died 1855 at the age of 37 years. Buried in Bullard Cemetery Great Grandpa David, Grandpa William and brother Robert all died in 1855 of disease called "Bloody Flux".


James Harrison Rousseau born July 27, 1854. His father, William died one year later, leaving dad with his mother from that time until dad grew to a young man. He became schooled in the school of hard knocks and experience. However, dad and his mother were energetic and got along 0.K. Dad used to tell that they were bothered a lot by the traveling preachers who loved his mother's delicious fried chicken. He loved music and traveled with a band of musicians for several years. He was an accomplished player on the coronet and violin and played often at dances. He was a charter member of the Old Aqueduct Club.

Anna Bell Cartwright was born February 3, 1860 in Allen County, the daughter of James Cartwright, born in October 23, 1818 and Elizabeth Farris born on January 11, 1830. Grandpa Cartwright operated a grocery store in Fort Wayne. They lived on West Jefferson Street. Mom attended schools in Fort Wayne and competed her education by attending Wayne Street Methodist Episcopal College, located on West Wayne Street facing College Street. The college later became Taylor University. After graduation, she was hired as a teacher by Captain Kelsey, who also had attended the Methodist College and then became the Superintendent of Allen County Schools.

Mother taught school until she and dad were married on November 13, 1881 by Reverend James L. Stone at the First Baptist Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana. She decided she could do more good teaching dad and the kids that were soon to follow. They lived on a farm on the Covington Road about one mile from Covington Downs. Three children were born to them at this address: Edith Althea, November 30, 1882; Carl, 1883 and died 1883; Nellie May, August 16, 1885. They decided to move to South Dakota in 1885 where they homesteaded one hundred and sixty acres of land. Dad liked to tell about his visit to Fort Yates and La Grace. At the latter place, he saw the great Indian Chief, Sitting Bull and his band of Indians who were engaged in a war dance. Dad hunted and fished along the Missouri River, killing a number of gray wolves, a mountain lion, several deer, and also small game.

Because of the long cold winters and hot windy, summers, dad and mother decided to move back to Indiana to the farm on the Covington Road where James H. was born January 23, 1887; Albert William, July 21, 18A; Ivory Robert, Augusta 28, 1893. The old homestead was sold in 1895 and three hundred and twenty acres was purchased on the Huntington Road near Aboite. A large gravel pit was discovered; also, two smaller ones: the timber was cut and sold, some of it used for the interurban railway which was the Huntington, Wabash, Peru, Logansport run . Starting at the Whitley County line the farm was divided into nine small farms. These were sold to John Zitman, Pete Zitman (father of John), Charles Van Atta and mother, Frank Hatfield, John Buell, Henry Van Frozen, James A. Rousseau, (nephew of James A. Rousseau), George Black, and Jason Holm.

During the years that were spent on this farm, three children were born; Mabel, 1896 and died 1893; Jessie Clara, Bay 1)4, 1898; and Felix Elmer, August 26, I900.

Mother and dad decided in 1904 to buy the Lillie homestead addition to the city of Fort Wayne. The Gillie family formerly lived there and was located on St. Marys Avenue. Dad then engaged in the real estate business; a business his sons, grandsons were to follow. He Passed away February 16, 1933 and mother went to live with their daughter, Nellie Lamle. After 10 years she died on January 29, 1946. Both are buried in Lindenwood Cemetery in the Family Plot. He lived 82 years and she 83 years. Both had good health, good friends, and enjoyed many happy memories with their family.


Nellie and Andrew were great to all of the brothers and sisters when anyone in the family were sick or needed help they were the first ones on the job. If you needed a loan, Andrew was always ready to help you out. After Father died Nellie had mother move in with her, and made life very pleasant for her as long as she lived. We all want to give Nellie and Andrew a big vote of thanks for the things they did for the Rousseau family.


Edith was the first born in our family. Her birth date was November 30, 1882. She was a second mother to all of us. When mother was sick, everything depended on Edith. She stood up for us, helped us, and if you needed a small loan, she could always come up with the money. She was married to Bert Cattin who was born November 5, 1874 and died October 31, 1904. She has two fine sons, Carl DeRoy born March 2, 1904, Paul Robert, born January 16, 1906, and her daughter Nellie May, born March 1917. She is now eighty three year's old, and getting along fine. We are all thankful to our sister Edith.


James was born January 23, 1887 in Aboite township, Allen County. He attended local schools and International Business College. He was employed by the Grace Construction Company until 1922. He entered the automobile business with brother Albert. He dealt in real estate and was responsibly for an addition which he laid out on the Washington Center Road. Hem spent his winters in Florida and enjoyed fishing and hunting, elsewhere. He died November 1948. His wife was the former Esther Dullaghan, and there is one daughter Susan and a granddaughter and grandson.


Ivory Robert was born August 23, 1893 in Aboite Tap., Allen County and was named after Ivory Nimble, a favorite uncle of his mothers, who was a well known judge. Bob, as he was always known, attended the one room schoolhouse at Aboite, then the Bloomingdale School, Fort Wayne High School which is now Central High School and International School of Business. After an odd job or two, he learned to become a knitter at the Wayne Knitting Mills. Two children were born; Delilah Agnes, on May 13, 1917 and Robert Dale who was born on December 30, 1913 and died on October 37, 1932.

After a number of years working as a knitter, he decided to change jobs and became the auto driveway manager for Rousseau Brothers, He had always dealt in Real Estate and later joined his brother, Felix as a Real Estate Broke- and builder.

After making numerous tries to Florida, he discovered fifteen acres of Loveland on the Indian liver at Sebastian which is situated 12 miles north on Vero Beach on the east coast of Florida. He and his wife, Agnes moved to this delightful spot in 1950. After a few yea's of tending the citrus grove, he sold twelve acres and laid part of the threes acres out into an addition

He delights in fishing and has always liked hunting so he lives a contented life spending the winters in Florida and the summers at his summer home at Jimmerson Hake near Angola, Indiana, and in Font Wayne. His daughter is married to Robert C. Blaising and there are two granddaughters, Sylvia Anne, who is married to Carl Wayne Kratzman, and Marcia Delilah.


Felix was born August 26, 1900 in Aboite township, Allen County and attended the Lincoln School, Bloomingdale School, and a school for Real Estate Appraisers. He traveled to California end worked in the Hotel Business. Upon his return to Fort Wayne in 1922, he entered the heal Estate Business. He built and sold many fine homes and laid out tie Irvington Park Addition which is fine development. He was a Senior Appraiser for the banks. He was married to Mildred Dell on March 2, 1924 and one child, a daughter, Donna Ann was born January 10, 1930. Mildred died on April 11, 1950. He is now married to Elizabeth Carol who was born June 21, 1)12 and they live in Poet Lauderdale, Florida in their apartment home on Hendricks Isle. They spend their summers in Fort Wayne. There are two Grandchildren, Linda Ann and Jeffrey Ray Irving.


Donna Ann daughter of Felix Rousseau and Mildred Dell was born January 10, 1)30. She attended local grade school, North Side High School, St. Francis College and graduated with a degree in teaching. She is now teaching at the Willard Shambaugh School. She is married to Albert P. Irving and lives at 1605 Alabama Ave" Pot Wayne, Indiana. They have two fine children. Linda Ann born March 11, 1.951 and a boy Jeffrey Ray born July 27, 1053. She is a member of Presbyterian Church.


Delilah Agnes was born to Robert and Agnes Rousseau on Mother's Day, May 13, 1917. She attended Nebraska, B1ooingda1e, Franklin, and North Side High School, After graduation, she was employed as a bookkeeper and office manager at Rousseau Bros. She was married to Robert Charles Blaising on Sept. 21, 1941. He entered the Air Force in Feb. 1913 to serve his country in World War Two and was sent to the Amarillo, Texas Aircraft Mechanics School where he studied to become a Crew Chief and Flight Engineer on P17 and B24 airplanes. Delilah followed along with him and because of tie shortage of men, she took a job as a milkmaid. She delivered milk by truck -- house to house. It was an interesting and exhausting job. She worked at it for six months and enjoyed serving more than three hundred customers on one route and nearly three hundred on the second one, every other day.

There are two children; Sylvia Anne born January 10, 1945 in Berea, Ohio near Cleveland where Bob was inactivated from Service and assigned to work at the Cleveland Airport on the first experimental Jet airplanes being produced. After discharge, the family moved back to Fort Wayne here Marcia Delilah was born May 1, 1916.

Delilah is a member of Bethany Presbyterian Church; a former member of Happy City Chapter of Sweet Adelines; belongs to two social clubs, and is interested in sewing, millinery, and music.


Jessie was born on May 14, 1919 the Youngest daughter of the James E. Rousseau family, we always enjoyed visiting Jessie and stay at their home in St. Petersburg, Florida and Jimmerson Lake, Angola, Indiana.

She was married to Paul Ellsworth Alleger born July 7, 1898 and died July 24, 1945. Four children were born to them; Annabell, August 7, 1920; Paul Ellswoth, Jr., Dec. 2, 1921; Doris Jean, June 25, 1924; Phyllis Marie, Sept. 4, 1926 owned a Tricking Company which Jessie operated for a while after his death.

She is now married to Charles Raymond Larkin, born June 20, 1891. He was a rail detective and is also an inventor. They spend their winters in St. Petersburg, Florida and summers at Jimmerson Lake, Angola, Indiana. They like to visit her children and grandchildren when they are in Fort Wayne


Elizabeth Libby is the oldest daughter of James A. Rousseau. She is active in politics, a full time Republican precinct Committee Woman, Delegate to State Convention, township Chairwoman, and is directory -responsible for locating the Historical new road side park on Road 24 one block west of uncle James H. Rousseau's old homestead. She attended Bloomingdale School, Port Wayne High School, and is a member of Bethany Lutheran Church. Her Grandpa Reuben Rousseau was a union Soldier, commanded William Link Post No. 301 Grand Army of the Republic at Monroeville, Indiana and was a Pioneer citizen of Aboite Township. Elizabeth and. Chalcie Teller are now living in their beautiful new home in Yoder, Indiana.


I was born on a farm on the Covington Road, July 21, 1931 and lived there four years when dad purchased a large farm of three hundred twenty-five acres on the Huntington Road just east of the Whitley County line. Dad built a house, barn, and woodsheds; the latter had a clapboard roof.

I smarted to school in a one room brick school It is still standing. Each gr0de was called to excite in a group in front of tire school room and tie one teacher taught all grades. You, at least, learned to concentrate. We lived on the farm four nine years, then coved to Fort Wayne to a brick home on St. Mary's Avenue purchased by dad. It formerly belonged to the Gillie Family.

I attended the Rudisill School, Bloomingdale school, and Jefferson School when it was first built; also the Fort Wayne High Schools, now known as Central. There where three negro students who attended High Schools at that time. I enrolled at International Business College to get a business education. It was a very good institution of learning at that time.

I had always wanted to enter some kind of business, However, it was necessary to earn and save some money before I could start out on my own.  So 1 worked at different jobs until 1922 when my brother, James and I started in the automobile business in our down building at Fifth and Harrison Streets, Fort Indiana.  We called it Rousseau Bros.  We repaired automobiles and took the Elgin franchise until the Elgin Company went broke.  We sold Hudson and Essex from 1927 to 1930.  In 1930, we signed a franchise with DeSoto Motor Corporation and were given nine counties, we were to retail automobiles in Allen County and wholesale in the other eight counties. This franchise proved profitable and we handled DeSoto and Plymouths until 1959.

I should mention my partners: James Rousseau, my brother was with me from the start in 1922 until his death in 1949; Richard my oldest son came into the business in 1931, continued -with me until we leased the business.  Richard Stouter entered the concern in 1938, died in 1950; Edwin J., my youngest son was with us for three years.  While in business, I was a member of the Auto Trade Association.  We leased the building and business to Poinsettia Motors from 1959 to July 1, 1965. Then General Telephone Company signed a lease for the building and ground. They are fine tenants.

I am a member of Sol. D. Bayless Masons Lodge 350, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite 32, Mispah Shrine Temple A. A. N. M. S. of Fort Wayne and Trinity Methodist Church. I am now retired and living at 3354 Garland Avenue in Irvington Park, Fort Wayne, Indiana with my dear wife, the former Sarah Ann Cook. We were married on June 10, 1913 and four sons were born to us; Richard Albert, December 26, l914; Donald Phillip, born May 25, 1923 and died January 8, 1923; John William born January 25, 1925; Edwin James, born February 1933, We are the grandparents of seven Granddaughters and thee Grandsons. We have a modern cottage at Crooked Lake, Angola, Indiana and spend our summers there.

"RICHARD ALBERT ROUSSEAU" *Died January 4, 1975

Richard Albert attended Bloomingdale School, North Side High School, Broward Business College, and Chrysler School of Business. He is business manager for the Gettle Building and is in the Real Estate business with his brother, Edwin. Their office is in the Gettle Building. He is a former member of the Auto Trade Association, belongs to Maumee Lodge F. & A.M.; Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite 32 Degree, Mispah Temple A. . N.M.C. of Fort Wayne Shrine, Jester Shriner, and member of the Realtor Multiple Listing Association.

He was married June 10, 1136 to the former Georgette Voirol and lives with his family at 4233 Hampshire Drive, Fort Wayne, Indiana. There were four daughters; Annette Pose, born July 10, 1937; and died January 25, 1952; Elaine Catherine, horn November 29, 1942; Yvonne Marie, born May 23, 1944; and Sarah Anne, born October 11, 1950. Elaine was married on Nov. 6, 1965 to Frank Neil King. They now reside at 5301 Camden Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Donald Phillip was born May 25, 1928 and died Jan. 8, 1928.


John William attended Bloomingdale School, North Side High School, was a student at Indiana University, 1942-43; student DePauw University, 1943-44; M.D., University of Michigan, M.S. in Medicine, Ohio State University, 3954, Intern, Ohio State university Hospital, Columbus 1948-49. Resident in obstetrics and, gynecology, 1949-51, 1953-54; practiced medicine specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, Fort Wayne, 1954-active staff Parkview, Lutheran Hospitals 1954 -- vis. staff St. Joseph's Hospital, Fort Wayne, 1954 --- President, Fort Wayne Medical investment Corp., 1960. Served to Capt. M.C., USAF, 1953-54. Diplomate American Board Obstetrics and Gynecology, Fellow A.C.S., Am. Coll. Obstetricians and Gynecologists; member A.M.A., Indiana, Fort Wayne (president) obstetrics and gynecology. soc. Lutheran Kiwanian Club, Republican Professional and Business Men's (Fort Wayne). His former office was at 446 Pontiac Street and now in the Medical Clinic Buildings, East State Street. He is in partnerships with Drs. Karl Beierlein and Louis Knight. His home is at 3038 Devon :rive. His wife is the former Fahma Irene North. Thee are three children; Carolyn Joyce born February 23, 1947; James William, February 28, l952; and Richard John, born February 8, 1955. John served in navy in World War Two and was Captain in the Air Force in the Korean War, He is a member of the Kiwanis Club and board member of the Christus Victo Lutheran Church.


Edwin James attended Franklin School, North Side, High School, served as Vice-President of his class. He was on the all city Football team. He attended Indiana university Business School and Chrysler School of Business, He spent two years in Germany near Frankfort with Patton' s Army. Upon his return, he entered the automobile business with his father and brother until 1960 when he became a Real Estate broker and appraiser. He is President of the Fort Wayne City Council. He is married to the former Marilyn Johnson and has four children, who are Mark Edwin born on November 18, 1954 at Bad Krueznach, Germany; Renee Annette Rousseau, Sept. 28, 1956; Denise Renee, Sept. 30, 1961; Suzanne Jeanne, November 16, 1964. The family are members of the St. Joseph Methodist Church of which Edwin is a board member. He also belongs to the Kiwanis Club and was a member of the Auto Trade Association, 1957,

DAVID AND MARY ROUSSEAU David R. born in [Lyons, France] [Trap Hill, Wilkes Co. NC] 1779--died August 22, 1855 at the age of 75 years, 11 months, 13 days. Mary his wife, died July 13, 1861. Both are burled at Round Lake Cemetery near Tri-Lakes, Indiana. Their children: William, 1307; Benjamin, 1809; James, 1812; David, 1815; Robert, 1818; Amelia, 1810; Elizabeth, 1320. WILLIAM AND RUTH ROUSSEAU Grandfather William born 1807, Lyons, France - died Sept. 6, 1855 in Whitley County, Indiana. He was a carpenter, contr- actor, farmer, cattleman, mentioned in the Fort Wayne Histor- ical Society. Be married Ruth McBride born in 1811, Wilkes- boro, North Carolina. Their Children: 1. David Rousseau - born 18* - died August 22, 1.537 2. Reuben Rousseau - born 183 "Uncle Rubie" soldier with the Union Army. Bible Salesman. Married Caroline Houseman, 1840. Reuben's Children: James Austin Rousseau b June 6, 1867, d July 14, 1944. Married Emma Porter, b 10-17-1871, d 7-4-1958. James Children: Elizabeth Ellen b 6-30-1897, married Earl Wilkens, Remarried Chalcie Keller, b 1-11-1897. Their daughter Florina Ellanore b 11-25-1921 married Edward J. Sievers, b 9-20-1917. Their child Marsha Kay was born 12-20-1946. Robert - married Vivian Caywood, their child- ren, "Hobert Lee, Marilyn June, Marjorie Joan- died, and Carolyn. Queenie - born 6-26-1900, died 3-13-1951 married John S. Buchanan, Lottie Rousseau - married Walter Salway, Calhoun, Georgia. Ruth Rousseau - married Charles Rose, no records. Queenie Rousseau - married Elston Brosius, no children. 3. FRANCIS M. ROUSSEAU "UNCLE FRANK" MARRIED Martha Cory. Frank's children: Wilson Rousseau - farmer, married Ora Jackson, Ch: Richard, Wayne, Beth, Lenore, Mrs. Jack Nickel. Richard has a son Mark and a daughter Elaine and Joyce. Wayne has a daughter Susan Francis

CHILDREN OF WILSON WAYNE ROUSSEAU AUGUST 31, 1869 - January 3, 1949 AND ORA MAY JACKSON April 16, 1877 - November 8, 1943
Eva Lenore Rousseau Francis Wayne Rousseau Lois Martha Rebecca Rousseau Richard Jackson Rousseau Mary Elizabeth Carolyn Rousseau

Wilson Wayne Rousseau - (Aug. 31, 1869 - January 3, 1949)  Rest-
aurant Owner and real estate, married Ora May Jackson (April 16, 
1877 - November 8, 1943) on Nov. 14, 1900.
Wilson's Children:

	a. Eva Lenore Rousseau born January 6, 1905

b. Francis Wayne Rousseau born March 22, 1908, married Helen
   Gaskins (born      ) on                     She died Feb.
   1, 1964      They had one daughter Susan Francis born
   Feb. 23, 1943.

c. Lois Martha Rebecca Rousseau born March 21, 1910, married 
Jack Bowman Nlckel (born June 16, 1912) On Sept. 20, 1937,
Lois's	Child en:

1.	Jack Rousseau Nickel born June 25, 1937, married Linda Lee Biller 
(born March 21, 1943) on June 2, 1965.
Jack's Children: Lisa Anne Nickel b Dec. 28, 1970;
James Bowman Nickel b May 23, 1972; and Lee Andrea Nickel born June 9, 1973.

2.	Patty Omera Nickel born July 21, 1941, married
John Robert Wiggins (b Oct.	1936) on June 4, 1966.
Patty's Children: Rachel Roberta Wiggins b May 17, 1969; 
Michelle Omera Wiggins b May 21, 1971; 
Rebecca Penelope Wiggins b July 1, 1972* Barbara Elizabeth b Oct. 15, 1976.

3.	Lois Roberta Nickel (Bobbie) b Sept. 21, 1946, md.
David Conrad Sanders (b Feb. 23, 1944) on June 5,
Bobbie's Children: Lois Helene Sanders b Dec. 31, 1971; David Hobert, b Dec. 14., 1976.

4. 	Penelope Azilee Martha Nickel May 11, 1950.

5.	Terry Rousseau Nickel born Aug. 25, 1951 md. 
1975 Debra Gail?

d. Richard Jackson Rousseau b February 8, 1912, md. Wilma
   Coombs (b Sept. 3-, 1911T on June 26, 1937.
Dick's Children:
Mark Owen Rousseau b April 5, 1940, md. Patricia Edmon. 
Their son Mark Owen Rousseau Jr., b Dec. 2, 1963. Mark Sr. 
remarried Marion Francis Pruss (born July 4, 1950) on August 13, 1973.
Elaine Wilma Rousseau b May 22, 1943, ma.
Michael A. Waldman (b. March 29, 1942) on August 3, 1965. 
3, Joyce Ellen Rousseau b June 1, 191L7, md.
Thomas Michael Clancy ( b June 25, 1947) on January 3,
e. Mary Elizabeth Carolyn  Rousseau (Beth) b Aug. 1, 1916,
md. Tyrus Raymond Nelson (b/ July 9, 1	on June 17, 1944.
Beth's Children: Connie Kay Nelson b Apr. 19, 1948,
Earle Harkey 	7-20...19L7)) on 6-13-1970; Nancy Lynn Nelson 
b Oct. 2, b  1951, md. Harold Walker Jones b May 20, 1948 on 0ct.. 21, 1972

ROUSSEAU FAMILY 1779-1966 Cont.
Francis M. Rousseau Cont. Frank's Children: Benjamin Rousseau - Real Estate, md. Clara. Their ch: Larene, Grace--deceased, Gladys, Helen, Ben, and Robert also deceased. Chauncey Rousseau - Real estate, married Nina One son, Donald lives in Flint, Michigan. Elizabeth Rousseau - md. Fremont Sprankle, American Dredge Company. Their Children; Howard, Blanche, Cloyd. Ida Rousseau md. Frank Van Alstone, farmer, Their Ch: Willis and Grace. Also son Arthur, deceased. 4. Benjamin Rousseau - b 1837 - died November 7, 1838 5. Sarah Caroline Rousseau b 1839 - died Oct. 29, 1858 6. Mary E. Rousseau - b 1841 "Aunt Mag" md. Louis Cartwright. Their .Ch: Mamie, Samuel. Mamie md. "Web" Kaufman. Ruth md. William Coleman. 7. Elizabeth Rousseau- b 1843 "Aunt Liz" md. James McCormick, Race Horse Man. Their h: L1111e - Della St. John 8. William Rousseau- b 1845 - died March 26, 1865 9. Robert Daniel Rousseau - born 1847. "Uncle Dan" and Josephine Sprankle. Had a meat market on Main St. Fort Wayne, Ind. 10. Nancey Rousseau - b 1849 "Aunt Mate" md. 'Reverend Chauncy Bell. Nancy's Children: Minnie Bell - md. Curtis Sickafoos Oliver Bell - deceased Frank Bell - deceased Arthur Bell - md, Ethel Lake - no children Mary Bell - deceased Walter Bell - md. Gladys Garber. Ch: Ruth, Marilyn, Virginia, Jackson, Robert, Mary. Ruth md. Harvey Petty, Ch: - Sharon, Kathleen, Stepan. Virginia md. Kenneth Williams, children: - James and Margaret. Son Jackson died. Son Robert married Maxine Steinbacher, their Ch: Thomas 7-13-1942; Timothy Bell, 3-11-1965. md. Kathie Jackson, their ch: Richard and. Linda. Marilyn md. Charles Hall, their ch: Debra, Laura, and Christine. Mary md. Anthony Campetti, they had a daughter Susan.

ROUSSEAU FAMILY 1779-1966 Cont.
Nancy Rousseau cont. Nancy's ch. cont. Homer Bell - b 3-7-1886, died 9-13-1964, md. Blanch Rayl Ch: Wilma Kathryn, b 4-10-1913, Melvin Allen, b 7-30-1920. Wilma Kathryn md. Ralph Byler, their ch: ; Kay Lee, Jay Dee, and Linda Diane. Melvin Allen md. Pharaba Rosenbarger; their ch: Paul Roberta. Marion Ellsworth md. Margaret Null, their ch: Raymond, Roger Donald and Janet. Grace Bell - deceased Georgia Bell - 6-13-1891 - md. Vern Snyder, b April 1891,Their Ch: John and Mary, John md. Myrtle. Mary md. Theodore Fahrenwald, their ch: Roxanne and Madeline. Joseph Bell - b 1893 d 1913 11. AMANDA ROUSSEAU b 1853 md. John Broxon, Wagon Maker and, painter, "Aunt Manda" and Uncle John. Their ch: James Edgar Homer, Paul and Gerald-Esther, Harold-Thomas Broxon, mgr, Brake Materials and Parts, Inc. Sylyia md. Harry Dinus-Steren Dinius Lumber Bus., Roanoke, Ind, Hazel, Muriel, and Freda. Also Urban H. b 12-20-1878 - d 4-11-1906 - Sanford Y. b Aug 6, 1877 d April 22, 1878, 12. James Harrison Rousseau - "Dad" - b July 27, 1854 -d Feb. 16, 1936. Md. Anna Bell Cartwright, b Feb. 3, 1860 - d Jan. 29, 1946. He was a farmer, Stockman, Real Estate, and a great dad. Their Chi: Edith Rousseau - b 11-30-1882, md. Bert Cattin, b 11-5-1874 d 10-31-1944 - Their ch: Carl DeRoy, b 3-2-1904, md. Waneta Dorman, d Jan. 1945. infant son d Jan. 1125, re- married Mabel Lockmore, dau Sandra Tay b 3-12-1953. Paul Robert b 1-16-1916 md Dorothy Viola Angel b 9-4-1908 Their Ch:: Paul Robert Jr. b 1-14-1929 md Debris Marie Buehler, b 11-7-131 Ch: Linda Lee b 9-8-1952 Vicki Lynn b 5-31-1956 and Chris Michael b 6-6-1960 Dorothy Evelyn b 3-27-1928 md John Edward Books b 10-9-26 Their Ch: Sherry Ann b 9-19-1956 - Garry Allen b 5-30-1959. Randy Lee b 5-26-1962 Nellie May b 3-11-1917 md Ellis Wiggins b 1-23-1917 Their Ch: Richard Eugene Blitz - b 6-30-36 md Beverly Jean Swank b 9-24-1940 Michael Ellis Wiggins b 10-19-1954 - Holly Ann b 5-7-1964

				ROUSSEAU FAMILY 1779 -1966 Cont.

James Harrison Rousseau con't.

	James Children:
		Carl Rousseau b 1883 and died 1883
		NELLIE MAY ROUSSEAU b 1-23-1887 d 11-6-1948 md
	Andrew Lamle b 8-16-1871 d 9-30-1938.  Ralph James b 
	2-22-1 07 d 3-10-1007

		JAMES H. ROUSSEAU b 12-23-1887 d 12-6-1948 Auto
	Dealer and Real Estate. Md. Esther Dullaghan, b 6-4-1895. 
	Their dau Susann b 2-17-1934 md. David	McComb 2nd 
	b 9-1931.  Their ch:  DeeAnn Sue b 8-15-1954 and Mark
	David b 1956

		ALBERT WILLIAM ROUSSEAU b July 21, 1891, Auto 
	Dealer, Property Investment - md. Sarah Ann Cook b 5-4-
	     Their Ch:
			Richard Albert Rousseau b 12-26-1914, Auto Dealer	
	Real Estate Management.  Md.. Georgette Voirol, b	'15 
			Their ch: Annette Rose b 7-10-1937 d 1-25-1952
				Elaine Catherine b 11-29-1942 md Frank 
			Neil King b 5-1-1941
				Yvonne Marie b 5-23-1944.
				Sarah Ann b 10-11-1950

			Donald Philip  Rousseau b 5-25-1923 0. Jan. 1928

			John William Rousseau b 1-25-1925 - Doctor - and. 
	Fahma Irene North b 10-11-1923
			Their Ch:
				Carolyn Joyce b 2-23-1947
				James William. b 2-23-1952 
				Richard John b 2-8-1955

			Edwin James Rousseau - b Feb. 3, 1933 - Real Estate 
	md. Marilyn Jean Johnson b 5-6-1933
	    Their Ch:
			Mark Edwin b 11-18-1954 
			Renee Annette b 9-29-1056 
			Denise Renee b 9-30-1961 
			Suzanne Jeanne b 11-16, 1954

		IVORY ROBERT ROUSSEAU b 8-28-1893, Knitter, Auto 
	Driveway Manager, Real Estate - md. Sylvia Mary Agnes 
	Boschet b 3-10-1942
			Their ch:  Delilah Agnes Rousseau b 5-13-1917
	md. Robert Charles Blaising b 1-7-1918
			Their ch:  Sylvia Ann b 1-10-1946 md Carl Wayne 
			Kratzman; Marcia Delilah b 5-1-1946
			Robert Dale Rousseau b 12-30-1918 d 10-1-1932

		MABEL ROUSSEAU    1896 d 1896 nine months old.

		JESSIE CLARA ROUSSEAU b 5-14-1898 md. Paul Ellsworth


Jessie Clara Rousseau b 5-14-1898 md Paul Ellsworth Alleger 
b 7-8-1898 d 4-24-1945 - Trucking Company
	Their Ch:
		Annabelle, b 8-7-1920 md, Don Anderson d. 7-24-1963 
		no children

		Paul Ellsworth	b Dec 2, 1921 md Gladys Marie
		Pate b 10-8-1925
			Their Ch: Karen Lynn b 4-6-1952
					Robert Ellsworth 4-30-195r
					Richard Pate b 10-8-1956
		Doris Jean b 6-25-1924. md Brian D. Bresser
			Their Ch:  Eric Wil1iam b 4-6-1947
				 Gayle Ellen b 4-27-1953
		Phyllis Marie - b 9-4-1926 md John Paul Liendecker
		b 11-4-1922
			Their Ch: John Paul jr. 7-5-1945
				 Cheryl Ann b. 4-11-1950
				 Mark Alan b 1-22-1956
		(Jessie Rousseau Alleger remarried Charles Raymond L.
		 Larkin b. 6-20-1891) Railroad Detective and Inventor)
FELIX ELMER ROUSSEAU b. Aug. 26, 1900. Real Estate, Md. Mildred
Dell, b. Feb. 9, 1903. d April 11, 1960
			Their Ch: Donna Ann Rousseau - Md. Albert
			Ray Irving
				Their Ch. Linda Ann b. 3-11-1951
					Jeffrey Ray b 7-27-1953
Felix Elmer Rousseau md Elizabeth Carroll, b 6-21-1912



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